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  1. With the warmer nights sticking around Hazel suggested that Burnout host a drive-in movie night at The Lot, something a little different for the group. She took her idea to Don and he loved it so they let everyone else know and they all started discussing movie choices! Eventually they whittled it down to nine choices - Four Brothers, Fast 9, SAW, Legally Blonde, White Chicks, Rush, Transporter, Wrong Turn and Equilibrium. Everyone wrote down their votes on a scrap of paper and handed them over to Don, after tallying everything they were drawn on three.. Of course! Top choices were Fast 9, White Chicks and Rush. Everyone that could make it met up at The Lot to see what they needed to gather, snacks equipment ect. After making a list they made their way down to the store to gather supplies! Ticking off each thing as they went they were happy with what they found, Asbo was a little sad he couldn’t find the popcorn machine he was so excited about but Hazel grabbed a few popcorn boxes and ready made bags to fill them and hand them out later. Trunks full the group made their way back to The Lot to set everything up. Don was in charge of the movie screen, Hazel on the slush machine and the others helped move the sofa in a better viewing position in case anyone didn’t want to sit in their car and Asbo ran to his apartment over the road to grab his laptop. Everything perfectly in place the group gathered to look over the movie poll results and vote in person on the top three they ended up on, despite it not being a choice Jamie still insisted on wanting to watch SAW multiple times but in the end the White Chicks won. As the sun began to set everyone started settling into their cars with the exception of Jose on the sofa making the most of having it to himself! Don pressed play and everyone was ready to watch, eyes glued to the screen. As the movie went on Don popped out his car offering everyone a slush and any popcorn refills, not long after the dance battle scene came on screen and a few of them jumped out the cars to join in! It was a great night full of laughs and Burnout decided they would have to have more drive-in movie nights like this, maybe making it a monthly thing. Jamie might get his wish to watch SAW after all?
  2. +1 The helicopter camera would even be useful for Weazel as well
  3. +1! I'll be put off of wearing certain clothing items if they clip as it's just visually unappealing
  4. +1 But to 3 so people can for example be in two job factions and a social/business faction
  5. +1 I'll take Weevil and Brioso please !
  6. +1 Would just need something in place to ensure people using it have valid RP reasoning
  7. It was the evening before Asbo’s Big Birthday Bash and Hazel was in a creative mood! She took herself down to the local grocery store and gathered all the ingredients she would need to make Asbo a classic from her home country of England. She cruised home enjoying sunset blasting her music, excited for the celebrations on Friday. Making her way up to her apartment floor she set all the bags down, grabbed her apron and got straight to baking! Now that everything was finished, Hazel cleared up the dishes and mess and settled down in bed for the night, slowly drifting off. Hazel passed the morning and afternoon with work, catching up on emails at Weazel, the usual. Finally the evening came, it was almost time to celebrate and dance the night away! Carefully grabbing the cake box from her fridge and balancing it as she walked to the lift, she made her way to her car, loading it into the trunk and making her way up to Club Insignia to store it in the bar fridge ready for later! It was time to open the doors, the parking lot outside already filling with people while Jaymes Mclean was getting set up on the DJ stage. The night was full of drinking, questionable dancing from Tyrone and the odd surprise from a Burnout Nation favourite Lola DeValera and her Angels! As the night was beginning to wind down, now was the perfect time to pull out the cake and have everyone wish Asbo a massive happy birthday as he blew out his candles!
  8. With the current furniture store interior it can be very difficult to see a lot of the furniture in full, either a bigger interior or a way to zoom in and out or move the items around yourself would be great ! Or perhaps some sort of furniture menu.
  9. +1 !!! Nothing worse than trying to pick up a chair and the floor and ceiling goes with it
  10. +1 it could be added to the barber menu, you can change eyebrow colour there ect, so could make sense to have a make-up artist stationed in there, maybe added on the second chair that isn't being used.
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