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Better Display of /alias

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Rather than have IDs and aliases be the same, static opacity, they should be separated by type. IDs should have a static opacity regardless of distance so report evidence is easier to validate.  An alias should have a dynamic opacity based on distance.

When far away, the opacity would be lower, making it harder to read the alias or "recognize" the person. When close up, the opacity rises, making it easier for you to read the alias or "recognize" the person. Additionally, when in a vehicle with closed windows the opacity distance could become even more strict.

This allows the quality of life given by aliases and helps remove some of the downsides that come with them. Would love to hear the community's thoughts on this.

This is not a thread intended to stretch into the broader issues of aliases such as clearing them, the realism of masks, etc.

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This might be a bit much, but if there is development work going in to aliases to make this happen, maybe it would do the same with people in/out of vehicles and/or the voice chat on the side of the screen.

People in the same car will be able to see Aliases, but people outside of vehicles can not see aliases unless windows are rolled down / really broken (no desync, that should be doable with server side scripts and checking vehicle status's) At this point, most people can recognize people based on what they look like, the whole argument about lack of customization options is a bit bleak at this point, people wear the same clothes and you can recognize voices, you shouldn't have to rely on seeing aliases to be like "oh hi x"

Also I still think that the voice chat on the side shouldn't show aliases, peoples ID turn colors that should be enough to see who is talking, or if you don't recognize them you ask like a normal person is on a radio / phone call.

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