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  1. Before I start, This is not a salt post, It is my opinion, that seems to be widely shared. I believe that staff members that are in a gang/faction, or affiliated with a gang/faction should not deal with issues that arise from circumstances directly involved with the gang/faction they are affiliated with. This cuts down on any rumours/allegations of certain staff doing stuff to benefit the gang/faction they are apart of, and helps remove some tension from other players who believe this to be the case. It would benefit the server as a whole, as an unbiased set of eyes would be looking at the evidence/situation at hand, and would also encourage better levels of RP, currently some members will report 4 or report 3, just because things did not go the way they like, I think this should also be punishable for repeat offenders, as it does nothing to enhance the quality of RP or relations within the server amongst gangs/factions, and does nothing but waste staff time. As mentioned, this is only to try and make the server a better place - Where there are conflicts of interest within RL situations, scenarios, that conflict of interest is removed, and I do not think it should be any different here, It would only make it be a more fairer system, for all involved, and removes any tensions that may arise.
  2. It's cool bud, Sometimes shit happens and you just need to see the other persons POV. Have a good day To the staff member dealing with this please close as it has been settled amicably
  3. I would also like to link this report here: As it is very much valid, except I had a full clear understanding of the situation - And as the report states, the only reson why the guy got punished, was because he didn't know the situation in it's entirety, whereas I did
  4. Player(s) being reported: TNewty Date of interaction reported: 23/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1574520707 Your characters name: Ricky Contender Other player(s) involved: Multiple Officers, Multiple others Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? The officers, and ourselves offered to redo the scene, (As apparantly a friend broke NRP) we were all willing to redo it, as, if he did it was a genuine mistake, TNewty refused, punished my friend and then TP'd me back to ask why I rammed the officers, I explained, and he permabanned me saying I didn't have a valid reason to ram the group of officers. I think this is wrong judgement from a staff member, as Within the rules I had reason, We were engaged, I explained this and he still banned me and even said I did not even hit an officer, but you can see plain as day, It was a group of officers I hit. I do not know what I have done to upset him, but this isn't right... Edit - The whole situation started from trying to rob a member of WCA - Who I have just found out this staff member is a member of, I am not saying that is why he banned me, but it is suspicous from my POV, considering the relation here. Second Edit: I'm going to rephrase what I put and include more evidence. This whole situation started from attempting to rob a member of WCA at the Parking lot, An officer happened to pull up, In which we dispersed, the Officer took chase on Pads, We were driving around, hoping to get pads out, when my game crashed, (This is when I switched my recording on upon relogging) - Pads had gone radio silent, which generally means he's been captured, during a pursuit anyway, so I asked the others if we should wait at DOC for him to arrice there, after all he's being charged with Armed Robbery and felony evasion at the least, We set up there, and it isn't long until he arrives with a single officer, we start pursuit, and a chase entails, there was a bit of knocking on either side and eventually I was taken out, and stalled - The officers continued going again, when I had caught up, my lads had got pads on the back of one of their bikes, and a group of officers were setting up on my friends, as you can see in the video back up had been called and officers were appearing from all over the place - As I approached I clearly asked where they were, and was told outside DOC, I see the group, and as they have their backs to me, I decided to drive through them, 1, to put an officer down, 2, as it would cause confusion and buy us more time to escape, 3, because they were also attempting to arrest members of my group and 4 because they were clearly involved. The officers tried saying that the particular officer I hit, had nothing to do with the situation or pads, and "All" she had done was got out the car, If that is the case, why was she rolling with a shotgun in her hands, in an area where officers were responding to a backup call for an attempted breakout? She was involved just as much as the next officer there responding. Further to this, after I was knocked, the officers clearly state "Suspect down" and started asking where pads was... So it's obvious they were involved then and it was obvious they were involved before I hit them... That was the lead up to the situation - I died in this as no medic arrived in time and I wasn't stabilized, I went back to the hospital, but not before Tnewty arrived as officers were saying we "Probably metagamed" and it was non-rp and failrp - Nothing to do with "VDM" and this was due to pads getting out the back of the cruiser. I was shortly TP'd back and Tnewty asked me why, I rammed the group of officers, and said they had nothing to do with the situation, which isn't true, I told him why, and explained we were initiated, He said he didn't agree with what I had done, As per the rules, I havent actually done anything wrong from my end, so I was disputing this, especially as clear as day, before I died these same officers were asking what happened to pads... My friends on their bikes were right in-front of these officers, who had Machine guns and Shotguns, Looks very much like they were responding to a prison breakout attempt to me. I asked as Tnewty said he didn't agree with what I did, That it goes to the forums, as here, I can provide my evidence, and explain exactly why I did, what I did, and that in similar situations, where I have rammed people ONCE - It has been okay, So I felt like