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  1. Old OG Irish Mob flashbacks oy, good luck
  2. Sandiego

    Los Zetas

    What a great journey, hate em or love em you gotta admit Zetas managed to do something that most gangs couldn't I still remember 2018 September arguing at bank with you @JayGamble that Chamber Brothers have to give up blue while Shadow and La Fam were a thing, will be weird not to see blue around the city, started from the bottom, joined the OG council and reached the very top, good luck to you boys in the future.
  3. +1 Not sure why is there OOC payments in a "FULLY IC" website
  4. Sandiego

    19th Street

    More street gangs is always fun, good luck
  5. Best of luck, good looks on the thread
  6. Sandiego


    Good luck boys
  7. Sandiego


    Welcome back, and good luck, but please try not to spread fake information as you did in the story regarding The Clowns,La Familia and Shadow Cartel
  8. Sandiego

    The Hitmen

    Best of luck boyss
  9. Been a good run homies
  10. Loving the updates, keep up the good work homies
  11. Sell out is set to 600K highest offer is 550k
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