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  1. Vinewood Racetrack and Sandshores Airport will be a NCZ for this event.
  2. John Marley (Unban Appeal)

    Account name: John Marley Character name(s): John Marley Admin who issued punishment: Toony Date of punishment: Some where around 20th july Reason given for punishment: I have anger issues and I got mad and for some reason i just spammed racist things on Toony's profile and before that i was being a little bit disrespectful towards nobodyltu and he jailed me and it just set me off. I am really sorry for what i have done and caused but I feel like i deserve a second chance because I will no longer be a pain towards staff and I will no longer get thrustated at other members of the community. Your explanation of what happened: I was being punished by nobodyltu for stealing a van or something like that when he was testing something then i think i stole somebody's carrots or what ever was on the update or something but i'm not totally sure then he jailed me and i spammed on Toony's profile. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel like my appeal should be accepted because I think we all deserve a second chance in life and sometimes mistakes do happen, i openly admit this wasn't a mistake and this was intentional but i have changed now and realized that my old previous toxic behavior was the wrong way and it wouldn't get me far and would get me hated by everyone and nobody would like me. I have changed and i feel like it's time to return after being banned for almost 10 months. Post any evidence or further details: I think you all remember me but i have no other evidence or further details. Thank you for reading my app - John Marley Posted on behalf of John since he's banned from the forums as well as the discord. Discord - Silver#2826
  3. Sean Hamilton - Ban Appeal

    As @NoewUH mentioned, if it had been desync you should have gone to ooc chat and let him know rather than continuing RP. Appeal Rejected
  4. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Whut? For who? lol
  5. :2_grimacing: Seen you viewed my profile. Lol


  6. [APPEAL] James Jabumpkin

    Sorry, you must've been banned by accident AppEal acC3pted
  7. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    <3 you man, stay safe out on the road and stay in touch through discord. Had a lot of great times on eclipse with you since the beginning. Congrats on the job too ! InvalidSun Thank man, love you!
  8. Scamming

    Pending @BallinByNature's response.
  9. Scamming

    Because you gained that information through invalid means. (Your character would not be able to hear all the way down in the jail cells from the lobby). As Osama mentioned I believe this would be the first option. In the video it is stated the suspect is in jail cell 2.
  10. Mike Onfroy and Jens Winckler | FailRP

    You were waiting for the medic but the medic is the one that recorded the footage. And this was at an active scene with police? Regardless your destroying the RP for other people that are around and leaving a bad example on the type of behavior we encourage. Even if you were under the impression that the radio was "Patched", there would be no reason to go up and begin swinging at a radio. And Mike clearly punched the radio after watching you die doing so. Both Jens Winckler and Mike Onfroy will receive a FailRP. Report Resolved / Archived
  11. Mike Onfroy and Jens Winckler | FailRP

    @ViceDice and @kris783c will have 24 hours to respond to this report. If you see them in game, please let them know there is a report about them.
  12. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    http://www.cnn.com/style/article/dubai-police-supercars/index.html =)
  13. PD Teamspeak

    You want to get rid of the OOC channels but you were in there chatting with Robertson last night like it was no big deal... I don't get it. If there's MG going on in the channels that's up to the sergeant team or a superior to monitor and report.
  14. Appeal Jeff Zed

    I was at the situation, the medic disconnected and took 5-10 minutes to get back in. We all sat at the hospital waiting for the medic to reconnect as he had Jeff in the back of the ambulance. After the medic re-connected he sat and waited for his patient to connect but Jeff had decided that he didn't want to wait. He claimed something along the lines of, "Sorry real life is more important, do you think I have all day to just sit around and wait." Mind you this was after he was attempting to break his friend Alissa out of prison and got caught. I asked him over discord to reconnect and he insulted me and handled the situation very immature. In your report you claim you couldn't connect back to the server because of your internet, yet you took to discord and told me how you didn't have to waste your time waiting for anybody and that "you had a life". This was in general chat with many other members of the community to see, so i'm a little confused in why you didn't just say you had internet trouble that day. It sounds like your trying to make yourself sound better, when there was multiple witnesses including other staff members that watched your little rant in discord. The exact words in discord... Me--"You coming back" You---"Depends on how long the punishment is" And this is all after you refused to RP with the medics that came onto the scene while you were injured. Which required them to call an admin and force you to RP. All so you could call MG on a police officer, instead of just waiting until after the scenario was over to present your evidence on the forums.
  15. Jeff Zed Appeal (Combatlogging)

    Punishment Appeal Denied. I was there and you did not wait. Then when i contacted you on discord you refused to get back in game.