nothing was wrong here, He stated I had no valid reason to attack the female officer, In which in RP and my eyes, I had every reason, Tnewty asked if my life was in danger by this officer, as if that is the only reason I'm allowed to ram an officer, who was trying to arrest my friend, which server rules say I can, I then went on to say that We was engaged with the officers at the time, ID 44 at this point quoted the rule "If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally or damage your property" , so I quoted this back again, and Tnewty said that none of this had happened. At this point, as to me it was clear as day what happened, I hadn't broke any rules and Tnewty just told me that none of it had happened, I stated "this was corrupt shit lol" - Semi-joking and trying to make light of the situation, as how could I be told that none of it just happened as I literally watched the whole thing unfold? I then asked if it was an officer I had hit, and Tnewty replied "Nope" - He then concluded the situation and told me to appeal and perma banned me for VDM Offense #2. How can someone say that what I just watched unfold, never actually happened, What I have recorded, Never happened, and then permaban me, He didn't ask for my POV to see what I was saying was true, He didn't really give me any chance to defend myself and in my eyes he had already set his mind on banning me before I arrived, I mean why else would someone say that what happened never actually happened? When it unfolded right in front of my own eyes, the whole thing? I'd also like to add the report was not even on me in the first place ID 44 called an admin for "Hard non-rp", fearRP and "Probably metagaming too" - It just feels to me very much like if people do not "Win" situations they call admins straight away, to punish people, ID 78 apparantly uploaded the video, so I would like to see from his perspective how I wasn't involved in the situation, and that this situation never really happened at all... I'd also like to add that Pads RP'd getting out of the police car, Player 78 (An officer I believe) Even stated this in OOC chat to the other officers in the area, after I was shot again confirming these officers were involved, and at 16:15 into my video Player 23 (An officer) had asked me OOC why my guys were shooting him, which player 78 (An Officer) even stated we were allowed as they were transporting a 10-15... Again - Even Officers were saying we had reason within rules, but yet Pads RP'd his way out and was admin jailed, I ran an officer over and was perma banned.... Officers were sticking up for us, We had done no wrong but ID 44 was adamant we had broken rules, because we had technically done what we set out to do in RP.... I've had time to calm down a little over this now, Hence the second edit, So that it better explains the situation and reasons, and also the reasons why what I think Tnewty did was wrong Evidence of rule breach: Admin Chat: Situation:
  5. I don't think it was Desync - I saw your video too, It was evident you were trying to slow my vehicle down, as you wanted to talk / rob or whatever... I'm not a douche though, You know it's kinda impossible IRL to hear someone driving down the highway, with a motorbike helmet on, and through armoured glass? Hence why I was ignoring you. And it's not exactly likely a truck like mine is going to be able to stop dead when someone decides to try this... Anyhow, Just acknowledge this, as RP can only get better if we want it to get better - For what it's worth, I didn't loot your body either, I thought about it, but it's a grey area, so I thought to be on the safe side to leave you be... If the staff member dealing with this can drop the report if @Swurvey promises he won't do this again, thanks
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 51 Date of interaction reported: 23/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 157448037 - 03:45 GMT (Roughly) Your characters name: Ricky COntender Other player(s) involved: ID 51 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. How did the player break the rule(s)? I'm driving down the highway and ID 51 drives up alongside trying to talk to me, I believe this is NRP as it isn't realistic for someone to talk to another person at high speed on a highway like this. Further to this, he then got in front of me and brake checked me, This I believe again is NRP and FRP, NRP as it isn't realistic for a bike to brake check an armoured money van at high speed, considering the stopping distance req'd for an armoured vehicle, and I also believe this breaks FRP as it clearly shows no fear for his characters life in this situation, I mean what did he think would happen? I stopped and was going to call an ambulance for him, However as soon as I got out, He was on the radio asking for backup on the highway urgently... He shown no signs of visible pain, and didn't seem to care he had just been ran over by a 3 ton truck... Due to him calling for backup, I left the scene. I PM'd him saying I was going to report for NRP as it wasn't realistic, He told me to come back as I'm not allowed to loot victims of VDM... It was not my fault I ran him over, so I did not VDM him, and nor did I loot him, He replied saying I ran him over and blew him up, I did not have much choice in this situation, and I did stop, Had he not been calling for backup, I would have called him an ambulance, and feel it is unfair for him to try and turn it onto me, when it is obvious what he did. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. The Vehicle rule I agree with, Same as changing that if someone is stood in front of your car pointing a gun, You should be allowed to run them over, Let's face it, Regardless of my car, In RL If someones stood in front of my car aiming a gun at me, depending how close they are, I'm hitting the accelerator and ducking below the dashboard - I'm running that person over, It's unrealistic to think you would just get out and go "Hey, feel free to rob me, and potentially kill me" - Whats mroe realistic here? From what I understand, If someone robs you, you have upto 3 IRL hours to be able to retaliate, I may be wrong, but that seems to be how it works - So the DM rule change I dont feel would be valid. And, yes if someone is in compliance, You should still be able to kill them, depending on the situation, a normal street robbery, would be pointless to kill someone, but if they are identifiably in a gang, sure you should be able to shoot em up after, because you can bet yourself they are going to find you later otherwise. For what it's worth, I robbed someone once, and killed them, they did everything I asked, but I still killed them, why? Because he told me I was making a mistake, he was in a big gang, and he would get me later... The guy threatened me while I had him at gunpoint... So I killed him
