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  1. [German] Ruhe in Frieden, unsere geliebte Königin

    Rest in peace, our beloved Queen

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      heil unsere geliebte königin

  2. 28th of February, a quiet day for the employees of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services.. until someone tried to harm one of them on a scene. The panic button was activated and all available units of the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Emergency Medical Services were rushing to the location that the GPS system was giving them. Thanks to the fast response time of both departments, one person had been arrested and the EMT that had pressed his panic button made it out alive and is recovering from his injuries.
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  4. This thread is completely OOC; out-of-character. No information should be used for In-Character purposes. The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, LSEMS for short, is stationed in Mission Row, housed in the Pillbox Hill Medical Center, an eye catching building right on Strawberry Avenue just across the street from the Dashound bus depot. The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services provides all necessary care for the citizens of the state of San Andreas and works in close collaboration with the Los Santos Police Department. Originally opened in 1923, Los Santos General Hospital was the largest in the region, having more than 800 patient beds. As the city of Los Santos grew, and the surrounding areas became increasingly larger, the demand for more space quickly became an issue. Undergoing massive renovations in the 1960's and early 1970's, the LSGH grew from its once already large status, to one of the most advanced hospitals on this half of the country. With the addition of many branches and departments, LSGH merged, and renamed into LSEMS, or Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, the organisation that we know today. The government website is fully IC; in-character unless stated otherwise. ► Government Website ► Recruitment ► Reinstatements ► Report An Employee ► BLS [Basic Life Support] Course ► Ride-Along Program “The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services wants to save as many lives as possible by offering high quality healthcare and a rapid response where possible.” The fundamental and unique mission of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services is to develop and continually improve the medical care system provided to the citizens of Los Santos, while assuring high quality patient care and appropriate response times in emergency situations are maintained. In cooperation with the State and integrated with other agencies, we will promote all aspects of a comprehensive system of pre-hospital emergency medical care. We will also provide the highest quality education and personal development for individuals who provide emergency medical services, including Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Firefighters. The application process begins on our government website located in the Recruitment Desk section of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services forum. The government forums are entirely IC unless stated otherwise in form of OOC brackets. If you want to join the LSEMS, a faction that enforces heavy RP standards, please read through all the information you can find on the websites before submitting your application. These are some of the OOC requirements: You have to be at least 16 years old IRL You need to have at least 4.000 exp on one of your characters - We want to make sure that the applicant is a little experienced with way the RP on this server works and knows the server rules. You need to have TeamSpeak and Discord installed - We use both of these programs as a way of communicating with each other. You need to own a working microphone You need to be able to speak, write and understand the english language properly You need to have a clean admin record for at least 30 days - We need to make sure that you learnt from your mistakes if you have any admin punishments and can stay clean and respect the server rules; depends on severity The members of the Human Resources team will review your application and discuss this internally. Then, once a decision is made, you will receive a reply to your application. These replies exist out of your application being accepted and moved onto the next (Interview) stage, being put on hold to make changes requested by the Human Resources representative handling the application or denying your application to join the LSEMS. After your application has been accepted you will move to the interview stage of the application process. This interview exists out of two halves, one OOC half and one IC half. During the out-of-character half of the interview, you will be interviewed and tested for your general knowledge surrounding the Eclipse Roleplay server rules. During the in-character half of the interview, your character will be interviewed by a Human Resources representative in-game. After being accepted into the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services faction, you will be going through a training program to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. This training program exists of your introduction to the faction, three practical training stages, and a final certification stage. This training program is an important factor in becoming a part of the LSEMS faction and starting your job as an EMT-Basic. During this training program, you will be introduced and taught basic medical roleplay by certified Field Trainers. The Introduction to the faction is a short session held by a Field Trainer who is responsible for introducing you to the LSEMS faction regulations & procedures. Phase 1 in which you are on-duty with and observe a Medic who is certified to train. This phase is meant to introduce new students and for them to gain knowledge of how medics operate. Phase 2 &’ 3 will be training phases where you, as the Medic being trained, will be driving the ambulance, responding to calls and treating patients, and the preparation phase for your certification. During phase three your Field Trainer will still assist you with situations and answer your questions. The final training phase, the certification, is an exam of sorts where you will be driving the ambulance, responding to calls and treating patients. However, during your certification, your Field Trainer is only there to observe for the length of the certification, and will not answer questions or interfere unless absolutely necessary. If you pass your Certification, you will be moved up to the position of EMT-Basic and are allowed to go on-duty on your own without a trainer. If you fail your Certification, you are allowed to prepare for one more Certification, but after that you will be discharged for failing to complete your training. The LSEMS has a variety of vehicles, for example: ► BRUTE ambulance; regular ambulance for general duties ► Declasse FIB [red]; SUV converted to an ambulance for Paramedics ► Declasse Lifeguard; Lifeguard vehicle for Firefighters ► MTL Firetruck; A truck Firefighters and up can use for calls about traffic collisions, search and rescue operations and situations involving fire, explosion, or volatile materials ► Buckingham (Air Ambulance) Maverick; EMT's in the AIR Division can use this for long distance calls ► ..and more! Big thank chu to @ItsPazz @ImSuspensee @Toony &' @Knoxi for their help!
  5. Oh hey there! Thanks for reporting me and the rest of the LSEMS Command Team indirectly as they were all part of the decision that has been made. Let's hope this finally gets cleared up a little so even you understand why your reinstatement and application for your alt character have been declined. So, you are complaining about the OOC removal from the faction after taking out a helicopter you only scriptwise had access to? The helicopter you took out on a flight and crashed into the MD because you thought no one would see you doing it? During your training stage, before being an actual medic, you read through the LSEMS handbook multiple times, correct? In there you have a point that states that you can get removed on an OOC level for breaking certain rules as we have an OOC corruption rule. The OOC corruption rule includes that you can get removed from the faction with OOC evidence of someone breaking faction rules. You knew what you were doing was wrong, yet you decided to backtalk and make childish comments in the LSEMS Discord about it. We do not want someone in our faction that is incapable of following rules and keeping a professional persona at all times, be it IC or OOC. Kind regards, Wanheda~
  6. Wanheda


    I was on scene during this situation and witnessed that the reported party was indeed bugging/desync'd. I will give the player the benefit of the doubt. No action will be taken against @UglyDuckly. Report locked Wanheda~
  7. Wanheda


    Heya, thanks for your report! Since it looks like Stranger 6901_5197 / @UglyDuckly was bugged he has 24h from now on to describe his side of the story before a decision will be made. Wanheda~
  8. Heya, thanks for your report! Stranger 1138_472 has 24h from now on to respond to this report before a decision will be made. If you see him ingame again, please tell him that he has an open report, thank you! Wanheda~
  9. Heya, thanks for your report! Stranger 9982_6744 has already been punished for VDM and breaking the NLR. Report denied &' locked Wanheda~
  10. Heya! The original video you posted lacks sufficient evidence to punish Stranger 4671_6155, and because the player you named did not respond, I cannot come to a conclusion that would be fairly placed. Because of this, the report will be denied. Nonetheless, thank you for reporting. Report denied &' locked Wanheda~
  11. Heya, thanks for your report! Hajir Alizade / Stranger 2706_2165 has 24h from now on to explain his side of the story and/or show us a video of the situation. If you or anyone sees him - please tell him that there is a report open about him. Wanheda~
  12. If Tanel_Kask has evidence please tell him to post it in here, he has 24h. Please always make sure that you record in a good quality and good sound so we can see/hear exactly what happened! Wanheda~
  13. Heya, thanks for your report! Stranger 8273_4992 has already been banned for cheating. Report denied &' locked Wanheda~
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