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  1. MrKantonine

    New weapons for PD

    The reason I want to see the SMG changed is so there isnt a need for 2 different SMGs but I can see your point about it being unrealistic to spray from a vehicle
  2. MrKantonine

    New weapons for PD

    Before I start this is not a bid to get over powered weapons for the Police Department or a complete overhaul of the weaponry. 1st I would like to see the Combat Pistol replaced with the Pistol MKII instead of a Combat Pistol and .50, this is a more powerful than the Combat Pistol but less powerful than the .50 that POII's and higher now have as standard issue. Having a Pistol MKII could replace the need to have a .50 which is an unrealistic weapon for standard officers to have (that we currently need to, to have a chance of winning any type of gun fight). 2nd I would like to see the Micro SMG and SMG replaced with the SMG MKII, this gun was modelled after the MP5K which is standard issue for SWAT. It can also be used whilst in a vehicle which the SMG cannot meaning that the need for the Micro SMG is voided. Finally I would like to see the Shotgun replaced with the Shotgun MKII, the MKII is a more modern version of the standard Shotgun which I believe would be more realistic for the Police Department to be armed with.
  3. MrKantonine

    4410_7550 (Powergaming, VDM)

    Too address the video being cut, @MusketDeezNuts had started flying away but desync caused the rotor blades to down me. The cut out part of the video was when Frejya was not on scene.
  4. MrKantonine

    4410_7550 (Powergaming, VDM)

    Not only did you ghost loot, but you repeatedly slammed your tractor into vehicles. You hit a medical helicopter and caused it to flip. you rammed my cruiser and almost killed me. You drove into the blue dominator and almost killed its driver. You got tazed and then pinned to the floor. You got up and got back on your tractor and kept driving. you got tazed again and then did the same thing. The only reason you stopped was because you got cuffed. You also knew what you were doing because not only were you yelling and being an all around nuisance but you came back to a scene you had already left and were driving a bright pink tractor.
  5. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    No, what you are doing is saying "we are right, you are wrong. Disagree? too bad we don't care"
  6. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    I am responding because no one else wants to. I gave you a reason and you immediately went on the defensive and showed you were not willing to listen. Like literally, we do not care about the criminal aspect anymore. Its not fun. The criminal aspect of the city is now run by people who want the same 'RP' as you do. Hope you enjoy and hope the city enjoys it too.
  7. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    Sam Sutherland... Why are you tagging me in this if you dont even know who I am IG?
  8. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    I have never owned a super car or driven a super car on my criminal character and only owned a GP1 on my mechanic alt for 2 hours IG before selling it. So I have no clue why you think I blocked @WoogeTV in a store or rammed you off your bike...
  9. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    and to be perfectly honest, you are too late with this post. Everyone you have tagged has had enough with the criminal RP on the server so we have all went legitimate. Do what you want, we just don't care anymore. Just leave us out of it.
  10. MrKantonine

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    Well for a start you can begin by not constantly trying to bait a gang that out number you 5 to 1. Realistically that would be asking to be murdered which isn't exactly fearing for your life.
  11. MrKantonine

    Mask 9976_4974, Mask 5465_6451 (Non-RR, DM)

    Looks like an attempt to mercy kill
  12. MrKantonine

    Steve Ranchmen - OOC Threats.

    Um... what? lmao
  13. MrKantonine

    The Comission (Exploiting Server and Client Bugs)

    Its clear that you and @Packo were aware that you were downed as in a fire fight neither of you decided to shoot for almost 50 seconds as you were downed. I find it extremely hard to believe that you did not know you were downed as you were surrounded by us the entire time. If you thought you were alive, why would you wait so long to shoot?
  14. MrKantonine

    The Comission (Exploiting Server and Client Bugs)

    I have checked the video... you were the one that started opening fire whilst down and the rest followed.
  15. MrKantonine

    The Comission (Exploiting Server and Client Bugs)

    I tagged your entire gang as I know all of you were involved, dont know who was the one left standing. If it was not you then I apologise but it was the other 4 if thats the case.