  8. I got 8 hours for interfering with a chase... Here you are saying 8 hours is only possible for murdering a couple of officers... 1, Granted it's against the law, end of, but being tailed for 20 minutes and pulled over every time, that is just short of harrassment, you ticketed me once, go solve some real crimes? 2,4, 5 I was pulled over, not told why, all I got was license? - Heres your ticket... 3, So your not required to tell me what I am going jail for? Untill I am in jail? Like no officer ever has took me to jail then gave me a chance to rp the charges... So that contradicts you there 6, Was used loosely as a metaphor, I'll dumb it down... PD rarely ever ever want to give anyone a chance to RP there crimes or charges, Just outright cuffs/jail with a couple /me's /do's thrown in there aka (Shoot first not ask questions later) In regards to IA reports, there's enough ex PD around that tells people IA is just basically ignored and at most you get a slap on the wrist... It's a complete waste of time, regardless if an officer loses his job or not, and some of it is criminal, but not followed up on, I havent yet seen an officer sent to prison for corruptness while on-duty...
  9. Definately need a Justice system here, With such long jail times, Stacking charges etc... Other servers have it, and it works really well, If anything it brings RP and bridges the gap between PD and Criminals, you would see a lot less hate posts, considering the PG rule states others should be able to RP a response, Criminals are robbed of that the moment they are in cuffs... I'm aware your not speaking for IA, and nor is this an IA report, but why should I waste my time filling in an IA, when in-game, asking to speak with a higher up over stuff, they are generally antagonising and rude (Only spoke with 2)... From those two interactions alone, and the fact all the officer will get is a "Warning"... I'm not going to get back 8 hours of my life (4 -6 Once charges are dropped), That time is gone, I could have been earning 5k every 15 minutes from the mine, that's an easy 100k over that time period (Possible not saying I would though)... Or been rp'ing... I may or may not get those charges dropped, and honestly I mean no offense, Your own take on that is biased, your looking at what I did wrong, not what the officer did wrong, then swinging it around to effectively say "Shit happens, you were involved"... Seeing someone leave a scene of a crime doesn't mean they were involved. And considering the guy they chased from the situation was arrested, from the same crime, he literally got evading that was it... 45 minutes in jail, My passenger got 15 minutes... Me, I got 8 hours.... That's why i'm pissed, that's why I know they stacked charges, and all PD will do, Is just blow it off... Charge stacking needs to be a rule, or they need to incorporate a justice system - One bad day for an officer, could ruin 10 peoples experience here. Same for other factions, except they can't "Jail" someone for multiple hours, They can't trace phones, they have to work and RP situations, PD just roll up, expect to put you in cuffs, and cart you to jail for a long ass time.... That is the fine line as to why people have not got much respect for PD these days, and why they expect RP to be 10x better than everyone else, every server, the police are the front of the server and should act / behave like so
  10. By stacking charges.... I was charged with attempted murder on a government official, A part that was deemed invalidRP by an admin, So I shouldn't have been charged for it... Knife charge - Was added on just because they wanted to keep me in for longer, It had nothing to do with the crime, Wasn't used in any threatening circumstances, Just had it on me. Assault with a deadly weapon - Apparantly I was consistently ramming officers with my vehicle, which I didn't, But I was charged for it Armed Robbery - There was no proof I even did this, and there was others wearing the exact same outfits (Until I showed my video on the report) I can understand the Interfering with justice, felony invasion etc... And let me get this straight, If I do a crime, or anyone does a crime, It's fair game to go to jail, and no ones asking for "Leniency" - But when BS charges are added on, and no allowance to RP charges, and pure denial to even be told your charges, because they know they added some BS charges on, That isn't on! - Again, I do a crime, do the time... But I just listed 4 charges up there, that shouldn't be there - The officer offered to "Compensate" the day after but that was only the fines, what about the 4 hours + I lost due to him abusing this fact? As said in the report, I'd rather deal with people breaking NRP constantly and Low-key metagaming than deal with officers who stack charges, putting you in a position that you can't rp any of it, and can't even play with your friends, all because he had a bad day? And your response, No offense, Is exactly why people don't trust the IA report process - It is a two way street, and believe me, When I'm in jail I try and RP with the guards (Strip dances when changing etc) just to make it fun - But it's hard to RP with an officer who won't listen to reason, or give you chance to explain why some stuff has been done? A RL Scenario - Your walking down the street, See an old lady get mugged and a kid knocked over, you intervene and beat the shit out of the guy who done it, He clearly needs to learn some respect, Police turn up and arrest you for assault - You broke the law, But the officers in RL would give you a lesser sentence due to the circumstances, Or let you off - Here, You get charges stacked without being told...
