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  1. Tumble_Inn

    Tumble_Inn - Andy McCarty (Ban Appeal)

    Account name: Tumble_Inn Character name(s): Andy McCarty Admin who issued punishment: Jacob Miller Date of punishment: 11/12/17 (or the 13th I'm can't recall) Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: I was caught teleporting to a gas station in lower LS. Your explanation of what happened: My story is known pretty fairly among the staff team so I'll keep it short. The server wasn't in the best shape at the time in terms of population (Pre-Rage). I got my car in a tight spot and unknown to me admin Jacob Miller was invisible in my car. I made a mechanic request but there were none online, the population was below 10, and I was low on fuel, so I warped not far to a gas station then Miller confronted me. The conversation was kept short, we we're friends after all and he was stunned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: One year. I haven't lost my crave for good RP, but I've yet to find it elsewhere. I feel confident that I've convinced you that I would never commit such acts again, but to be clear, I just want some good RP, I replayed the scene of my banning over and over again in my head for months, until I realized that there shouldn't be an outside force in any game for that matter. A game is meant to be played flaws and all, players aren't supposed to try and change those flaws, because no matter how small of a detail shift it may seem, it breaks what the game represents and the immersion that it is trying to put forth. When my car got stuck, I should've hopped out, RPed leaving a note and ran all the way home to try and figure something out, not resort to something to change the whole point in playing the game at all. I would like to thank all the people that still support and believe in me. And thank you, for taking the time to look over this appeal. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7088-tumble_inn-andy-mccarty-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-31504
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    Free Insurance

  3. Tumble_Inn

    Don't do it.

    Miss all of you, I'm optimistic for an eventual return, just no clue when that could be. Keep me posted on what goes on in the city, tryna stay involved.
  4. Tumble_Inn

    Don't do it.

    I completely agree with you. Wish I was smart enough to realize it then.
  5. Tumble_Inn

    Don't do it.

    :) Doin my best
  6. Tumble_Inn

    Don't do it.

    Hey, I'm Andy McCarty (in-game at least) and I am currently banned permanently. If you are running a modded or hacked client, aka something that gives you an unfair advantage against your fellow players, remove it. I can tell you, it's not worth it. By putting that client in your game you might be thinking things like "If I keep it low key I wont get caught." or "I'll never tell anyone." or maybe even, and this is my favorite, "I'll only use it when no one is online.". Don't lie to yourself. You will break your vows and it doesn't lead to anything good. I know it may seem cool. Being able to teleport to get to a gas station when you're low, or maybe getting out of a jam without calling a tow truck. It's not cool, and I can guarantee that should you take out the mod you will enjoy the experiences you have along the way. Because I can also guarantee that if you keep using the mod, you will get more and more careless the longer you have it, getting less and less careful until you slip up. It's not worth it. I am still facing my consequences and I can say for a fact my experience in the city would have been better for it. I just hope that I can warn you in time. Please, remember it's just not worth it. Thanks, and make the right choice. While I can't maintain a positive presence in game, I feel that I can try and bring a positive presence on the forums. Once again, thank you for your time. ~Tumble_Inn aka Andy McCarty
  7. Tumble_Inn

    Wishing you all a good farewell!

    You make the server a better place my friend. I'm sorry to see you leaving it. Good luck in future endeavors pal, I'm sure gonna miss you.
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    Server Events

    +1. I think the zombie apocalypse thing should go, but a martial law scenario or hurricane with looting. Would be great for criminal RP