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  1. Bought this for 850k a while back, truly a lovely house. Would recommend.
  2. ((This is the in character side of the forums and what you're posting is OOC (Out Of Character.) You should re-post this here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/10-discussions/ ))
  3. Hi Stranger, You weren't employed at the time so you wouldn't have recieved any bonuses. If you go around in life expected to be rewarded for every good deed you do then you'll be upset to know the truth that you won't get rewarded all the time. Cheers, Dalton
  4. Mahoosive -1 It's not just down to the majority playerbase, it's also down to other factors (hosting costs for example.) Plus, it's a middle ground between both countries and as soon as it moves you'll get the same post but from a European or an Australian. There is no winning here unfortunately and the Owner is European so it'll most-likely stay European.
  5. I'm glad life worked out well after Dalton and Audrey split. I'm sorry it had to go that way it did though.
  6. Do you take covers or only original content? Also, your back catalogue features a lot of "rap." Is that your labels' main focus?
  7. Hi Stranger, Thanks for your understanding but there were other complications involving work created for the company being removed etc etc. This was a major factor in it though so I chose to focus my post on it. That and it's what Weazel reported on so I wanted to clear things up. Cheers, Dalton Vane
  8. Hello Stranger, I'd be careful what you write on these public forums; the Police monitor these extensively and your comments can arouse suspicion. Also, sorry, I can't honour that exchange as I don't dabble in drugs. Cheers, Dalton Vane
  9. Hi All, Thank you for the kind words (even if some are a little sarcastic.) I hope I can be back in the city with you guys soon. Cheers, Dalton Vane
  10. Hi Jake, As stated in my reply to your comment, I forgot to add the extra 0 onto your bonus ($25000 instead of 250000) and thus you didn't get the full amount. Apologies for the error but I'm unable to correct that now. Cheers, Dalton
  11. Hi Jake, I never said about bonuses over the entirety of your employment, I was referring to the $25k (I forgot to add the extra 0 onto yours) that you were paid once I left. Please review your bank statements at the Government has informed me it has definitely gone through. Cheers, Dalton
  12. I've re-worded it to be IC and posted it in the IC section (link is on the post.) Thank you for your input!
  13. Hello people of Los Santos! I'd just like to set the record straight about what you may have been hearing as of recently. Firstly, yes. Due to my actions I have been deported but allowed to make an appeal for Citizenship again in 3 weeks. Secondly, here's the full story on the $1.5 million being report about. That money was being distributed from the Weazel Treasury was between all employees ($250k per employee) when I left as a bonus to them, not all to myself, despite what it make look like is being reported. I don't recall being given any guidelines when the new payment scheme wa
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