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  1. Artur_Juoniks

    Police is bullshit

    shut up nobody talks to u
  2. Artur_Juoniks

    Police is bullshit

    Yeah, i rammed police officer with bike accidently and he just drove away.
  3. Hello, my ban should be expired but its not...


    1. Cooksley


      You will be able to go in game at 17:48 server time

  4. Artur_Juoniks

    Stranger 2654_2661 (189) DM, NCZ and speaking OOC

    shut up no one cares i got banned for another reason so...
  5. Artur_Juoniks

    Stranger 2654_2661 (189) DM, NCZ and speaking OOC

    You said you wanna die in chat, and then you are crying that i punch you?
  6. Artur_Juoniks

    Stranger 6903_1114 (Ninja Looting)

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6903_1114 Date of rule breach:8/4/2018 Time of rule breach:3:30 EEST PM~ Your characters name: Artur_Juoniks Other players involved: None Specific rule broken: " Ninja looting is an act made another player who has not engaged in any RP and decides to check another players inventory " How did the player break the rule?: He shot me and ninja looted instantly. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/07x3c
  7. Player(s) being reported: Mask 7929_965 and Stranger 415_9521 Date of rule breach: 8/3/2018 Time of rule breach: 10:20 PM EEST ~ Your characters name: Artur_Juoniks Other players involved: Stranger 3785_5426 Specific rule broken: " 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. " How did the player break the rule?: They started shooting at me without a reason. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/x7ea5
  8. Artur_Juoniks

    Artur Juoniks (2654_2661) NCZ, OOC Lieing, FearRP, DM, VDM

    I didnt mean to hit you, you were standing in that line and suddenly you turned left, i wanted to overtake you before you turned left and then you moved to the other line. 6.1.3 Examples where your character's life is not in direct danger An attacker aims their firearm at you while you are in a vehicle. This situation would allow you to duck your head behind the weel and either flee, or pull forward and attempt to run the attacker over with your vehicle in attempt to escape. You kept shooting me without a reason, you said nothing to me about damaging your vehicle in game voice chat. You just suddenly kept chasing me to the pauls farm without saying a word. And then you shoot without a reason, because you said nothing.... You just try to provoke me do bad things.
  9. Artur_Juoniks

    Artur Juoniks (2654_2661) NCZ, OOC Lieing, FearRP, DM, VDM

    Hello, you report others but you break rules... like you mentioned, shot me in ncz. I didn't mean to hit your car twice, and I was just missclicking, I couldn't press G, that's why I got mad. What do you mean FearRP? Its NCZ zone. Yeah we both kinda broke the rules.. And as you see at the end of the clip I didn't mean to hit you, you turned left instantly, I was driving straight to PAULS FARM. While I was driving you came with your rols rois and kept hitting me. https://streamable.com/5pc8u You chased me to the farm because I hit you once? Not on purpose? And you searched for me in the farm but I didn't record that.
  10. Artur_Juoniks

    Stranger 3838_7934 (5.5.1 Non-Roleplay)

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 3838_7934 Date of rule breach: 8/1/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 7 PM EEST Your characters name: Artur_Juoniks Other players involved: Specific rule broken: " Stealing a vehicle by hijacking the driver without engaging in any roleplay, if there are no current circumstances to justify it (for example, other players are trying to hurt, capture, or kill you);" How did the player break the rule?: He stole my vehicle without roleplay Evidence of rule breach: 11:20 to the end
  11. Account name: plungesbetmenas1 Character name(s): Luke_Paehali Admin who issued punishment: FatherOsBorn Date of punishment:7/27/2018 Reason given for punishment: VDM | 1 Offense | Deliberately turning into cars on the highway. Your explanation of what happened: I was driving my car on the other side of the road, and I was watching my phone, and I accidentally rammed Mr.FatherOsBorn. He said what am I doing, I said sorry and told him that I was watching my phone, and I got kicked for (Re-do your quiz) and after 1 minute I got banned for VDM. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I think that cops need to do that job, they could arrest me for reckless driving and ramming, but instead I got banned... I'm really sorry to what I did, I think redoing the quiz without ban would be the perfect option, because I need to re-read rules... Post any evidence or further details: I don't think evidence is needed...
  12. How to see when my ban expires? 


    1. David Fib0nacci
    2. Flucifial


      Hi! Your ban will last 24 hours. Ban lengths are in hours, prison and jail lengths are in minutes.

  13. Artur_Juoniks

    Boris_Putrin (3.2.2 Offensive Language, Mixing OOC & IC)

    you got banned dont cry baby
  14. Artur_Juoniks


    Please remove non cz , so people can somehow escape , clip -
  15. May I ask you when I will be unbanned? Artur_Juoniks

    1. Triple Seven

      Triple Seven

      you can find this information on https://panel.eclipse-rp.net - 23:39UTC