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  1. Are we supposed to be surprised by this?
  2. Give this man the world if you have to +1
  3. I find it hard to tell who im talking to because everyone seems to look the same and wear the same type of fashion
  4. Frewer


    Family Forever.
  5. Frewer


    Epic stuff all round !!!
  6. Frewer


    Great post Carla very epic!
  7. Can i get my forum name changed please x
  8. Not just SD but ill use them as example: Numerous times driving down the highway I've seen multiple SD cars hiding in Bushes or places that seem very non RP for vehicles to be put it this way would you want to park your car in a bush and have it scratched to bits? Or putting your vehicle in a position where you wouldn't realistically see or be able to get it out of such a situation. Im no expert but if you attempt to park your car in a bush it would flatten the bush leaving you visible so it could be seen as abusing i don't know fully but it seems like it needs to be looked into.
  9. Frewer


    Great post Lucy!!!
  10. Frewer

    Dark Army

    Good luck everyone
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