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  1. Notice : Please Archive , all members have since gone inactive and or left the server including myself.
  2. Play things smart and right!. We have had a lot of factions/gangs recently develop and blossom only to be disbanded within a few weeks or even a month. I'm sure if you guys dedicate yourself to the faction and the roleplay within it you will pull this off!. Best of luck, and love to see any new street gang especially a Latino one!. Very few ethnic gangs, mostly just groups of white dudes aside from Triads.
  3. Dope, we have missed our neighbors. Sadly interactions gang/faction wise are pretty slim. Will be good to have you and the Ballas back active and on the streets again!.
  4. That's rich stuff , hahahaha . Yes, please explain the rules to me as I'm the one that clearly does not understand them and has a load of Player Complaints against him right?. Lmaoo. What you don't seem to understand is just because I draw and aim a firearm does not mean you can just shoot and rob me with no VOIP or RP interaction. Note how I used VOIP and roleplayed. Even assuring I was shouting so you could hear me. Note how you did nothing but drive, ram, and shoot. Interesting how that works right?. Almost as if one of us KNOWS the rules, and the other DOESN'T. Huh...-..who could imagine that. Let's break it down for you nice and easy. GREEN = OK VOIP + Shooting = RP RP + Shooting = RP RP + VOIP + Shooting = RP RED = NOT OK Just Shooting = Non RP / DM Just Ram + Shooting = Non RP / DM Ram + Shooting + Talking On Radio While being shot = Non RP / DM / Fear RP Starting to get it now?. Note during our specific situation in roleplay I engaged in voice chat while I was RP'ing with my weapon. Assuring my actions were within the spectrum of the server rules. Meanwhile you did not use voice chat aside from M radio. Once again for the 4th time you did not interact or RP with me whatsoever before engaging in a shootout with me. That is against the rules. Alright can we get some administrative justice already?. Clearly nobody on the reporting party side has any evidence or relevant information to contribute. It's been over 48 hours and all parties have responded. Let's get to the resolving and closing phase please. I have made my point and case in great detail with a lot of evidence. Meanwhile the reported party have no video or screenshot evidence and are just posting drunk barely legible paragraphs. You and I both know you were not IC'ly pulling up to me after scouting me out to " ask me a question ". You don't pull up like that on someone to ask a question. That is how you pull up to rob someone. If you wanted to talk why not press N and talk?. Or type?. Never said you were typing either. That was not about a talk, it about about robbing me. Which clearly based on your actions after is what you intended on doing. If you really wanted to just " talk " to me you would have driven off after our first encounter realizing I'm not the talking type. But nope, you continued to engage in violent RP attempting to rob and kill me without saying ANYTHING ON VOIP , not even PRESSING THE N KEY ONCE or typing ANYTHING for RP. Also I highly doubt all those zetas arrived at that exact time as a coincident to rob your associate. They legit pulled up 5-7 seconds after you called on radio when being shot. Also if your associate was in fear from Zetas why was he slowly pulling up and approaching your corpse with them mere feet behind him?. As far as I am concerned this is a cut and dry situation of DM/Fail RP and Fear RP rule violations. I'm not going to reply any further to your bold face lies and illogical statements on what you think occurred during my video and the incident in question. I know what happened, the administrative staff can tell what happened, and your poorly worded attempts to re-shape the situation to fit your false narrative to protect yourself from administrative punishment will not work. This will be your FOURTH Fear RP offense not even counting DM. Your a repeat rule breaker and offender, and I hope they are not lenient on you especially based on the fact you are not a new player in the slightest and should know better.
  5. I can barely comprehend what you are saying man. There is no auction going on. A " shotfire?" . Do you know and are you capable of speaking English and even reading and understanding the server rules?. Is that why you are not seen using VOIP on N at all?. I'd also like to note your ONLY forum activity is responding to Player Complaints in which you are the reported party. You never interact or involve yourself in the community EXCEPT for your complaints. You have broken rules before and this is not your first time. You only use the forum when the admins mandate you here to defend your rule violating actions in game. Note you ALREADY have THREE offenses for breaking Fear RP. Clearly you don't care about or respect the rules or intend to ever follow them. And this fail RP robbery stuff is a common thing from you and your associates, as seen from previous complaints within just the last month or so. Now onto the situation at hand I started shooting because you clearly aggressively pulled up and ran up on me with a weapon. And only did I fire when you aimed and came at me first. I never fired prior to that. The whole time I did not see you engage in any roleplay and or voice chat. Also you did never even hit N and attempt to say anything to me. It would have showed the Stranger ID green overlay and your ID 12 would have been illuminated green. That never occurred. Not when you were in the car, or outside shooting and rushing me. The only thing you spoke on was radio and used M. Also I could not /b and or /pm regarding VOIP based on the fact you legit pulled up and then came back around and ran up and tried to non-RP Rob/DM me all within like a 40-60 second time frame. Bottom line is you violated multiple server rules, and never engaged in roleplay or VOIP interaction with me. Meanwhile I did with you. That's the fact of the matter. Do you have any video evidence showing you engaging in roleplay with me prior to this?. Or anything to show your VOIP was bugged and you were actually trying to use it?. My perspective shows everything pretty clear, do you have any evidence to provide to your defense?. I'd love to see who your talking to on the radio while being shot and what language your speaking. I'm genuinely curious.
