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  1. New cars with supers being removed.

    People dont wanna see this it seems ahah
  2. Bars & Restaurants & Alcohol Script

    +1 on this
  3. safe parking at NCZ's

    DCC should have gates man :'(
  4. safe parking at NCZ's

    what @Albatrosgaminng said...
  5. Chopshop Campers

    -1 That would completly ruin the fun of it
  6. Money Making Methods

    Is fishing still good?
  7. Money Making Methods

    Courier , Fishing , trucking. Prob the best Or you can apply to one of the government factions too
  8. Map Suggestion

    The amount of time to load in... Would be ages
  9. "At least five criminals are required to start a major hostage situation. This involves situations where players are taken hostage, moved significantly to a new location, and possibly a ransom demand for their release or safety."
  10. @Hellequin Said everything.
  11. I wont say anything about this , this is completly sad what this player is doing right here. He knows what he did is against the rules. And by the way when i paid you , you buddy said " the rp isn't over" and you still brought me to the airport.