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  1. Just a small suggestion for the people that own Gas Stations. I was thinking just like Gun Stores the price of Gas would decrease the further away from the bank the station is located. For example Route 68, Sandy Gas Station, Xenergy would be cheaper then, Weazel, Mirror Park, Bay Gas. It would only be by a dollar or two, so maybe the import price would be $6 instead of $7 if you are a certain distance away from the bank. The reasoning behind this is that, usually, if the Gas Station is further away from the Bank the Gas price is cheaper as it attracts less attention. Route 68 is $11, Sandy is $12 whereas places like BayGas is $16 because it is extremely popular and GoGas is $15. The prices of GoGas and BayGas are more, and they tend to usually attract more attention. With this change, Gas Stations like Mirror Park would still make the most amount of money it would just mean that the worse Gas Stations would just make a slight bit more then they already do, making it worth it for the prices to still be only $10-12. I understand this does not affect many people, as not many people will be affected by this, but the people it does involve I am sure would greatly appreciate it if this change was applied. Thank you for reading this suggestion! EDIT: I recently was working out the different amounts these Gas Stations would make, and a few of the worse ones stated above barely make any profit after paying for the license, and a blip. When you pay 13-20 mil you would expect to make more then what is currently made from them, I wont give numbers to reduce the chance of meta gaming.
  2. I am capable but as I keep telling you, the performance hit of recording and not is just too much to handle. I do not have OBS open unless absolutely necessary. I was checking labs drug prices solo and was selling a LARGE amount of drugs in that day so it was required for me to have OBS open and ready, in case something did happen. As logs should be able to show, I sold 480 drugs that day, 240 at North Lab, then after getting chased out of chilli I believe I sold 60x4 on all of Irish city turfs. I was not going around labs searching for fights, or planning on getting into any hostile activity. I am being truthful and honest and the constant interrogating about it is just becoming overwhelming at this point. I play this game and server to have fun and relax, not to get a million questions about my validity. I do not have POV of the situation, I wiped my PC.
  3. I stated that I cannot save POV because I do not have a good PC? I also shown that I factory reset my PC in attempt to fix an issue with it constantly turning itself off. I apologise that I said about the factory reset as it turns out this situation was the same day so that piece of information was irrelevant, if I am not wrong, it is not a requirement to always be recording. My GPU as shown above is not the best so recording or streaming causes lag issues when getting into action, being around a lot of people, or even some cases just moving to fast. Shown in some clips of a montage I made a while back, after some shots, I begin freezing for a few seconds before being able to move again, proving further that recording causes lag issues for me. This report was made before I factory reset my PC, meaning it would also be impossible for me to have had POV as factory resetting my PC wiped my PC, meaning any footage before the date of the factory reset was wiped.
  4. Proof of my GPU if this is what you are needing
  5. I cannot seem to find the windows specifications you are talking about, if you could assist me further that would be great
  6. I honestly couldn't give an exact date but I would say within the last week or two. OBS is downloaded, it just wont pick up in game sound and I have no clue how to fix that. As I hardly record anyway I haven't bothered to touch it since.
  7. Hello again! Its impossible for me to save my POV if I do not have OBS on. Recently factory reset my PC because it was constantly restarting for no reason so OBS is not set up. My PC is not the best and I am running on a 1060 3GB so recording makes it unbearable when in gun fights. I said "okay bud" as it was not DM, he had already withdrawn his weapon, showing hostile actions. I never knew it was required to tell the reporting part I could not record? It is not required to record all the time while playing Eclipse so I never thought to say that I am not recording, and hopefully if they are reporting me they will have the ENTIRE situation and not bits and dribbles.
  8. Hello! I am Conor Moore, sorry for such a late response. If the player reporting has more POV, I would love to see that as it would show the hostile activity they were doing once we arrived to the shipment. Once again the reporting party has trimmed the POV to there advantage and are not showing the entire situation. Throughout the whole chase we were constantly getting rammed and attempted to be stopped. As for the "off-road" it was not anything severe and I was running for my life, in a realistic situation I would not mind scratching a vehicle to save mine and my brothers life. As for the second individual, we had already have warning shots before hand, and he chose to continue to chase us inserting himself into a hostile situation. You can also hear him say on the radio he is going to get shot, knowing he was indeed inserting himself into a hostile situation.
  9. Dont have POV. "and aimed at you then looped back around towards you then I would like to see the POV." I am on about your POV. When we stopped on the trail and got out, you drove away, and then began driving back towards us, and then towards the highway. "If you claimed that I pulled a weapon out" As the one reporting you are required to show the entire situation, which you fail to do so.
