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  1. May I ask you when I will be unbanned? (exact time) Artur_Juoniks

  2. Vinewood Racetrack and Sandshores Airport will be a NCZ for this event.
  3. Papastouch

    Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Whut? For who? lol
  4. :2_grimacing: Seen you viewed my profile. Lol


  5. Papastouch

    Wishing you all a good farewell!

    <3 you man, stay safe out on the road and stay in touch through discord. Had a lot of great times on eclipse with you since the beginning. Congrats on the job too ! InvalidSun Thank man, love you!
  6. Papastouch

    [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    http://www.cnn.com/style/article/dubai-police-supercars/index.html =)
  7. Papastouch

    PD Teamspeak

    You want to get rid of the OOC channels but you were in there chatting with Robertson last night like it was no big deal... I don't get it. If there's MG going on in the channels that's up to the sergeant team or a superior to monitor and report.
  8. Papastouch

    Why is the server so empty?

    I agree completely with Invalids post. I'm all for disabling the prison until it can be an actual faction and people can have some interaction while they're serving their sentence. At least in the jail cells they could talk to police officers.
  9. Papastouch

    Grand eclipse music thread

    https://soundcloud.com/belugacollective/beluga-presents-ye https://soundcloud.com/defunk-vip/shambhala-mix-series-8-defunk
  10. You didnt have any reputation so I gave you some because I love you 

  11. Papastouch

    Ramon Carter Chief of Police Resignation Letter

    It's been a pleasure working with you Mr. Carter. I'm glad to see that you will still be involved with the police department., and I am excited for the future! Thank you for all of your service and hard work that you have put into the department. Good luck with the future sir. - Papa Stouch #0402
  12. Papastouch

    Engine on/off color change

  13. Hello, how would i go about joining the club?

    1. Mdarude


      Sure you can join is on teasmpeak3 : famdevries-online.eu https://discord.gg/GCZzJGG and this discord