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  1. Honestly just looking for 300k seeing as other ones worst then this are selling for 350k.
  2. On flat, depends. I reach anywhere from 210-240 on all surfaces.
  3. FOR SALE 1G Near Los Santos Customs ADDRESS: N/A PRICE: B/O: $300,000 Status: FOR SALE Features: The perfect house the perfect location, just what you're looking for, with extra storage as well! There is a storage box that can hold 500 Storage. Car parking outside, for the family! Contact: Phone: #4646565 Disclaimer/notes: None. Pictures; Exterior+Interior: https://imgur.com/a/v71kWoA Map Location: https://imgur.com/a/477Eb9D
  4. How will this work? You give weekly payments then when you reached a certain price? Then you get full ownership?
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