  6. That is absolutely non-logical and also a false take on what occurred in this incident. You pulled up to me after clearly watching me and were going to rob me. I got the drop on you before you could exit your vehicle and draw on me. I never fired until you exited and drew and were attempting to gun ME down. It was not the other way around. You did not engage in any /me, /do, or any VOIP with me or any roleplay before coming at me and shooting me. You cannot just drive around and shoot at people or attempt to rob or frisk them without any roleplay or prior interaction with the victim character. Had you just said the famous " Hands up! " line as you pulled up or ran up you would be fine. But you didn't even attempt that. You just pulled up, got out and ran up and shot at me and tried to DM me. Your actions are inexcusable and I'm sure the administrative and moderation staff can see that based on the clear as day video evidence. You exclusively spoke with M key on radio. Never used N and roleplayed an interaction with me. That is fail RP and DM. Not to mention your radio use while being wounded and at gunpoint violating fear RP. I'm honestly astonished you don't have the decency to just admit guilt and take responsibility for your actions. But whatever. Why would my character walk up to loot and expose himself to all the backup that was just called and closing in?. Not to mention my character was seriously wounded. And I did not bring you into this as we mentioned previously if you were paying attention. Your ID is not in the report. The administrative team is the one who included you, not me. It's in the administrative staff's hands now on how to resolve it based on the current evidence and player statements.
  7. Yeah I'm not sure if the administrative team noticed that, you are not the violating party. You were merely with him, however did nothing. (ID 2) ID 12 is who needs to reply and explain his actions. Since your ID 2 and his brother IC'ly can you OOC'ly clarify if he was even talking or roleplaying with you before attempting to rob/attack me?. Was his VOIP not working?, and if so why would he not reset it before interacting in violent RP with me?. Were you talking with him on the radio or was he communicating with those Zetas who arrived 20 seconds flat after I shot him?. Clearly all those people arrived at the end because he was using his radio while wounded and at gunpoint ( Breaking Fear RP ontop of his earlier attempted DM ) as seen on the video. My problem is here that I know for a fact you recovered his weapons and vehicle and inventory and handed it right back to him at the hospital or whatever. Meaning he lost nothing from this, and probably does not even care about dying IC'ly or violating server rules OOC'ly with his poor failed robbery/DM attempt.
  8. RP Summary : After parking a set vehicle in the nearby parking lot Doe almost becomes the victim of a robbery. But a quick draw and mad jumping skills save the night, and his life!. ~~~~~~~~~~ Check Below For Full RP! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. James_McNulty


    That sounds oddly specific xD but fair enough makes sense to me RP'ly. I imagine had their been some different diplomacy or something maybe all of it could have been averted. Either way always a shame to see a potentially good faction dwindle out of existence so early. The way she goes I suppose!.
  10. James_McNulty


    What.... I don't understand either, this , the bloods, so many Factions seemingly with ten or more members start and then die in less than a month. I don't get it.
  11. What specifically is a enforced roleplay standard?. Is that something that you guys have already or is this a concept of yours?. Is it more in game or we talking still application stage type of standard?. Also I agree with your statement regarding the Quiz too, IMO there needs to be more and generally harder questions. Also I would +1 you but your 187 and that's even better than 420. Cannot bump ya' off the 187 upvotes it's too dope.
  12. +1 Fishing could get more fish maybe from using boat too. Also you could have a lot of potential for RP. Make some more Processing Sites by the water and have boat routes, generating drug smuggling and the need for law enforcement boat unit RP. Ontop of all this you could have your every day rich folk partying on a yacht, as strangers in the distance RP dumping bodies in the water on little Dinghy's. So much potential for RP in the water!.
  13. Well thought out and good reply, I did not think of that!. If there really is a plague of people doing their applications for other players is there a security system that could be em-placed to fix this?. Like IP linked-UCP accounts that way only one person can apply/connect to said account for security purposes?. And if the older and more settled players who break all the rules how are they still here?. I notice some people have multiple bans even going on 5. Is there a permanent ban system in place on Eclipse when it comes to moderation and administrative punishment?. Based on a lot of peoples actions in game they don't even care about Forum Complaints and or getting administrative punishment. If you get like three bans do you get perma banned?. What is the actual system in place when it comes to repeated punishments?. If it's not the new players in the community causing the problems and it's the well embedded players than there is systematically something wrong.
  14. Good I figured it would fall under the umbrella of theft, I wonder why these greasy crate people are at the bank 24/7 swooping over new players like hawks then. It drives me nuts!.
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