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    It should be 12 days before and after Christmas. Like the rule with Christmas trees.
  2. I think you have the wrong report?
  3. This doesn't explain why he turned around after seeing my car and "coincidentally" and "accidently" hit my car at full speed. Lag wouldn't cause you not to see my car and desync isn't that bad when a player is in their vehicle.
  4. @Anton Hou I have made this report too. For any admins reading, please check mine for my evidence on this. Please don't post on here with unrelated stuff. It clutters the report for people reviewing them. PM me and I'll tell you.
  5. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 7638_8888 Date of rule breach: 02/11/18 Time of rule breach: 08:03PM UTC Your characters name: Dalton Vane Other players involved: Stranger 2576_3782 Specific rule broken: - 6.2.2 • Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). - 7.3.1 • Vehicle deathmatch is identical to deathmatch, however, the rule explains how vehicles should not be used as weapons. How did the player break the rule?: Shortly after spotting my car and turning around while I made my way to the High End, they came back at full speed and rammed my car front on and proceeded to drive off. This downed Stranger 2576_3782 in the process. I made an urgent admin request right after this happened but managed to make this report while I still wait for a reply. Evidence of rule breach:
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    Weazel News (WIP)

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    Two things a speedometer and road names

    Speedometer in MPH would be better too
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    GFX || Jobs with invitations

    Already putting the footer to use! Keep up the good work!
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    Dalton Vane ($8000)

    Character to be refunded: Dalton Vane Date and time of incident: 05:35PM (BST) Requested refund (what and how much): $8000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I logged back into the server and got the usual teleport prompt, clicked Mors as my car wasn't where I left it and saw that it cost money from Mors for no reason. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/kRTxkYg Comments: The car wasn't chopped as my alt's car, which I parked in the same place, was still there when I logged in to him to check.
  11. My other issue is that the server has changed some catagories for cars. The Infernus/Turismo Classic are classics, not supers in vanilla GTAV but the server classes them differently. I don't think that's fair on people like me who genuinely collect them to admire and love them, not fucking ram the police and try to run.
  12. An randomly generated milage, larger for older cars, random breakdowns, potentially a random event of putting in the wrong fuel, random X longer mechanic time for older cars for IG reason of "parts are harder to come by" etc etc
  13. I donated to the server to recieve credits to buy what cars I wanted and in retuen that money went on developing the server and keeping it running. I don't understand why that is being stripped away from me now or the reasons behind it. The fact is, if there isn't anything else I feel is worth the credits then I'd prefer my money back. I help the server stay up but I have my thank yous taken away? Not acceptable. I have a both IRL and IG love for cars of the 80s and (I know the Sultan RS isn't 80s but my other cars are) thus I've loved owning my Infernus Classic, Comet Retro, Turismo Classic and Sultan RS to bits and use them in alternation for different things in my RP life. It means a lot for me to have them and I planned on expanding my collection but if I get refunded 2mil+ worth of cars, what exactly do I have to spend that on? The businesses are taken up, housing market is over saturated, the cars left behind will be non-desireable and I'm not going the criminal route just to stave off boredom.
  14. Price starting at: 650k NOW STARTING AT 615k (650k buyout price) Please submit your bid below. The latest bid will have to hold their position for 12 hours from their bid's posting time before final purchase unless stated otherwise. Open to swaps but house must have: A 4 car garage, easy to enter garden and balcony(s) ((not climbing a gate or fence)) and not in the city.