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  1. I put them in the correct folder but don't notice any difference. Odd EDIT** Never mind it's working 🙂
  2. Ya probably not selling idk
  3. Interested in selling the 3g?
  4. Oh I see, ya as I said I couldn’t confirm or deny the RP situation in prison. I totally agree!
  5. These prison times are a breeze, back in the day on an Arma 2 rp server (wont mention names but not hard to guess if you were around then) I would spend 24+hrs in jail at a time. If anything I think they should be increased! Actions have consequences however from what I understand the RP in prison is lacking (havn’t been, could be wrong) so that should be improved before doing anything too drastic. If prison actually had solid rp on eclipse I’d love to make a character that had a life sentence, prison gangs etc. Be hella fun.
  6. I like it, I always enjoyed selling drugs to npc’s in the hood in some other city’s. Obviously npc’s wouldn’t be involved but I like the idea of selling drugs on the street to people. Drugs could reduce action timers or something.
  7. Oh chill out I was making a point. Throw incel insults all you want I have a girlfriend and a child lol. Far from it. And I doubt this is an appropriate place to talk politics. Enjoy your day.
  8. The economy is perfect imo. Maybe the jobs could have a TINY buff in pay. Having goals paired with the RP is what keeps me and everyone else coming back. Its a nice mix and makes you value your possessions/properties. I hate servers where you can spawn anything, I mean whats the point, you don’t value a thing.
  9. From what I’ve seen women have it easy on this server, they get in the top gangs easily and “marry” a rich dude same as in real life 😂. Everytime I see a girl on the server they are surrounded by fellow gang members or riding in the passenger seat of super cars lol. Seems like this is the Eclipse “Me too” movement lol. Sure the catcalling exists but is it any different then in real life? If your being harassed report it, simple.
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