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  1. Base Value is valued at 100,000 less then what your asking, what have you done to make it worth an additional 100k? Theres 4 units for sale there right now, yours being the cheapest but making the area not so "unique".
  2. Brixton


    Can you upload a picture of the outside?
  3. I would not mind putting restrictions on logging in specific areas. But generally and as a hole, no thanks.
  4. Exactly, and its how it should be, The process should take a while anyway, it puts the realistic things in to play such as going an ICLY examining the area that would be renovated, getting the proper paperwork, blueprints etc.
  5. Does anyone know who the owner is of the coffee shop near Taco? Or if the Owner sees this, would you want to sell?
  6. Brixton

    Donator status

    Im not sure if what thiggins19 said will work because thats not what I had to do. When I donated the 100 Euros, it was actually about 130 for me I was told to PM proof of the following things to NBDY and or OSVLDN. Proof of all E100+ spent Discord Name Forums Name / Panel I did that and withen a few days I had my Donator Status In Game and everywhere else, I also never had to spend any credits to get it, so I dont think that is true. TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM 'FAQ' This is the one and only time it is actually acceptable to PM the server owners.
  7. If I had a house, I would go home everyday, a lot of us would it creates roleplay. But its hard for some people to obtain houses due to the low number of them and the constantly changing real estate market.
  8. I understand where your coming from but this is flat out just asking way to much. I dont see this NONRP either, someone has to log off they have to log off. No RP needed. Especially the PD? Why should Officers be able to log out at the PD? A lot of PD stations in the US actually hold housing for some officers.
  9. Not faction leaders or faction members. Faction Leaders run the faction out of the building, the GOVERNMENT owns the building. Factions should submit a zoning request to the city - if approved the building material funds would be taken from the factions payroll vault and then development would come through and submit the new designs. This is the only way I would like to see it working.
  10. Nah legit nothing any of us tried works. You wanna know what it was? Should I tell ya? Ok I will tell ya! It was Freesync! Who would of thought....Freesync was causing this issue the hole time.... And I baught this expensive ass monitor for freesync specifically and the 144hz. Well at least I can still enjoy the 144
  11. I won’t be in town for another 5-6 hours.
  12. I think I fixed this by ramping my GPU overclock by extending the fan speed and making the power limit +50
  13. Turns out I never even overclocked my CPU, thought I did but never saved so that wont be it either. Happens overclocked or not.
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