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  1. ZenGirl

    The Rooks

    Amazing post Dante and a great story line!
  2. This is 100% needed and would take the pressure off the owner and add more fun to the game. Doesn't make sense it's available for gun stores and not other stores.
  3. I am a cab driver and I totally agree with this post! It's so unrealistic for a client to just randomly fall out of the cab. It can also be deadly and has been numerous times. It needs to be changed.
  4. Every ticket I have ever received has been due to cruise control malfunction, it just randomly stops working. It is quite unfair because I make full effort to never go over 70 in the city and continue to get tickets due to random cruise control failure. Not only does this risk my job but it's also very expensive. I hope this bug can be fixed. Thank you
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