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  1. This looks awesome, and the rp looks great! hope i run into you guys at some point IG 👌
  2. Hey i'm Sophie Anderson (ID 79). I was indeed called by Tevin (ID 1)'s backup call to take the injured taxi-man from the scene as, like ID 1 said previously we do not deal with dead bodies. they cant fit in the ambulance/trucks 😊 I do also honestly believe it was a complete accident on Zoey's part, as they as far as i know them would not VDM like that- especially not whilst on duty as they were in the evidence video. i hope you guys resolve this report quickly and politely between each other.
  3. So uh.. im here to introduce myself? I'm MineTeamLeader (or Ash). i'm completely new to any sort of in-game roleplay, but i have years of literate text based rp experience, doesn't stop me being a nervous wreck though! I might or might not be quite active as in real life i do a level 2 animal care course in college for four days outta the week days, and volunteer at a cat rescue on thursdays for 7-ish hours. I was born, raised, and am still living in Northern Ireland so despite being utterlyyy terrified of new situations i have the nads of a lion and swearing makes up 80% of my daily vocab. oh- i forgot to brag about my pets (and pets that arent technically mine but really secretly are). I legitimately own a russian dwarf hamster (DEVIL) called Zarya, a cat called Duchess, and a Bearded Dragon called Yoshi. Outside of my home i have 'my' dog Skye, the two leopard geckos Bonnie and Clyde, my ball python Sammy (my scale-y daughter), and i generally include any cat at the shelter into that mad mix. Just to stop myself from rambling on about myself, one last thing- something i don't know if you guys could tell. Asides from rp and writing fanfics, my most favorite thing in the world iss... animals! 😱
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