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  1. Sandiego

    Vehicle locks and alarm.

    For now -1 but if they buff Chop Shop prices and make stealing car's worth it im all up for it and it would be a big +1 for now I don't really see a use for this,chop shop is very bad at the moment and community has been saying this for a while but I guess the admin team just ignores the facts that they ruined a perfect place that was chop shop.
  2. Sandiego

    How to make new players stay

    The server as of now is very boring for new players,only reason why I stayed was because i had friends playing..milestones would be great,maybe a small cash reward too for some milestones like drive 50miles with ur work vehicle would give you a bonus salary or something like that
  3. Account name:tautvis Character name(s):Sandiego Gomez Admin who issued punishment:Flucifial Date of punishment:2018/12/09 Punishment received:48hr ban Reason given for punishment:VDM Your explanation of what happened:Well Flucifial stated that i tried to hit the guy 2 times but that's wrong at 1:14 i try to ram the car not VDM the guy hanging, from that angle it looks fucked up yes, but I tried to ram his truck by getting under his tires and broke NON-RP rule and I admit that,at 1:21 i intentionally ram into the guy to get him off the car, that's the only moment where i tried to ram him off his car. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't think that this punishment is fair,it might look like i try to hit him 2 times but that's not true, from my view my intention was to stop the car at any cost, and with that I broke non-rp at 1:15 my intention wasn't to VDM the guy hanging, and that is true,if you would see my POV, but I don't have a video you would see that it looked not this bad from my POV than from this angle,here it looks like I am trying to kill him.. Post any evidence or further details:-
  4. Sandiego

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    Massive +1 from my side on all of them except the musket part, people would be snipers with that haha, I always wanted a thompson in the weapon selection.
  5. Sandiego

    Mask 186_3365 (7.3.3 Vehicle deathmatch, 6.6.2 Non Roleplay )

    I am the player being reported you can see Mask 5484_2445 aiming a gun at 1:10-1:13 towards us that's why I decided to throw him off the vehicle,I did not injure him in fact,but I thought he caused a threat to my life since he pointed his gun, that's that. About the NON-RP part, yes it was stupid and I shouldn't have rammed you with a SPORT car into a truck but since the repairs in this server cost so little nobody really values their car, and well I didn't care about my car back there. And please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Flucifial him self said this, and you didn't lose, we had no benefit from that, we all got killed and all of you survived
  6. Sandiego

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    My problem is that there is other criminal gangs that show their criminal activity, and server players know about them and they deserve to be official way more than you, meanwhile you are a group of friends that are extremely rich, and barely any criminals or people know you, one single member of LFB has probably more wealth than for example another gangs all members added up have, I think it's very unfair if you get a warehouse just to get more money, maybe I would have a different opinion on this if you ever roleplayed with others, I haven't interacted with you even if I only play as a criminal and meet other gangs daily, I only saw a few guys with super cars driving around like crazy, flexing and stuff.Atleast show us the RP instead of a picture and a story, everyone can do that. I remember an admin took a picture of our gang as a moose or a cat I can't remember and we couldn't use the picture for the forums because there was an admin in it, meanwhile you guys are posing with dogs,deers and stuff.
  7. Sandiego

    The Clowns

    Operation DRUGS time with the crew Chilling after a hard night Family picture It's a cold morning in the graveyard Busted You mess with us we mess with you
  8. Sandiego

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Never had any RP with these guys but apparently they are high class criminals and are a big deal, i guess everyone with 100mil wealth can be a high class criminal, okay then.
  9. Sandiego

    [SOLD] Maxed Schafter V12

    Im buying it how should i contact you
  10. Sandiego

    Stranger 2701_2074 (NLR)

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 2701_2074 Date of rule breach:2018/11/23 Time of rule breach:around 12AM (GMT+3) Your characters name:Sandiego_Gomez Other players involved:A medic that helped me out and arrived at the scene,he can confirm that 30 minutes haven't passed @Kaizure Specific rule broken: The deceased character must avoid interaction with their killer (or killers) for 30 minutes and must not return to the area of their death, unless the killer (or killers) have left the area. How did the player break the rule?: We got into a shootout at the drug lab,he got killed by us and I got injured,a medic came to save me,when the medic and me were leaving he came back to take his car back. Evidence of rule breach: (hes injured here at the bridge)
  11. Sandiego

    The Clowns

    Some pictures from our day
  12. Sandiego

    Chop Shop needs fixing

    BIG +1 i remember when i just started shadow cartel would secure chopshops for players and I thought it was so cool,they were rping and stuff with players,such a big part of the server was ruined, but now its dead,there no danger and its not rewarding sometimes.
  13. Sandiego

    The Clowns

    Little bit of RP (Had to take out some scenes and pictures since there were too many already)
  14. Sandiego

    medical marijuanas and license.