  11. Sure, against my better judgement - Apparantly this report is purely IC Issues Failed to tell me my charges until AFTER I had served 8 hours, Stacked charges, Even put it down to "Poor" Police work, Regardless of the outcome people can see for themselves. And as most of the others have said here, No one has faith in the IA Reports - That sheriff should be let go of PD, and anyone else who "Stacks" charges or fails to give another a chance to RP Charges
  12. How about consistently tailing someone and pulling them over every 20 seconds to give them a ticket for going 5km/h over the limit? The lack of RP'ing charges given The lack of telling people their charges The consistency of stacking charges for the sake of it The lack of RP at a traffic stop The current attitude of shoot first, dont ask later... There is a lot wrong, as the main faction representing the server, the quality of RP is literally zero
  13. So be better criminals... Pinging our phone numbers which you didn't get IC... Sure, Switch off the phone I guess... Stacking charges to keep people in jail longer - Corrupt, Not dealt with in an OOC level Truth is, there is hate with the cops atm, They should be setting the standard for the servers RP, and not just chasing/ramming/shooting shit, get someone in cuffs, don't RP their charges, and just slam them in prison. I've had two or three Interactions with officers which were good, the rest has all been one-sided with no chance to RP charges etc, I'm lucky if they even tell me what they are... And they are the ones arresting people
  14. Pit manouver... Acceptable Side ram 1, No Att Side ram 2, No The DM rule states you can only use a vehicle to attack a player once, The pit manouver would have been that attempt - So what was the reason for the second ram, and the third attempt, by yourself on the beach at high speed? I get it, you just made moderator congratulations, You should set a standard for responsibility and RP, Not just do what you want and then put it all down to "IC Issues"... You know yourself this report would have been accepted against joe blogs for NRP, VDM, Metagaming and Powergaming, your just arguing because your in the report, when you know yourself that NRP "Leave" when in a vehicle in a vehicle chase would have been actioned, The Metagaming would have been actioned, The VDM's would have been actioned, and the powergaming, because I was given no chance to RP any of my charges... - But yes, this is just an IC issue isn't it? Your not the only one reported here, but you are consistently back and forth, trying to pass it off as just IC issues, It isn't... If you all had just admitted and apologized at the start I would have dropped the report, Instead of boycotting and trying to pass it off as IC issues, because you are staff. The stacking charges, should be dealt with OOC, It causes more long term harm than half of the rules of the server, That is fact, and seeming as this report is being dealt with by a senior admin, I am within my right to broach that topic here, considering some of this, Is relevant to the charges being stacked... Would you like to spend 8 hours in-game, somewhere where there is nothing to do, for something that you didn't do and/or shouldn't be added on? I'd rather see people driving with boxes, after forgetting to rp where they placed, than be on a server that thinks its totally fine to warn/ban someone for that, but do nothing on an OOC level of cops stacking charges, just because they take a dis-like to them or are having a bad day and want to vent that onto others, It does nothing for the server, What I am asking would only make the server a better place, not worse, I am not being malicous or having a vendetta about it, but it makes no sense to me or half of the people on the server, why cops can get away with MG'ing, PG'ing and stacking charges on an OOC level, when they ruin the interactions for so many people.
  15. Thanks, You saw me leaving the scene, but not involved in the robbery... The farmer also left the scene for what it's worth. And the multiple times I was rammed, Isn't an IC issue - Neither is the shouting from vehicles in a vehicle chase, nor is the chance to RP any of my charges (Stacked or not)...
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