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  1. Interesting, will definitely be keeping an eye on this. You guys are gonna have The Rebels as neighbors and they rock black and red. Hopefully you guys get along!. Best of luck!. 👍
  2. +1 They should be visible. People should act accordingly with them and think twice before carrying one. It makes sense that way you would be more likely to leave it in your car unless you knew some shit was about to go down. Which is more RP IMO. Not even street gangs walk around with shotguns or rifles, more a less organized crime groups. Rifles and Shotguns are always called upon from vehicles and or homes. Most street gangs in the US have one rifle/shotgun or "stick" they pass around between the members. And between it's use it is stored in random peoples homes and vehicles to avoid police siezure. Meanwhile here we have every other person with a pump action shotgun or AK-47 stuffed in his jeans somehow. Walking around with rifles and shotguns slung on your back like your LSPD SWAT without a care in the world is kinda lame. Unless your LSPD SWAT of course. When it comes to larger weapons players should be threatening to " pop the trunk " on people so to speak and break out the big guns. Not merely walking around with them hidden and ready to use on a moments notice. Technically speaking isn't what everyone is doing now called " Ass pulling " and or " Non RP Weapon Drawing" ?. I mean the only argument people can make is if you carry a large duffel bag you could argue you can RP storing and carrying a rifle/shotgun with a folding stock in there you could whip out. But even then, nobody ever RP's taking a weapon out of those duffel bags everyone walks around with. They just right click, use and pew pew pew.
  3. LSD is the only one that even slightly lasts any realistic extent of time. +1 More effects, longer timers.
  4. +1 As of now I have 3 outfits, and two of them are stored in my apartment stash and the other I obviously am currently wearing and can change out of. They take up a fair bit of space, would be cool to having a clothing specific storage system inside the house as OP said called like a " Closet " or something.
  5. I don't believe so. The other parking lots all just despawn your vehicle when you /park it and store it server side. Technically speaking all that would need to be added and scripted into the server would be a map icon for the parking lot itself for people to know it's there, and the /park arrow point where people actually pull in their vehicles to /park. Although I'm not a coding, programming or scripting expert by any means. I like to think adding another parking lot with the pre-existing parking lot system would be easy, but maybe it isn't that easy.
  6. Not going to lie, it does feel odd funding an entire armory of 20+ guns all from fishing money roflmao. But the economy is the way it is. And not to mention processing is sadly more of a robbery scene than a drug processing RP scene these days. Who would want to go there when they can just casually fish and listen to music while doing it and not die?.
  7. Was a long time coming, and well deserved. Criminals in the County and beyond be on notice!. 👮‍♂️🚔🚨💯
  8. I like this idea, however as some have mentioned certain drugs do yield certain physical affects and or bonuses. To me the whole concept of processing drugs, piling them up and then smuggling them to some drop off point is just remedial, grindy work. And all it results in is minor pay outs and a high probability of arrest and or robbery. If the drugs were more about using and roleplaying with them and selling them between players instead of through a scripted smuggling delivery service I think things would be cooler. For example I have had people outside the new Casino ask some of my members for weed to smoke, same with the hood. Legit have had people pull up to guys standing on the corner and ask if they have any dope to sell. That's the kind of drug sale and use RP that should be more prevelent here. I have nothing against Processing, and smuggling and the drop off points and how they work. However I merely wish more people were interested in actual ROLE PLAYING with the drugs instead of just going from point A to point B getting and dropping them off. Well anyways that's my personal opinion. As above person mentioned it seems each drug has it's own effect, if I had any suggestions regarding effects of use based on drugs this would be it. Marijuana Use : Causes increased appetite, resulting in your water/food meter going down maybe 25% quicker?. Simulating cotton mouth and the munchies. Cocaine Use : Slight increase in running speed for certain period of time? , Maybe grant 10-15 Armor if you snort enough lmao. Heroin Use : Slows down your run speed and makes you sluggish, but your health can recover quicker if you are wounded. LSD : Trip balls, this is fine for now. I see the visual effect it has and it can sometimes last for 30 actual minutes. LSD use is almost perfect so keep it the same. I know there is other drugs, if anyone else has suggestions for potential effects when using those that could be cool too.
  9. This would be really cool if you could get the traditional GTA Online Casino updated mini-games to work as they are meant to with RAGE MP. I cannot imagine how you would have to code/transfer this from vanilla GTA Online to RAGE MP though.
  10. With the set still in the starting phases the gears were still turning daily. No matter what the grind was the set members were putting in work. However even with the recently secured housing and vehicles and other assets such as narcotic and weapon connections there were still other major bases to be covered. The set was in desperate need of muscle, and with the original Grove Street Members being all locked up, dead, or moved out of state it was up to what few OG's and members were left around in the sub-set to find new young blood to step up. However even when changing focus from guns and bud to manpower and muscle the laid back members of the set were still not above partying and hanging out themselves. Although various gangs and groups battled in the nearby streets and gunfire echoed through the neighboring area...-...Forum Drive Families laid low and minded their own business. With not enough manpower to involve themselves in any sort of gang war they watched from the sidelines. Joint and beers in hand as they continued to grow the family while the streets filled with blood otherwise.
  11. I take it you have gone into the standard game settings under voice and boosted it all the way?. The above mentioned idea is also good.
  12. I can assure you no Official Faction vanishes off the face of the server without notice. The Marcello Family is still operating I'm pretty sure.
  13. I noticed a lot of people on Discord are freaking out and spamming the #I Have A Question section with requests for help or not understanding how to back up their game version in preparation for this coming update. No worries as I have typed out a simple tutorial for you all to back up your files easily.
  14. Stories like this legit warm my heart. Most player faction groups rob people indiscriminately whether it be at processing or farm or hunting, mining etc. Any Player Faction that is more focused on proper roleplay instead of repetitive robberies has my support. Also this shows dedication and continuity from the old Clowns Faction, which to me is impressive.
  15. Thanks, I made sure to credit them all too. It would seem this would have been suggestion enough times to possible be taken into serious consideration. I'm really hoping this can happen at some point. Even having the addition of one more in the City would be cool. I think one in the County would also be logical. But then again obviously you don't want too many. I'd say 3 max in the City, and one in Blaine County. Anyone else have any cool ideas about what lots or parking garage style buildings could be utilized for the possible new parking lot?. I think the right parking garage could be cooler to use script wise than a lot. - Potential Parking Garage for Parking Lot At least when it comes to visually immersive RP. Instead of /park and your vehicle vanishing infront of everyone in a flat lot, you would have to drive it inside the parking garage to the /park script point to store your vehicles. That way the characters using it can be seen pulling in , and then walking out. Without having people see the RP immersion breaking vanishing act that is vehicle storage. Then again, that's just my take. Anyone else?.
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