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  1. I might have an offer for you, what is your e-mail or phone number?
  2. Not for sale, might consider selling it in the future.
  3. Apologies, got a better offer still declined.
  4. bump, now AVAILABLE for rent. comes w/ a cool outdoor hangout area.
  5. Hills

    The Plague

    A unique one, would love to see how far this one will go.
  6. Hills


    Still standing with 200k
  7. Hills


    I'll buy it for 200k
  8. Can you private message me the brief details of the financial income on my phone number ******** ((Forum PM))
  9. Having to pay $1,000 everytime I get robbed/die would make defenceless citizens to get bankrupt
  10. I have a max one, how much are you willing to offer?
  11. 900k for Vinewood House
  12. As nobody has placed bids that matches your desires I will start off with $1,000,000 as this is what I believe the house price is.
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