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  1. Lol yeah it's even on the map, my fault😂
  2. This past week we have been meeting with some of the groups that run the city. We introduced ourselves to Collie Fegan and some members of the Irish Mob, which are our neighbors on the East part of the city. They will be able to provide us with big toys in case we need them. That’s gonna be our next objective after we get more money doing some trips up to the mountains. Some of our members being detained by the LSPD after a drug lab raid. We lost part of our product that day and it was a hard hit, the vice president and a prospect named Ross Cook, ended up in prison for a couple of months, after getting rid of all the product.
  3. Today we had an important meeting about the future of our MC, about how we want to handle things. We also spoke about the economy of the club and everyone agreed to a new system that we are gonna implement this week. After that, our new Sgt. at Arms, Michael, explained the future of our alliances and new possible allies, as he will have a meeting with other leaders soon. Some of our prospects also got their new Ass Kicker patches and are now part of the Black Skulls family. After the meeting we chatted with some of our neighbors, which happened to be some old friends who are willing to keep in contact. We exchanged numbers and had a pleasant afternoon, we also introduced them some of our new recruits.
  4. My name is Mark Juggern, I'm looking for a 1 garage house, willing to pay up to 100k. Contact me at #2809410
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