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  1. looks great good work guys
  2. had nothing but good RP scenes with yall
  3. Nothing but good RP with you guys keep up good work
  4. good shit boys! best of luck
  5. @KrisI am aware about the appeal from 19 hours ago I talked to MrSilky on discord this was his exact words and I asked when should I reappeal he replied with “Whenever you feel ready mate, as long as you’ve not been told to wait a certain amount of time, you can appeal whenever“
  6. I am also sorry about the whole combat log I got word from my friend if I dont leave right away they will charge me for more so instantly I ran out of the door towards fleeca bank waited like 3-4 minutes then ran to sandy pd where I felt safe to log off after sitting there for a bit
  7. No sir I did not know about the whole tazer thing basically during that rp, I was thinking of RPly shooting the tazer at the guard and potentially taking there gun or something. That is my bad, thats why earlier in that RP scene I patted him down for any guns such as 50s micros etc
  8. For the whole combat log thing, I legit left came while I was in the cell, I had 184 seconds left, so the whole time they stood in front of my cell, just showing each other camera proof and what not and I wasnt really in /do or anything it was mainly guards, not sure what the pictures have to do with anything but it says "aye peace vatosss" thats when I legit have 10 seconds left. Once I realized I was out I instantly ran, knowing they would camp at the doors ran to flecca bank. Then ran all the way to sandy PD. By then I just left the game. Went to clean my keyboard and saw the @s on discord
  9. Hey I was at this whole scene, and from the past Ive been in a scene where the cops came; and then the car chopped while they were arriving/here which was back in like mid December ish. Now I understand that you cannot use that, but it was like what I was referring too and thats why I asked in /b right away. With the changing radio bind while arrested they never cuffed me, they did it in /me so I changed it, which i’ve done before either with /dice or I just changed it. With the whole moving gun thing I was moving it personally because I was trying to fix my clothes, which I did not mention in
  10. Basically, I have bought a bike from the Paleto bay dealership near the mechanic I buy the bike "nightblade" I am driving and by the time I get the the toll booth I have 60 percent fuel, Then I am at ocean grocery store with 30 percent by the time I pass the pier and stuff im at 10 percent then I go to weazel and run out of fuel. Keep in mind this is a process of less then 10 minutes. I just don't think its fair for all the MC's, Hunters, Clubs, ETC. Too have to be fueling up all the time like every 30 minutes is gas that's not even one chase. But I think the fuel system should be changed and
  11. it is the reply for after when we hopped out the car with guns and told him if he hits us again there will be issues then he proceeds to drive forward then ram us then drive off then we chase him
  12. yes here it is https://streamable.com/tvgm6q
  13. yes basically he swerved into us a first time we followed him, he uses swear words and says fuck your gang pussy. Then rams our kamacho once then we chase him then he goes to NCZ
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 46 Date of interaction reported: 2/10/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: no time Your characters name: Davante Stephenson Other player(s) involved: Sheamus Mconally Specific rule(s) broken: Players may not go to a NCZ within 15 minutes after engaging in criminal activity or a resulting chase, unless they are turning themselves in to law enforcement. How did the player break the rule(s)? we chased him told him in /b so many times dont run to ncz Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/zb1eif
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