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  1. Sandiego

    The Clowns

    Chop shop back in business A while ago we were informed about the sudden increase of the stolen vehicles prices so we have been back in business stealing cars and selling them, our most recent customer was a shady business man from Paleto Bay he had ordered 4 stolen cars that were from low to mid tier for a reasonable price of 35.000 dollars, we gladly accepted the order. We agreed that he would pay us first before we start working and he had given us a location where we should leave the stolen cars, it was an abandoned barn up in the hills. After we checked the transactions and made sure everything was alright and safe we started working, the hardest part was finding good quality cars that we could steal. Our first target was a red Windsor Drop that we came across in the parking lot,it was in perfect condition and the security was very high tech but we managed to crack it open, this was the most expensive car we managed to find. On our way to the barn we called a member of ours for backup in case its an ambush and luckily on our way to the location we managed to find another low end car that was sadly in worse condition than the Windsor Drop we found at the parking lot. As we arrived and took a look inside the barn it seemed empty. As the next morning came I woke up early and decided to start working alone and after a few hours later I managed to find a beaten up tailgater. When I arrived to the barn I met a few Grove Street Family members and they kept me company until I was done with my work. As our mission was coming to an end I found an old abandoned Ingot in an alley behind bank luckily the engine was fine and working, I dropped it off at the barn for the customer to take it and left with a big smile on my face. In the end this was a big success for our group, we suffered no casualties, the police wasn't involved, we got paid fair and square and our customer was happy with the cars we provided.
  2. Sandiego

    SOLD Windsor

    Give me your number I will text you when I am in town
  3. Sandiego

    SOLD Windsor

    I would take it for 150k 😉
  4. Sandiego

    Increasing the Robbery xp limit

    +1 make it atleast 5k
  5. Sandiego

    Grove Street Families

    Good stuff I enjoy RPing with you, one of the best street gangs RP wise
  6. Sandiego

    some side of Client-side crash

    Had this error many times...everyone around you crash too,i remember we were talking on radio and all of us that were on that radio crashed
  7. Sandiego

    Mask 186_3365 (7.1.1 Fear roleplay)

    Well mate if you would show us a longer video you could see me and the biker whispering to each other so we did not metagame,we whispered,but you are scared to show us the full video because of you using discord or teamspeak,we had a plan already to take you on but i got into my car at a bad time,you can see in the video IF YOU WOULD POST THE FULL VIDEO...Why don't you upload the full video ? where the whole scene can be seen,from my friend being injured,to me talking to the "biker", admins can look into chat logs and they would see that we had planned something In the video we can see that you don't even have a radio i really wonder how 3 of you showed up at that location and performed the robbery without any talking
  8. Sandiego

    Mask 186_3365 (7.1.1 Fear roleplay)

    Show us the whole video please,how you communicated for this to happen,you did not call on radio,you did not whisper,you did not talk to each other but did all the actions with your minds i guess you guys are the metagamers here,you didnt even talk on radio and 3 of you showed up, and you performed this robbery without any communication IG About my fear RP part I will answer about that when you upload full video,the "biker" didnt leave ,he was my friend and in our whispers we had a plan that if you pull guns on us we both open fire,he just got into a better position but since its only 5 seconds of the video nothing can be seen Another point is that I already had my gun in my hand while I was in my car and being with a heavy weaponry and my friend behind my back in position i was sure we could take 2 of you guys,in fact I didn't see you behind me that you pointed your gun also. I would like to see the full video because we can't see anything from these 5 seconds,neither can we see your metagaming.
  9. Sandiego

    Stranger 6519_7614 (VDM)

    Hello I am the one being reported, I didn't know that you alt-tabbed your game and thought you are trying to bait and would go off as soon as I got close,as you can see in your video i really tried to stop but Shafter has slow brakes and the snow adds up alot to it,im sorry that I have hit you,but i tried to stop,you can see my car sliding there in the video, and you did not RP with us what so ever,we tried to stop you but if you didnt alt tab you probably wouldve kept going. And the reason I was chasing you is that in the video you can see your buddy screaming in /s Stop Sandiego you guys were chasing me from the start but then started to run, i would appreciate if you posted a full video
  10. Sandiego

    GFX SHOP with Shamozli Carter.

    Type of work [Avatar / Signature / Logo / Rankings]:Signature Wallpaper work [required]:https://imgur.com/a/mKUE7jp Work text:Sandiego Gomez Work Effects [Yes / No]:not sure what that is but yes i guess The size of the work [Optional]: Example of work [Optional]: How much are you willing to pay for work?you tell me
  11. Sandiego

    Vehicles i would like to see added (Opinions):

    +1 i want my Schaglen GT REEEE
  12. Sandiego

    Vehicle locks and alarm.

    For now -1 but if they buff Chop Shop prices and make stealing car's worth it im all up for it and it would be a big +1 for now I don't really see a use for this,chop shop is very bad at the moment and community has been saying this for a while but I guess the admin team just ignores the facts that they ruined a perfect place that was chop shop.
  13. Sandiego

    How to make new players stay

    The server as of now is very boring for new players,only reason why I stayed was because i had friends playing..milestones would be great,maybe a small cash reward too for some milestones like drive 50miles with ur work vehicle would give you a bonus salary or something like that
  14. Account name:tautvis Character name(s):Sandiego Gomez Admin who issued punishment:Flucifial Date of punishment:2018/12/09 Punishment received:48hr ban Reason given for punishment:VDM Your explanation of what happened:Well Flucifial stated that i tried to hit the guy 2 times but that's wrong at 1:14 i try to ram the car not VDM the guy hanging, from that angle it looks fucked up yes, but I tried to ram his truck by getting under his tires and broke NON-RP rule and I admit that,at 1:21 i intentionally ram into the guy to get him off the car, that's the only moment where i tried to ram him off his car. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't think that this punishment is fair,it might look like i try to hit him 2 times but that's not true, from my view my intention was to stop the car at any cost, and with that I broke non-rp at 1:15 my intention wasn't to VDM the guy hanging, and that is true,if you would see my POV, but I don't have a video you would see that it looked not this bad from my POV than from this angle,here it looks like I am trying to kill him.. Post any evidence or further details:-
  15. Sandiego

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    Massive +1 from my side on all of them except the musket part, people would be snipers with that haha, I always wanted a thompson in the weapon selection.