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  1. New Recruit Jordan has recently found the group, quickly becoming friends with most members. He's found a family, a place where he feels like he belongs. He has already decided to give his life for them. He's been wanting to do more within the group, figure out his own place within it. He wants to offer his personal experiences, or even his own opinions towards things. He wants to be able to help out the group as much as possible in any given way that he is given the opportunity for.
  2. Always love hanging with the boys.
  3. I will avoid the second part of that as I have been a member of staff as well as members of big groups, factions, whatever you may want to call them. But as for the first part I have seen staff members be more one sided, but at the same time it does depend on the situation, and the staff member. I honestly would love to see a sort of restriction system added in place similar to PD, or SD, or any of the other legal factions, except obviously implemented to be more towards criminals,.
  4. I couldn't agree with this more. Also Jay I literally watched a situation happen to where your gang, including you didn't win, you all immediately took to /b claiming forums and reports, as for major events, I don't need to be active in the server to still hear and understand events. It's highly incredulous to believe that you can control an entire gang, let alone be able to understand every roleplay event that happens, I have seen on multiple occasions members of Los Zetas pulling guns and calling radios over the slightest of incidents, such as being called a bitch as that was a event that happened directly to me, where one of your members called for backup for a single person after being called a bitch. As for "standards in place" I mean more strict standards as there is not a lot of roleplay that gangs can do successfully, don't get me wrong, a lot of members of gangs do have good roleplay, which I will gladly state on multiple occasions, but a lot of lower leveled people do not, nowhere even close, that is what I am meaning by a better standard. Not just enforcing stricter roleplay, but not allowing lower level members to get away with stuff like that to where it's going to turn into a forum fight as the majority of gang situations do. I will gladly go through the report section and link a multitude of gang situations where this has taken place.
  5. I would love to input my opinion into this as well, I have long, long, long been around Eclipse, I have came and went, seen everything, from the start of the Zetas, to the start of just about everything else. I have to agree with some of these points, but at the end of the day, as you said it is a video game, people play games to win. While that is not a good mentality to have towards roleplay, it is a mentality that a lot of people have, myself at times included. With that being said, I agree completely with criminal rp, it is absolutely atrocious to watch the majority of the time. Granted a lot of these "gangs" do have incredibly solid roleplayers, most of whom I am friends with, but at the same time, I feel like for criminal factions, their should be the same standards put into place as their are for the legal ones. Make them prove they can roleplay, I've seen time and time again countless reports after reports of every single gang, as soon as they do not win a situation it instantly into the report section, this doesn't promote good roleplay, it doesn't promote a healthier stance towards roleplay. If I call a member of a gang a bitch for instance, theirs a really good chance I'm going to have 50 other members roll up immediately in that situation and I'm going to have countless guns to my head. This time of mentality needs to be taken out, honestly it does. PD, and SD are included in this as well, if people are playing to win, then what is the point of playing? I really really do hope that something does change towards this mentality, be it from the gang leaders, or even from Admins implementing new guidelines, but something does have to change to promote better roleplay potential, and just a healthier server.
  6. Is there a autowin/price at door?
  7. Character to be refunded: Jordan Baxtor Date and time of incident: Today Requested refund (what and how much): The credits from my Sentinel Classic 5500 or whatever it is. Description of incident resulting in loss: I accidentally purchased the wrong vehicle, I was gonna purchase the Sultan RS and messed up so basically I wanna buy more credits and get the Senntiel Classic taken off so I can buy the Sultan. Evidence of loss: No loss Comments: Would really appreciate it.
  8. @Lewiswhat do you mean only your character, you promised we could go!
  9. u gettin stabbed

    1. BantaMan


      Please no, I like my kidneys 

  10. dis mans a fuckin cutie anyone who says differently will get stabbed.

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    2. Andy


      With a christian blade?

    3. waffels852


      exactly, I call it jesus (its totally not my penis)

    4. Flucifial


      Ight that's a bit too far bud, this is going to be locked now. 

  11. Medics can only get paid so much, I used to be a medic and I was easily getting paid more then most other factions, its not about money, it's just not the funnest faction, because you respond to calls with people who can't be asked to RP injuries or anything like that, it becomes repetitive especially when half the calls end up being broken legs.
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