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  1. Looks great. Excited to see this
  2. I did not wait too long however it was obvious he combat logged.
  3. Yo Toby I remember you mate. Good old days
  4. Yeah bro I created that gang in SAMP. Thinking of bringing it into this server looks like it needs a good RP yakuza gang. If I can get my old members to play here that is haha
  5. Hey man I definitely remember your name. Thanks :D. Hope to catch some RP with you IG
  6. Yo Lewis ma man. Great to see you too bro
  7. Hi sammy yes its me hahahaha. Long time bro
  8. Hey man hahaha yeah dude those RP days were gold. Shooting people at that time was a skill that needed to be learned and perfected because of the lag shot delay due to different pings of players. Ahhhhhhh miss them days
  9. Hi guys. Any SAMP players here? Preferably from SARP/NGRP? I'm Crump. I've been playing SAMP since 2008 and had my own gang Hanako-Kai Yakuza in NGRP. Also been in FBI for a long time getting to NSB Director rank and Hitman Agency numerous times being Director once. I played on this server before for a few days but then went inactive for a while. Now I am back with time on my hand thought of finding old friends. Would be cool to see peeps from that time :) . cheers
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