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  1. jaredpav

    ID 207 Non-RP

    This shows to scale that the wall is maybe 3 to 4 persons tall. Assuming the person is 6 ft which is well above standard height of an adult male, that is generously 24 ft tall max. http://prntscr.com/pur4v4
  2. jaredpav

    ID 207 Non-RP

    This shouldnt be a place to post memes.
  3. jaredpav

    ID 207 Non-RP

    The rule states no Unrealistic stunt jumps. When talking to the admin before he said i couldnt do any stunt jump that was A. Blocked off. Or B. outside the range of possibility irl. That jump was probaly 50 meters, something that could have done in real life at the speed and be completely fine. The specific car i was in is classified as a super car, so a stunt jump like that would be quite easy as it is made of mostly aluminum so is light weight. at the angle i went off irl the car would recieve minor damages to the suspension. All in all a jump like that with probaly require a suspension replacements within the next month or 2 as the metal from the impact would be bending causing damage overtime. As a son a mechanic that taught me everything he knew i know That car and its passengers would be fine.
  4. I recently started doing this with 6 victims before i found out i needed approval. We were called the Maniax and left clues and other stuff for the police to find. All of our victims really enjoyed the rp and we asked for full consent prior to beginning to RP. Quote one of the detectives on scene "We officially have a serial killer", The pd and the victims are all having fun with this. And im really hoping i can get the go ahead to continue this, as well as some guidelines on how I should be asking for consent and all that. I was told by staff for this to continue, it must require pre-approval from administration. Sincerely, Jared(John)
  5. thats james diamond he is notorious for breaking rules. we had two guns pointed at him, albeit empy guns but still he was within 3 ft of both of us and he whipped out his gun and killed us. There was no rp hints or anything at all to show that the guns had no ammo. in addition to that he robbed one of my guys who is also new to the city while mining. and when the rooks raided his home he threw out a ton of ooc insults. I legit do not know how he hasnt been banned yet it pisses me off.
  6. I was just following officer collonas instruction which by the way agress with me
  7. Ok i am leaving the pd and resuning regular rp until a admin accepts my report.
  8. Officer collona asked me to take a screenshot proving i turned myself in, ask him about it. I came with my gun and my stuff. He didnt charge me for the double homicide im still waiting for the admin to help me with the charge. Officer collana 165
  9. Im at the pd with all the stuff i had, but there are no admins online to help me, what do i do?
  10. admin pls accept my report im waiting in the pd. I dont have any charges for that, so i need an admin to help me sort this out cause i like this server and i dont want to get in trouble because a tree on my powerline or some shit
  11. Also my power did go out and the second i got in i went straight to the pd and made an admin report.
  12. Look, if yall were closer, i would have absolutely put my hands up. But in my eyes i had the advantage. I had a good 20- 30 ft, i was behind the cover of a bush and i had already pulled my gun out.
  13. I was a good 20 ft away you were robbing my friend, i legit wasnt even i earshot of you saying put your hands up, i have my video clip to prove it. I had every right to shoot. In real life I wouldve shot. I was a distance away my firearm was already out on my screen, and they were robbing my bud.
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