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  1. Alright here is my side of the story. I left my car in front of DCC and went on duty. After 20min I returned and saw that my car was missing. I went to a location where there is usually a chop shop, and then stopped in front of the Police station in Sandy. And after 1 min I saw my car parking right next to me. The man got out of the car, I got next to it and immediately locked it. I asked him why he had my vehicle stolen and called the police. When he saw that, he got on his bike and started running (runs out of RP). I got into my car and tried chasing him but I lost him. After circling around Sandy Shores I got my eyes onto him and chased him again. He didn't see me and stopped ON THE ROAD in front of the NCZ( not into it) and I crashed into him so that when the police arrive they can arrest him. But that ended up with the two of us going to prison. But the thing is after I explained the situation to the officer, he asked him why he leaves RP, but Freddie Ozera didn't respond and they had to force the RP. And I had missed typing /o to a question he asked OOC by mistake but only to one situation. I understand that he is mad because I caught him, but that doesn't mean he has to lie on the forums. Thanks for your attentions :).
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