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  2. My other issue is that the server has changed some catagories for cars. The Infernus/Turismo Classic are classics, not supers in vanilla GTAV but the server classes them differently. I don't think that's fair on people like me who genuinely collect them to admire and love them, not fucking ram the police and try to run.
  3. An randomly generated milage, larger for older cars, random breakdowns, potentially a random event of putting in the wrong fuel, random X longer mechanic time for older cars for IG reason of "parts are harder to come by" etc etc
  4. I donated to the server to recieve credits to buy what cars I wanted and in retuen that money went on developing the server and keeping it running. I don't understand why that is being stripped away from me now or the reasons behind it. The fact is, if there isn't anything else I feel is worth the credits then I'd prefer my money back. I help the server stay up but I have my thank yous taken away? Not acceptable. I have a both IRL and IG love for cars of the 80s and (I know the Sultan RS isn't 80s but my other cars are) thus I've loved owning my Infernus Classic, Comet Retro, Turismo Classic and Sultan RS to bits and use them in alternation for different things in my RP life. It means a lot for me to have them and I planned on expanding my collection but if I get refunded 2mil+ worth of cars, what exactly do I have to spend that on? The businesses are taken up, housing market is over saturated, the cars left behind will be non-desireable and I'm not going the criminal route just to stave off boredom.
  5. Price starting at: 650k NOW STARTING AT 615k (650k buyout price) Please submit your bid below. The latest bid will have to hold their position for 12 hours from their bid's posting time before final purchase unless stated otherwise. Open to swaps but house must have: A 4 car garage, easy to enter garden and balcony(s) ((not climbing a gate or fence)) and not in the city.
  6. This house is truly unique with it's straight through view of the road leading into the city and its back garden. This home is perfect for those party throwers with it's 3 tiers and large heated pool or for those wanting a relaxing evenings swim. I'll let the pictures speak the rest for me.
  7. Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    A fucking HUGE -1 on this. I worked for my house and my cars and where I am now and I'm not having it all gone because people are scared of working hard. I've played on the server since July and not having 6 months of progress wiped. No sir.
  8. deleterino

    /me looks angrily at them
  9. deleterino

    Good luck on your adventures Sarah; LSC will be thinking of you. You also did just leave Quade technically so he will be quite upset that he doesn't have anyone to look after him when he gets drunk now but you gotta do you so he'll deal with it. ;D
  10. Hello. I will try and get hold of them when I'm in game next. Cheers, Dalton.
  11. Your player name: Quade Sharp Player you are reporting: Stranger 7582_3377 & Stranger 1133_8943 Rule broken: VMD, avoiding RP and Fail RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: As seen in the video, Stranger 7582_3377 intentionally drove into my vehicle and then ran after I confronted him about it, then after he left Stranger 1133_8943 just ran up to my vehicle and tried stealing it with no reason at all. Time and date: 09:56PM GMT Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWTxaTp8kUM&feature=youtu.be VDM clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp3Fn-9r3M0&feature=youtu.be
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  13. [Unban request] Quade_Sharp

    Account name: TGBDalton Character name: Quade_Sharp Reason of ban: Real World Trading Administrator: Toony Why should this appeal be accepted? Hello. I'm making this appeal in hopes that you can see the truth of the situation. I was banned under the assumption that I baught a Comet Retro and a Dukes from John_Gates for £10 on Paypal after a joke I made in the LSC faction chat was taken the wrong way. John_Gates was giving away his possessions for free to people (as advertised below.) As you can see in this message in Discord, John was willingly giving away high priced items for no charge and Ford received an apartment worth 50k off of him. Due to some complications with a loan I took out on Ford, he has been holding a hatred for me and has threatened violence to my character and hits against his head. I imagine this joke I made gave him just enough evidence to build a case against me and ultimately ban me. I also believe he didn't show you the rest of the conversation where I specified this was indeed a joke: [23:19:13.551] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#FFD600">Mechanic</font>] Jean_Pelletier: ~b~(( ~w~Quade you've just been given a 300k car ~b~)) [23:19:14.717] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#72685E">Trainee</font>] Nathan_Asmus: ~b~(( ~w~yeahh thahaha ~b~)) [23:19:25.395] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#00FFF5">Head Mech</font>] Ford_Davis: ~b~(( ~w~for 10 pounds ~b~)) [23:19:25.552] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#3f71f3">RoadManager</font>] Quade_Sharp: ~b~(( ~w~I paid for it ~b~)) [23:19:31.743] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#3f71f3">RoadManager</font>] Quade_Sharp: ~b~(( ~w~£10 on paypal ~b~)) [23:19:36.873] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#00FFF5">Head Mech</font>] Ford_Davis: ~b~(( ~w~guess who is getting banned ~b~)) [23:19:45.988] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#3f71f3">RoadManager</font>] Quade_Sharp: ~b~(( ~w~Me? ~b~)) [23:19:48.385] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#00FFF5">Head Mech</font>] Ford_Davis: ~b~(( ~w~yes ~b~)) [23:19:52.230] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#00FFF5">Head Mech</font>] Ford_Davis: ~b~(( ~w~im pissed ~b~)) [23:19:52.645] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#3f71f3">RoadManager</font>] Quade_Sharp: ~b~(( ~w~See you later ~b~)) [23:20:10.808] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#FFD600">Mechanic</font>] Jean_Pelletier: ~b~(( ~w~either way, IC you've been given a 300k car ~b~)) [23:20:18.193] [ Info] [ClassicChat] ~#8300FF~: [Faction | <font color="#3f71f3">RoadManager</font>] Quade_Sharp: ~b~(( ~w~I love how you think that's the truh xD ~b~)) I also have a screenshot of my month's Paypal history that can be provided if necessary. I hope this helps with my case. Thank you for your consideration. Dalton
  14. I forgot to add that it'll help keep track of those who are AFK too