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  1. I am not subbed to PewDiePie or T-series

  2. Shit's rigged.

    1. vapeboi


      bet -onfroy

  3. Bet you love taking everyones kids.
  4. Should be thankful for not getting shot down by carbines.
  5. Grace you god damn criminal... This is what MD does to you.
  6. Hello? Still no SMS.
  7. You act like a criminal, Karen. I bet LSPD will take good care of you.
  8. nateX

    The Clowns

    Also, tell FBI Director Hernandez I miss him 😞
  9. nateX

    The Clowns

    One of my favourite factions on the server with great leadership.
  10. If I would think that this was acceptable behaviour I would have never banned him in the first place. I think my point is very clear here.
  11. Hello and thank you for making this ban appeal. Although I am no longer staff I will go ahead and respond either way. I have never banned someone for the reason "Not here to RP" when they were offline unless I was told to do so by the higher ups. I can only remember one person I banned with that exact reason without adding "| Approved" at the end. I am not sure if you are that person but that person was banned for extremely toxic behaviour saying that I am a "power hungry no-no word", a "spastic fuck" and that he only joined the server because he thought the server was a DM server. That person was initially found cop baiting and VDMing players at the PD. Evidence to my claims should be found somewhere in the archived admin chats and it was a screenshot that FatherOsborn sent. The message should have been sent somewhere around the beginning/middle of September. Other than that, I have nothing else to add.
  12. No worries. I had an SMG aimed at her today, she called me a moron.
  13. Ni Hao guys. Topic 9/10, however that guy shown under the The Incense Master rank is really ugly, you should get that picture replaced, those bags under his eyes are bigger than the blue bags you get at IKEA Nice looking screenshots, 8/10 Quality of RP 7/10 on the overall scale and 8/10 on Eclipse roleplay level. I rate this topic and faction a 9 cup noodles out of 10
  14. Let's go. Bring the wheat, bruv.
  15. 🙂 Birthday boy (2 days ago)

  16. nateX

    Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Fixed previous post, hope you can understand what I meant now lmao
  17. nateX

    Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Way to improve is to slow down on the pics with guns and shit. Instead, focus on including screenshots /me's and /do's. Shows that the members know how to rp. Good luck.
  18. Lynch me, please
  19. Sure. You are the one that should pay me for offering you such a deal for free.
  20. nateX

    Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Topic 8 1/2/10, could be added more info Screenshot editing 8/10 Quality of RP judging by screenshots: 2/10 on an overall scale and 8/10 on Eclipse quality of RP I give this faction 8 gopniks in tracksuits out of 10
  21. Word. Hit me up and I will suck em, Karen you slut. You wanted to sue a building yesterday you braindead thot.
  22. Here's the new phone number. Lost my old phone #3349472
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