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  1. Account name:tautvis Character name(s):Sandiego_Gomez Admin who issued punishment:Randul Date of punishment:2019/07/23 Punishment received:permanent Reason given for punishment:Disrupting server operations Your explanation of what happened:Not sure,was playing last night,got caught by cops,put into jail,went offline,then fixed my RAGEMP today,decided to play and saw I was banned Why should your appeal be accepted?:I enjoy playing in the server and spend most of my time playing on it,not sure how did I disrupted the server operations,I have never done anything,my admin record is not the worst either,I would just want to hear the reasoning of my ban so I can explain myself. Post any evidence or further details:N/A
  2. Sadly no, my POV would be usefull to see the situation from my POV, you would see how much of a mess it was but I wasn't recording.
  3. Hello ID175 here so first time I tried to hit you due to you aiming a gun at my friend,he even made a radio call and I was on the hill witnessing it happen,on the 2ND time you can see me going at a fast speed jumping over a hill and trying to avoid rocks from both right and left sides,if I went to the right side I wouldve hit you or the rock so I had to make a quick left turn as seen in 0:21 and the bike was still following me trying to block my path and on the third as seen on 0:27 I was trying to turn right,away from you but there were fences and rocks on that side as seen in 0:13 and I wouldve end up dead crashing into them or being caught ,so in that moment my decision was to turn left and even still I failed to avoid hitting a rock. As for the fear RP part,I do agree going back to a person with a weapon is wrong but as I mentioned turning towards the fences and rocks wasn't that smart either,and I was going at a fast speed • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. It was close range but I was going faster than 50km/h I think,I wasn't standing still as the demands were given,and realistically nobody would hear demands with a helmet on and going at a fast speed as they pass a man saying something to him.
  4. Sandiego


    Lets goooo lads
  5. Can offer up to 2.2m Post pictures and prices below or contact me #4069331 or my gmail Tautvis#[email protected]
  6. Contact me when you can and we will talk about it
  7. Will be sold for 655K if there is no higher bids
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