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  1. Critcoz

    Critcoz - Gandalf_Jones (Ban Appeal/24 hour ban)

    I shot, but i shot the car, intention to stall the car, not kill the guy.
  2. Account name: Critcoz Character name(s): Gandalf Jones Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 21.06.2018 Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch Your explanation of what happened: Our group and our allies robbed 2 people, by chance a sangking came there and we started aiming the driver with guns, our friend told him to get out of the car, he started reversing, so i started shooting his car Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't do anything wrong, i started shooting his car when started reversing the car. Post any evidence or further details: https://streamable.com/22mdu
  3. Critcoz

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    138k for the Schafter V12
  4. Critcoz

    [Auction] Schafter V12, Rapid GT

    110k for the Schafter V12
  5. As you can see the contender brakechecked and my car didn't have time to stop
  6. As you can see the contender brakechecked and my car didn't have time to stop
  7. Critcoz

    Mask 1333_3376 (FearRP)

    The cops never shoot somebody unless they are being shot at and i know that and i had to help my friends because they were in danger and i didn't care about the police because like i said they never shoot unless they are not in danger + i didnt hear him in-game.
  8. Critcoz

    VDM, Metagaming

    Before the robbery we agreed upon the roles that we have and so on, we also agreed not to talk because we don't want our victims to know our voices. Me and my friend we're in the banshee and rushed to the robbery right when we heard the gunshots. While directly getting shot at, there's nothing about saying that you cannot run over people, the guy was shooting at my friend and i should just let him shoot at him? The VDM rules state that you can hit victim ONCE, but you cannot circle around and hit your victim TWICE. So my friend ran over the guy who was shooting my friend.