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  1. waffels852

    Suggestion: Add more purchaseable houses

    +1 need to see some new places for me and freyja's real estate company lol
  2. waffels852

    Mask 6947_522 (7.2 DeathMatch)

    From what I could tell from the video it's pretty apparent you didn't give enough time for the person to respond, and the entire reason I say that is because you both climbed the rv, and the person who got shot climbed down, that takes a good 3-4 seconds in total and the entirety of your warning only lasted 8 seconds or so.
  3. waffels852

    Susan "Scarf" Jumper

    Absolute lad with this post, always love rping with you no matter what character you're on
  4. waffels852

    Admin and PD corruption

    we don't use ts for inrp comms, we use it for situations that require us to speak oocly, such as code 0 which is a disconnect.
  5. waffels852

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    Idea 4 not only PD uses TS, MD uses it as well and we have to for code 0 situations, (crashing) and other situations.
  6. waffels852

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    Idea 2 that's exactly how it is, cadets are pistols, same with PO1 then after that each rank gets new weapons.
  7. waffels852

    Admin and PD corruption

    I don't think a lot of criminal only players understand the difficulties of being in a MD or PD faction, there is an absolute load of information, rules, calls, and just proper way of doing things that are involved. Not only that but especially with PD there is a mass amount of situations that happen on a daily basis, i've had plenty of criminal interactions, as well as purely criminal characters, hell i've had situations where i'm on a criminal and i've made Marco Davis use his revolver just to stop my car. I think it's genuine lack of rp qualities that a lot of criminals do have that make it so much more difficult for PD or MD. We've all seen it and all probably been apart of it. I've seen situations where it should be a good rp session but it ends up the guy in cuffs getting back into a vehicle and bug abusing driving off. That type of stuff as PD or MD is beyond frustrating and it gets tiring after awhile. I'm not saying everyone in this thread can't RP or anything even close to that as i'm friends with a lot of people in this thread and really enjoy the rp I have with them. I am saying that working as PD and getting 100's of calls a day with the same thing happening over and over again makes it incredibly tiring, that's why when i've had interactions I always try and change up whatever is going on, as it's more likely to lead to a better time for not only myself, but for pd or md or whatever the case may be. I've had admin interactions where i've gotten in trouble for fail rp and not one did I argue with it because I understand that they decide not myself or anything else. I love ECRP and wouldn't imagine leaving it for anything, but I do get where the frustration sets in from both perspectives. Working as MD for 6 hours or whatever i'll have like 30 broken legs and yeah it gets boring but it's apart of it and I think everyone in PD/MD understands that, and accepts it, but at the same time they want to have different interactions and I think people need to realize that, as well as working on rp situations.
  8. waffels852

    Jamel_Brown DM + KOS again.

    Yeah I can confirm, was the pingu mask, literally gave him no chance to put his hands up at all
  9. waffels852

    Mask 8666_1333 (6.8 NCZ - RDM too)

    I know exactly what happened considering I have to hear about it and i'm there for it, two of you roll up even though you're banned and have said multiple times that you want to be banned from LSC, you show up insult people leave then come back and start shooting people. Also is that mging going on in the background of the video? Not only that but you have consistently shown up to lsc fired a few shots from the roof hitting random people not once with a legitimate reason as to why, then flee off to tequila la or the bank. This isn't even close to the first time you both have done this.
  10. waffels852

    Official marriage system

    +1 would make it a lot smoother of a process
  11. waffels852

    Mask 7939_1817, Mask 674_7741 | DM, KOS

    100% was there as i'm Steve Carwyn, we had just showed up to a medical scene, at which time about four or five people popped up on the roof and starting spraying bullets down killing me and about 3 or 4 others instantly. I have no footage of the incident as I was working on other things and it would have killed my computer, but there are mechanics who had footage of it if it needs to be included.
  12. Hey I just went down and talked to Elizabeth and the current job I have right now isn't really working out for me, it's just a bit too stressful for my liking. I was told to go ahead and post on here and see if I could use my previous application and see if I could get back into the race for a job.