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  1. Vetro

    New Goverment Faction [DMV]

    +1 this would be my new job if it existed.
  2. Vetro


    Imponte Dukes Beautiful classic muscle car with a turbocharged 6.8 ltr V8 engine. Great shape, runs every time, new tires (Due to all the burnouts i've done) and sounds just amazing. Modifications done to this car: Turbo 1/2 Custom Front Bumper Custom Hood with Blower Xenon lights Custom side exhaust Blacked out window tint Price: TAKING OFFERS Contact me on my phone #3831091 or my email: ((discord: Skrrt#7553)) for more information or if you want to buy it
  3. Vetro

    New small Graphics Shop!

    Still doing graphics 🙂 dm me at any time
  4. Vetro

    Drag Race Location Idea!

    Would be a cool idea, if there was some sort of system with pink slips and or money bets included. This could even make for a good job for a police to be on guard there or something
  5. Vetro


    what would you take for them?
  6. Would like to offer 175k - William Newman
  7. Vetro

    Interiors 3 car houses

  8. Vetro


    Hey, i'm looking for a house that has a 3 garage space. I have no requirements except a nice driverway or garage entrance. Can be anywhere. Budget around 250k. Contact me on: (( discord: skrrt#7553))
  9. Vetro

    New small Graphics Shop!

  10. Vetro

    Make possibility to remove "Custom tires"

    +1 I agree, it hurts my eyes as a car enthusiast
  11. Vetro

    Vehicle Security Improvement

    Idk about this but real time tracking should definately be a thing you should be able to add.
  12. Vetro

    Make this place a gas station

    +1 every gas station on the map should be working, else they would just be in the way
  13. Vetro

    [SELLING] Pegassi Torero

    Hello, i am selling a car for my friend Andi Zeqiri The car is a beautiful Pegassi Torero and it is currently the cheapest one both available on highend and compared to the different dealerships around the town The price is 185k and the car is currently located at the highend dealership available for purchase The car is tastefully and classically modified with a Lime green color and a spoiler but besides that its completely stock. The car has butterfly doors and a two tone black/green stiched interior. The car has low mileage and has been driven very carefully. The car starts up everytime and everything works. OWNER CAN BE CONTACTED ON HIS EMAIL: ((Discord: Tokkyyoo#5443)) Pictures of the car:
  14. Vetro

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    I think the uber is a good idea even as a taxi driver it would be cool but kinda ruin it for taxi drivers. I think you should be able to rent different vehicles aswell, like a 4 person car or something instead of having 4 persons driving around on each their scooter. Its more realistic. But maybe limit the speed of it and fee you if you don't return it in some sort of time limit
  15. Vetro

    looking to start a new government faction

    I think its a cool idea, maybe you could use the Gruppe Sechs vans as your cars, or some blacked out vans/suvs. I don't think the admins want modded cars on the server. Anyways no matter what you should put more effort into your post.