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  1. Simply not crossing the line , not making those "type" of jokes. Thats what got me banned , so i just need to avoid offensive jokes.
  2. I said something like " can i tell my brazilian friends to get out of Nobody's house" , and it was a joke and i even mentioned Eriksen there. And i think at that time many people were getting banned for "jokes" and yeah , i crossed the line and im here asking sorry for that behavior. Nobody had a perfect reason to ban me since the joke was very offensive , but since i was in that discord / server for a long time , i thought he wouldn't take it serious since im always joking with everyone.
  3. Account name: TchiChirrings#7632 (Discord name) Character name(s): Carlos Maria Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU ? Date of punishment: N/A Punishment received: Discord ban. Reason given for punishment:I made a joke directed to Nobody. Your explanation of what happened: I think at that time i made an offensive joke towards Nobody and he had a perfect reason to ban me from discord. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I shouldn't have made that joke , and i directly apologize Nobody for that. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  4. Account name: Character name(s): Pablo Mariscano Rondega Maria Admin who issued punishment: I think it was Nobody. Date of punishment: No idea. Punishment received: Banned from discord Reason given for punishment: Not sure , i think it was because of a joke that i made Your explanation of what happened: I think i made a joke and probably Mr Nobody took it way too seriously. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because we are all humans , we all do mistakes , and we all deserve second chances. It won't happen again Post any evidence or further details: n/a
  5. BR

    1. Eriksen


      Gang gang, I miss you bro!

    2. xicoloco14


      Do not worry hombre , Carlitos is coming to town. Well not Carlitos , his cousin Fernando 😎

    3. Eriksen


      A shieet, pull up
      Tell me if you need anything my man

  6. People dont wanna see this it seems ahah
  7. DCC should have gates man :'(
  8. what @Albatrosgaminng said...
  9. xicoloco14

    Chopshop Campers

    -1 That would completly ruin the fun of it
  10. Courier , Fishing , trucking. Prob the best Or you can apply to one of the government factions too
  11. The amount of time to load in... Would be ages
  12. Everything we went through, first at LSMS when I was a security guard and you were a mechanic, then at Biggs.Everything that happened at Biggs was very special. It was not just a game, we spent many hours playing and we made very strong friendships, every moment will never be forgotten, especially when Ballin changed my name to Felipe ;). And then finally, at Bayview where I've never seen you again, it's sad to see you go, my friend. I hope one day to meet you again IG. Francis McCartney
  13. Amigo , hands up this is rob

  14. You had nothing to do with this situation , we were towing Kody's car not yours . If it was your car we would understand why you shot... but since its not your car i'm not quite understanding
  15. We were doing Tow's with the flatbed. We saw a illegaly car parked , so we decided to tow it , then suddenly Jack Crawford came and shot our Flatbed's tire without saying a shit. So we open fire at him .
  16. We were chasing you lol , we even told you to stop your car so fucking many times we chased you down , i tried to make you stop and after that i told you to get out of your car with your hands up , we said that many times! You didnt turn off your engine so we shoot
  17. We said several times for you to stop the car , like many many times. And we threatened you to stop your car or we would open fire , we had reason to kill you because you didnt obey and you tried to ran away from us
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