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  1. So, the first time the people in the first video just started shooting at us at the farm dropoff without any role play. Then I died and re spawned at the hospital and took a city bee back to the farm (not the dropoff). Then they came back and tried to rob us and we killed them. The last clip I thought the hatchback was the same one but it was not. I thought the first one had decals on it. The last clip shows that the first group was among the cars when I was pointing my gun. I was also told by my teammate that that it was them so that is why I pointed my gun. First shootout: https://streamable.com/yiqr7b Second attempt: https://streamable.com/3ssl8a Mistaken car: https://streamable.com/5th97l
  2. I see what you mean about the judicial system. Now about the bounty hunter job, I wouldn't be able to just make that faction on my own since I would not have access to who has warrants. The job would already be difficult enough trying to find the bounty from a picture or description. Finally, about the other regular citizen jobs, DCC is too similar to LEO and the other is the only other viable option. I just want to see more options for citizens and not so many options for criminals. That would help reduce the cops Vs. Robbers feel that this server has.
  3. I think this servers needs more stuff that normal civilians are able to do. Not every one wants to be a cop or own a business or be stuck doing free lance jobs forever. I think it would be cool if there was a bounty hunter faction where someone can walk into the police department, asks for a list of people with warrants, and go hunt them and turn them over to the cops for money based on the warrant. Now onto the warrant system. I think there should be a place on the forums that lists who has warrants and for what. From what a few other people suggested where a law enforcement officer brings evidence to someone high up and then a warrant is issued. It just doesn't feel as realistic getting arrested, read you your rights, then get taken straight to prison. I think a way to fight that is to if the arrested wish they can request a hearing where the arresting officer, the prosecutor, the arrested, and his lawyer are present and its a small hearing in front of a judge. if the ruling is in the arrested's favor, the charges are dropped and he is free to go.
  4. My brother in law and myself are looking for a house to either rent to own or rent. 1G-3G. We are reliable and quiet tenants. Contact me at 4874707.
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