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  1. Definitely, if that could be done that would be amazing. That's how I would picture it at least.
  2. Not where you literally frisk someone, search their pockets, their jacket etc etc.
  3. Exactly. I thought it was worth bringing up. 🙂
  4. Definitely. Even SADOC (I'm SADOC on one of my characters) and trust me. We deal with frisking all day long.
  5. I wanted my suggestion to act as a discussion, so here's a reference to my actual suggestion including the discussion:
  6. Today on Discord in #general, there was a discussion about civilian RP and criminal RP where a lot of community members shared their thoughts. Most members came to the conclusion that civilian RP is almost impossible due to criminal RP just affecting their experience in a negative way. You cannot drive 30 minutes in the city as a civilian and obey laws without getting robbed in the process. And the robberies USUALLY look like this: Criminal: Pull over now, pull over, pull over! *Starts ramming the civilian if the civilian doesn't comply within 3 seconds* Civilian: *Pays attention to traffic and carefully wants to pull over but starts getting rammed* Criminal: *Gets out of his car* Hands up, this is a robbery. Civilian: *Gets out of his car and puts his hands up* CTRL + 1 Criminal: /me frisks man. /do Success? Civilian: /do Yes. Criminal: *Opens civilian's inventory and drags everything out in a rush. Then walks back to his car and drives off.* Purple text = RP commands (/me /do) White text = IC conversation Dark Grey text = Everything we perceive from the game OOC. This full scenario usually happens within a timeframe of about 20 seconds, if not faster. Which is super unrealistic. My personal suggestion in #general on the Eclipse Discord was to add a script for robberies that will start an animation when you rob someone (like /frisk, the civilian has to accept the frisk with a command). It will lock both the criminal and the civilian in an animation UNLESS the criminal stops the animation with a command or key. The animation itself takes about 30 seconds, after 30 seconds, the criminal can see the civilian's inventory. Adding a script like this will prevent people randomly going into the city in the most obvious locations to rob people just because they can. Instead, criminals have to be more cautious and it will definitely affect the community in a good way. It promotes quality civilian AND criminal RP. It also offers the community a better civilian RP experience since there will be less robberies throughout the city in bizarre locations. It will be more likely for criminals to rob in less populated locations, usually during night time. Which in turn is more realistic. Please everyone, share your thoughts on this. I would like to know what you all think about this idea and perhaps the staff team can take action on this suggestion. Previously a lot of updates have been pushed for civilian RP including new jobs. I have good faith in the future of civilian RP on Eclipse.
  7. Posting as Winston Marcello, Faction Leader of the Marcello Family. Involved in this report as ID "42". To conclude the report against my faction member Luca Marcello for Fear RP and Metagaming. I have evidence that Luca Marcello sent me a text, mentioning the two men. About 5 minutes prior to this text, Luca requested Winston to follow him /undercover/, he explained that he would meet them at the bank. Luca Marcello did not violate any server rules. Therefore, no action will be taken against Luca Marcello from my side and perspective as Faction Leader.
  8. Nice thread! Best of luck to you all!
  9. Looks promising.. Good luck!
  10. I'm repeating myself Colby. Winston drove off because a firearm is actively brandished and aimed towards him while demands were made to leave.
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