  10. Hi! I am Conor Moore Me and Sean were up North, we saw a few people in Paleto Forest, thought it might have been a drop and as we were going towards the train tracks, we saw a drop and a male on foot with a gun. The male on foot runs away and jumps onto a vehicle and drives off. Me decide we are outnumbered and should not take a fight at the drop. As we begin driving down the off-road trail, at slow speeds, the player reporting us, hops off of his bike, pulls out a weapon (he does NOT show this in his own POV, as the POV is trimmed to his advantage) and as he is doing so I turn my camera angle back around and continue to drive away. Once further down the dirt path, we decide to hop on him as he just pulled a weapon out on both of us. Sean did give the male demands but I believe he was still whispering from when we were speaking inside of the car, Caleb could not hear them in his POV, I could still hear Sean as he was directly next to me, so I had thought demands were given. I then ALSO gave demands whilst shouting, which you do hear in the reporting parties POV when he decides to circle back towards us. The reporter then instead of driving straight away from us, and avoiding us, decides to turn more right as if he was looping back around to us, at which point we believed we had enough DM rights and motive, as he pulled on us, did not comply to demands, and came back towards the two people being hostile towards him.
  11. Personally I would like you to add, the initial reason for the chase. Showing the Brawler attempting to box us in and screaming box them. Secondly I would like you to add the brawler attempting to ram us multiple times.
  12. Hello, I am Conor Moore. I attempted to give demands, but I may have been lagging and when pressing N it was delayed, as you can see in the reporting parties POV I never spoke. Regardless, going off of Sean's demands alone. When telling the Officers to leave the passenger then decides to aim his weapon out of the window, which is the moment I began opening fire. My life was now in fact in danger, and if I did not shoot, then it would have been my life that got taken. EDIT: At 8 seconds you can also hear the passengers window smashing, also showing that it was in fact a gun being aimed as the only way to smash the window is by aiming your gun out of the window. I would also love to see Miles_Logans POV to further prove that he did in fact aim out of the window causing us to shoot him. Window closed: Window now opens, indicating the passenger aimed out the window: Now onto the second reasoning for shooting. The officers enter an active shootout, inserting themselves into the shootout, with there lights on. You can hear Miles screaming "shots shots, keep. go go go go". They both knew exactly what they were inserting themselves into.
  13. Hello! Conor Moore here. I will begin with explaining what had happened. I had just sold on North lab, and was on my way to check chilli prices. When arriving in chilli I did see an individual in all black on the left, so I went deeper in to see who they were. Once I was getting deeper in I realised it was Goblins, Stefano instantly hops off his bike and begins pulling, granting me DM rights, so I instantly began driving forward, causing Stefano to get run over, then continued to drive causing 186 to get flattened, which would have been avoidable from 186 if you did not decide to run at me and stayed to either one side. I believe I had DM rights as they were pulling weapons on me. Rule states; 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. My IC motive was to get away from there, I would not have won a fight where it was a 1 v god knows how many, my motive was to get out as quickly as humanly possible. Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. I only attempted to run them over once on this scene, which was my way out of there, again, I had valid motive as explained above. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. It was not an active shootout, shots were not fired from either side, indicating it was not an active shootout. As for the second POV, I would first like to bring up that this POV is in fact edited, and does not have any sound in the video, even in game sound has been cut out. As for the Non RP claims, if you are indicating me accidently ramming into the behind of you, I was looking behind me to see where your backup was, I could not see them and so I look forward again and you had just brake checked me, I do in fact slam my brakes on as seen in this picture from your clip here you can see that my break lights come on, making the floor red, showing I was in fact attempting to stop. Ramming into the back of you was unavoidable from my perspective. After that I began running for my life. I sadly do not have POV as I got asked to save my POV when I was in the city. Moving onto the third and final clip, I am being reported again for the ram. This clip is also trimmed down to the reporting parties advantage and is not showing the entire situation, I had been rammed around 5/6 times by the brawler, changing the way I could escape from every time. I was just attempting to get away by keeping control of the comet and staying on the road. I was mainly concentrating on the brawler and was not looking for a bike that parks in the middle of the road. I did get notified to save POV but sadly it was too long after the situation so I do not have any of my own POV.
  14. I do believe I had DM rights, I was aiming at the reported party and the drops is rather close to the water, I was maybe 5 metres away at most. I only began shooting when the reporting party had the crate inside of his hands and was running to his vehicle. The excuse of "The reason for not RPing passing the crate to the passenger seat was because I was very stressed in the reported situation as I was being actively shot at." your vehicle was behind a wall, once you was inside of the vehicle they was no physical way of me shooting you.
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