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  1. It really isn't though, at least it's definitely not at the point where most the time you lose your stuff cause a rule break you would get it back. Completely agree to this. +1
  2. Hey i'm Cristopher Aaron could it be Cristopher instead of Christopher? Because i asked officer and she said no Christopher Aaron exists. Anyways if it was a misspell my number is:5087814 -Cristopher Aaron
  3. Tomas1366


    I currently have an offer of 180 but the person isn't in city at the moment.
  4. Tomas1366


    Lowered the buyout&starting bid price
  5. i'm selling a house it's a bit south though
  6. Tomas1366


    Starting Bid: 140k 150k Buyout price: 200k 180k Contact: 5087814 or Tomas#[email protected] for more info
  7. I would like to retract this report since we've figured it out on discord, from reading the other stories here i understood that they didin't mean no foul play, and i'm willing to write off the guy hearing a call through closed windows while i was whispering and from quite some distance as a simple mistake since he might have just read what i wrote in chat while calling the police and not the roleplay beforehand. Can this be archived.
  8. One question what id was the guy who called on radio about the police call i made?
  9. 7.47 you can see me trying to do a right turn and you go straight in front of me and if i would have decided to go straight and not back down because i was cared you would ram me in to the wall i wouldve hit you straight on in your drivers door.
  10. I didin't respond to the pm cause i was getting chased. Bout the ramming as i said i was just trying to block the road as i was afraid you would shoot me like you did in mines. About the fearrp part tell me you wouldn't of killed me right there with that bat. And i bet the only reason you used bat was to not waste bullets on me.
  11. I reported you cause you tried to prevent my phantom from turning with your contender and at 8.04 you can see that instead of follow the road lines you keep going forward so i would have to go on the grass/bushes in the front and i had to push you with my car to not go to the grass which make me thinks you were not just being at my sides so i couldn't turn but you were trying to make me crash even if you had to ram me to make that happen. And you were actively getting in the way of where i was turning. It seems pretty unrealistic for me since you were trying to stop a truck going 100km/h from turning by blocking it with your driver side of the door.
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