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  1. +1 maybe with this there could be an ability to add things like if you get shot to the leg you slow down,start walking or run slower,if you get shot too many times you start bleeding and loosing health even if you are not injured yet ? or maybe the screen gets blurry ? if you get shot in the head maybe you get knocked out and there would be a blurry screen saying you are unconscious but not completely injured yet ? Since lets be honest,who keeps fighting after being shot in the head ? but the issue would be the desync tbh,and it would bother many people who get into gun fights. edit - if bleeding with being shot too many times and surviving would be a thing,maybe add a new item like bandages that could be bought from medics,or just go to MD and get the bleeding stopped so MD has more RP ? not just painkillers after being shot
  2. Those pictures looking good,maybe some smart clothing would match those super cars more ! 👌
  3. Looks really good,best of luck !
  4. Sandiego


    Good luck,an interesting story !
  5. Sandiego

    The Rebels

    Good to see you back guys,good luck !
  6. massive +1,there has been many suggestions made about turfs now,and it would make crim so much better. bratva vs narcos memories.
  7. Congrats,hard work pays off
  8. Yes please,would love to see 2 Asian style gangs on the server and business between them,best of luck hopefully you stay around.
  9. -1 NCZs ruin everything and people abuse them already.
  10. Sandiego

    Delete Pls

    Best of luck to you guys,nicely done
  11. +1 such a small change but it would make a difference
  12. +1 this is needed,I know quite a few people who have CKed to avoid IC issues,why have a hard time,when you can CK and lose nothing ? This is the mindset most people go with when cking.
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