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  1. Simply not crossing the line , not making those "type" of jokes. Thats what got me banned , so i just need to avoid offensive jokes.
  2. I said something like " can i tell my brazilian friends to get out of Nobody's house" , and it was a joke and i even mentioned Eriksen there. And i think at that time many people were getting banned for "jokes" and yeah , i crossed the line and im here asking sorry for that behavior. Nobody had a perfect reason to ban me since the joke was very offensive , but since i was in that discord / server for a long time , i thought he wouldn't take it serious since im always joking with everyone.
  3. Account name: TchiChirrings#7632 (Discord name) Character name(s): Carlos Maria Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU ? Date of punishment: N/A Punishment received: Discord ban. Reason given for punishment:I made a joke directed to Nobody. Your explanation of what happened: I think at that time i made an offensive joke towards Nobody and he had a perfect reason to ban me from discord. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I shouldn't have made that joke , and i directly apologize Nobody for that. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  4. Account name: Character name(s): Pablo Mariscano Rondega Maria Admin who issued punishment: I think it was Nobody. Date of punishment: No idea. Punishment received: Banned from discord Reason given for punishment: Not sure , i think it was because of a joke that i made Your explanation of what happened: I think i made a joke and probably Mr Nobody took it way too seriously. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because we are all humans , we all do mistakes , and we all deserve second chances. It won't happen again Post any evidence or further details: n/a
  5. BR

    1. Eriksen


      Gang gang, I miss you bro!

    2. xicoloco14


      Do not worry hombre , Carlitos is coming to town. Well not Carlitos , his cousin Fernando 😎

    3. Eriksen


      A shieet, pull up
      Tell me if you need anything my man

  6. People dont wanna see this it seems ahah
  7. DCC should have gates man :'(
  8. what @Albatrosgaminng said...
  9. xicoloco14

    Chopshop Campers

    -1 That would completly ruin the fun of it
  10. Courier , Fishing , trucking. Prob the best Or you can apply to one of the government factions too
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