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  1. I was the police officer responding behind the reporting party. I saw the person he stopped approach his vehicle, somehow /ame turns off engine whilst standing outside of the vehicle and James just flew away. Definitely something going on here.
  2. Well, that didn't last long. Best of luck on this one instead then!
  3. This. +1. Remove NCZ from the exterior of bank and bars. However, make the chance of being caught very likely. To help this, maybe make them known to be camera'd up and unbreakable cameras as you won't have access to the camera room etc. Also, PD can even patrol the area to ensure nobody is wearing a mask, maybe higher priority than normal. Since right now, most PD wouldn't really care that someone is wearing a mask at bank as crimes can't be committed there anyway.
  4. +1 to this and the original post. However, I'm not too sure about the charges. Criminal RP is already unbalanced in terms of making money and "costs" already. Well compared to civilian or government employee RP.
  5. This is going to be interesting. Best of luck!
  6. -1 40 minute court-battle to reduce a 20 minute to a 10 minute sentence. We'll just be making things longer and longer. I agree the RP will be fun but it just doesn't fit in.
  7. $200,000💰 If the bid above falls through that is.
  8. -1/+1 I like the idea however creating more NCZ zones will be a pain. Enough places for people to seek refuge in and RP without having to worry about criminals. However, the idea of time zones of NCZ could be implemented to the current NCZ such as the bars, at night criminal activity could take place.
  9. Sounds like someone abusing the resources he has as an Officer. Also sounds like an IC issue which can be dealt with through an Internal Affairs report. Don't see why we should remove the feature from MDC because of this.
  10. Might as well start suggesting to remove the MDC as a whole at this rate. -1 You phone the police/medic but not expect us to have contact back. Turn your phone off if you don't want LSPD tracing it or phoning you.
  11. BOUGHT - Delete Please -
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