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  1. @Lewiswhat do you mean only your character, you promised we could go!
  2. Account name: waffels852 Character name(s): Jordan Baxtor, Jordan Black, Steve Sanchez, Cleetus Jimbillybob. Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: 26/Jan/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatch (major) | Offense #2 Reason given for punishment: Committing a murder within a NCZ Your explanation of what happened: Well I was at the bank hanging out with some friends, when a guy in a guy continuously started honking his horn, this wasn't a one time issue, 30 minutes to an hour earlier he was at the bank doing the exact same thing, this was happening for easily 5 minutes plus with multiple people asking him to stop and I believe even reports being submitted about it due to the massive announce of the incident, now I was in a terrible mood and decided to just take it out, I completely admit what I did was wrong, and I shouldn't have done it. This isn't something that I took lightly. Since the incident I have thought it over multiple times, I miss the community and a place I called home. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been a long time member of the community, and at one point even a staff member, I love this community and being able to interact with my friends, this place is something I looked forward to being on daily. I would love the chance to just be able to interact with this community again, it's a place I dedicated a lot of time towards, and a lot of sacrifices towards the things I did while I was here. I took this community incredibly seriously, and am incredibly sorry for what I have done. Post any evidence or further details: none.
  3. u gettin stabbed

    1. BantaMan


      Please no, I like my kidneys 

  4. dis mans a fuckin cutie anyone who says differently will get stabbed.

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    2. Andy


      With a christian blade?

    3. waffels852


      exactly, I call it jesus (its totally not my penis)

    4. Flucifial


      Ight that's a bit too far bud, this is going to be locked now. 

  5. Medics can only get paid so much, I used to be a medic and I was easily getting paid more then most other factions, its not about money, it's just not the funnest faction, because you respond to calls with people who can't be asked to RP injuries or anything like that, it becomes repetitive especially when half the calls end up being broken legs.
  6. Colby having a big brain idea I don't believe it +1
  7. Yep I shot him because he had been sitting around us and pulling out his ak multiple times after me and others were just sitting there talking, and this stems from an earlier incident where I believe him and otheres were upset about the fact I was able to kill I believe it was like 5 people in a few minutes without dying, it turned into a situation that Pbaj was dragged into and handled, they believed I was hacking and I proved to Pbaj that I was not, and answered multiple questions in /b about the situation, when he pulled up and others started showing up because he called over the radio and I managed to hear one of the messages over the radio due to proximity I knew what was going to happen, I was unaware of people behind me as no contact was made or anything, I thought that he had passed the line on the road that closed out the ncz, especially since he started aiming at me with an ak. That is the entire reasoning behind me firing is because I saw him aim a gun at me while I had mine at him. If I had known there was people behind me I would have followed fear rp rules, but no contact was made no words said nothing, you can even see that in both videos, or my entire stream if you wish to watch that. But I am curious as to how someone who's PR at lsc shows up to this scene for no reason hence my ooc insults because this kid is literally harassing me all the time, and he was the one who dragged Pbaj into the situation listed earlier. I just wanted to enjoy the game for the first time in awhile and instead I had to deal with this. Makes it a bit hard to enjoy rping when this type of stuff happens. Anyway that is my explanation for me shooting King, but I would like to bring something else up, I was in discord with multiple people from the situation, and they were telling me that he showed back up immediately after dying while the people who were involved were still there, Teddy Baker being the main one as he was completely present during it.
  8. fear rp would happen because he continuously steps toward someone with a gun pointed at them -.- like it's not that hard to understand
  9. and as for killing people yes I have been killing people it's called being a criminal and using my kos. You attempting to run me over is kosable, not only that but you walking at me with an ak is also kosable, and as for earlier you held a gun to my head and for everyone else they attacked me so I killed them, easy as that.
  10. that's fear roleplay by continuously walking towards someone with a gun pointed at you. Not only that but you came back to the scene immediately after wards, along with that you had no reason to be stalking around in a ncz while im sitting there talking with friends, you have been pulling this shit ever since I killed you and others at lsc for firing at me, like this is actually hilarious the amount of effort you and others are putting into getting me banned, especially Steve it's cute he continues to try when I don't even fucking play anymore lol like we had a full blown 30 minute conversation about how I wasn't hacking or abusing anything then as soon as you see me you immediately call your boys and steve for whatever reason funny how he shows up when I know he doesn't have zetas radio, not only that but I don't fully believe you'd text him to get him to show up so what's that about? This is honestly just fucking hilarious how much effort you're putting in for this shit lol
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