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  1. Welcome to the fam bro! ~ Stephan Hill
  2. Ronaldo Vetro?

    1. Vetro


      dont know who that is my man, my name is super old and random

  3. Add me on discord lets see what you're missing in the rules. iRock#1468
  4. well only fbi members loved harm
  5. Tried reinstalling RageMP? if so, try removing "Rockstar Games" in Documents. and re-run the game. if issue still exists; try 1. right click on GTA V on steam client 2. Properties 3. Verify Integrity of Game Files wait and try, and this finally worked for me.
  6. Stephan Hill, its so sad they don't know the legends from SAMP.
  7. Kindly check your inbox

    Thank you!

  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 16/2/2019 - 8:26 PM GMT +2 Character name: Stephan Hill Issue/bug you are reporting: Dealerships menu do not appear for me upon pressing 'K' as it always used to be, tried relogging several times and they still do not appear. I tried them yesterday and they were working, issue is related to all dealerships. I suppose if there was a new dealership added today it might have caused the issue; one more thing to mention that every time I try to login today (within the past hour) I get the message that there was a server restart while I am just relogging, and I think this is a dialogue that could also conflict with the dealerships dialogues appearance if it appears upon every login it could be the issue as I have seen another report regarding other dialogue appearance. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. Checking why do I get that the server was just restarting and could get a TP "dialogue" every time I am logging in TODAY. 2. Checking if there was a dealership added today, if not - the issue happened today and there must something have changed within the script statically or dynamically within the past 24 hours as I bought a car from the dealership yesterday and there were no issues.
  9. Dealership menus don't appear as well; I've noticed this issue only today. I tried it yesterday and was well-working.
  10. Hello everybody, I am Stephan Hill - former administrator on NGG the way back in 2013, previous Gang Leader (2nd slot holder) in Los Santos Auto Gallery and San Andreas Marshall Service Warden, Charterted Old School bla bla. Played HRP afterwards, been LSFMD Chief and then Idlewood Mafia Slot Holder, Old School. quited SA-MP for a quite while and used to go on forums from time to time, and I've just joined the server 3-4 days ago; if anybody of the people I knew is here please message me and lets hangout; otherwise nice to meet all of you and hopefully we could enjoy the gameplay in here. and yes I'm Egyptian for those who would wonder. thanQ, pz.
  11. Hey Morretti!

    it's Stephan Hill, long time bro. add me on Discord iRock#1468

    Finally found someone from SA-MP 

    1. clickclack


      Hey Dario it's Joe Darley long time no see! 

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