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  1. Liam Crawford

    [BUYING] House in the middle of nowhere.

    I MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU i got 1g house at grove sir
  2. Liam Crawford

    Voice Changers

    +1 for @JasonG , get over it.
  3. Liam Crawford

    Liam Crawford - $178,640. [SADOC Salary]

  4. Character to be refunded: Liam Crawford Date and time of incident: Over the month of december Requested refund (what and how much): $178,640. Description of incident resulting in loss: SADOC's paychecks were yucked from the start of the faction so our salary % kept counting without giving us our pay. So I am one of many that needs a refund now that it is properly working. Evidence of loss: see comment Comments: 32.48 (number of paychecks missing) * 5500 (Captain rank pay) = 178,640. (No tax should be reducted since the tax system has not been functional. Another note: I have retired from SADOC and no longer hold the rank of Captain which I held at the time.)
  5. It also clears up the usage of /me's and /do's used in situations like these.
  6. Thanks a ton for clearing it up for the people who are unaware. It seems that there is still some misconception in regards to the Powergaming rule.
  7. Liam Crawford

    First person

    Hell no.
  8. Liam Crawford

    Had a rough but still beautyfull day

    ((Posting as involved, I am, as expected also a DoC member. You did fall through the map. This post is blatant PG.))
  9. Liam Crawford


    Hmm, I like this.. But it should be HARD to get, if this goes through.
  10. Liam Crawford

    Chris Bluestone

    Welcome to ECRP Chris!
  11. Liam Crawford

    Emily Britson, Forever Superstar

    OheyyYEYYy Emily.
  12. Liam Crawford

    Mask 653_4876

    Posting as involved (Liam Crawford). If additional evidence is required, please tag me in this report. I may be able to provide additional video footage.
  13. NOTE: @inorigj is LSPD in the video shown above and can be asked for confirmation of the waiting time after the 'logging to avoid' act.