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  1. yup i understand that, for some reason when my game crashes it stops the recording and once the game starts back up it chooses not to record and thus why i cant provide evidence of my own its not an excuse just letting you know, but again like mentioned my friend was also present and have asked him if he has it recorded, unfortunately its a waiting game on my side to see if the contract was recorded or not
  2. Id like to add the person who gave the contract was TGBDalton as stated in 7.6.2 'both client and assassin must be able to provide OOC evidence'
  3. I’ll get in contact with the party who ordered the hit aswell and get there side of it in the mean time
  4. I understand and will be more than happy to provide footage as soon as my friend is back off holiday, sorry for the inconvenience and apologies that I can’t provide footage at this moment, After the hit I did try to find you but with no luck nor did I remember your ID number to PM you about it
  5. And as you could hear and see I only asked that you drop the radio as to stop you from giving your people our location, my goal was to make you incapable of relaying such information via radio and phone As I had a short time limit to carry this out and with you asking in /b for me to wait which could of potentially lead to meta gaming (not saying you were) I wanted to get it over and done with. To my knowledge of the assassination rule I personally don’t think any rule was broken and was done as professionally as I could with the circumstances given
  6. Hi, I’m the player being reported, what I should of done before hand was make you aware that this wasn’t a robbery but an assassination attempt on your life which someone had put on your head for the reason you have already given in your report, the contract was given IG in terms of evidence of this I do not have a recording but I’m sure my friend who was also present when the contract was given does have said recording and will be gladly given once he gets back off holiday
  7. We’re looking to bring something different to the server other than your typical gang RP, there is so many possibilities for ‘alternative’ RP but people seem to stick to what they know and that’s a gang/cartel/mafia faction, Hopefully IF this becomes successful it will push people to try something new 🙂 thanks for giving this a read
  8. Still got things to add, this is just a kick start :)
  9. The Baker family consisted of a husband John Sr., wife Elvira, and their children, Kate and John Jr. The family settled in Blaine county in 1870, near Great Chaparrel, Baytree Canyon Rd, and began murdering shortly after. Pioneer settlers would often offer travelers food, supplies, and a place to sleep for a night. The Bakers offered all these services in order to get their victims inside their home. The family would invite their victim to sit in a seat honor for supper, which was right in front of a huge curtain. Unbeknownst to the victim, a member of the family was waiting behind the curtain to hit him in the head with a hammer. Once he had been hit, his throat would be slit and his body would be dropped into a cellar via a trap door, too which they would be mutilated and used for the Baker family stew. Investigators eventually found 10 bodies cut into pieces buried in the garden on the Baker property, but they concluded that the family had murdered a total of 21 victims. The family managed to escape and no one knows what happened to them. It was rumored that "Baker" was not actually the family's name, but rather an adopted one. Some believe Mr. and Mrs. Baker were not legally married, and that Kate and John Jr. were in fact Brother and Sister and also lovers. No one has heard or seen anything from the so called Baker family since there escape in 1873. Rumours have been told they have been carrying on there killing spree through generations. It weren't until a local report came in from Weazel news during the mid 90's that a family of 'hicks' have been witnessed picking up hitchhikers along route 68 and taking them to an undisclosed location around the grand senora desert that the name 'baker' resurfaced. It quickly went from popular folklore to a campers nightmare. Jeffrey 'Pa' Baker Richard 'Big Dick' Baker Betsy 'May' Baker Teddy Baker Opie Baker Cleetus 'The Pig' Baker Darlene Baker BillyBob Baker Annabelle Baker Lucille Baker Bubba Baker FAMILY RULES 1. WE are a FAMILY as such WE look after our own, if one of us gets into trouble we all try and respond and help 2. Family tradition is vital, anyone against this will be punished 3. We all take part in family activities E.G kidnapping, Torture and eating at the dinner table 4. If any one member has a problem it becomes all of our problem and we deal with it accordingly 5. DO not speak about family matters to anyone outside of the family 6. DO not randomly leave without a valid reason OOC 1. Respect each other, joking is fine unless asked to stop 2. This is an RP server so we expect everyone to at least get into the role, Heavy RP is a must 3. All recruitment "adoptions" are to be made IG 4. Everyone is expected to follow all server rules, failure to do so will result in a kick from the faction 5. If a punishment is given by an admin, you are required to report it to us with the reason behind it and an explanation of how you will avoid it in future 6. The head of the Baker faction has the ability to perform a CK on any of the faction members they think are a liability, the CK will be discussed between the members and prior warning will be given and the CK will be carried out. This would result in them being kicked out of the faction and losing all memory of all previous interactions with the faction. Goals of the Baker Family Too expand our beautiful family Since we are squatters, attaining a farm is a main focus Have ourselves some mighty fine BBQs Keep the city folk out of the desert
  10. I dont think it has, but i would like to point out that Scott Gomez didnt have anything to do with this as he didnt have the permissions to buy or take stock out of the warehouse, all he did was help pick the supplies up which isnt really breaking any rules, so if possible id like to get his name cleared of this as i dont think its fair on him
  11. And you will both do it everyday for hours on end, I know for a fact that you both harass her constantly IG through messages, your ruining someone’s RP experience and thinking there won’t be any backlash, it’s childish and pathetic to say the least
  12. you wouldnt of, if that was the case you would of heard the ending of the conversation between me and the man in the black car which you didnt, i finished the call before the conversation ended if you didnt catch the end of us talking you wouldnt of been able to catch the end of my call, as ive stated again and again and from the video provided the phone was hung up before you made it round the corner, you wouldnt of heard any of the conversation due to that reason alone
  13. the call was made 32 seconds into the video and the phone was put down straight after, there is roughly a 10 second window from when the phone was put down and you asked me about it, in that 10 seconds the call would of ended and i would of hung up making it pretty impossible for you to know i was the phone
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