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  1. Look i own two houses and even though i have massively profited from this i think the market as it currently is is dumb, there should be apartments made for new players. Supply and demand has always worked fine on this server with reselling houses for profit but at this point its too high to where its impossible to find anything to live in unless you grind your ass off. There is a reason for why eclipse has made "suggested" prices for each house. a 2g shouldn't cost 400k. The best thing would be to add apartments which would mean lots of new citizens would be able to get a cheap place to live in and RP without ruining it for those who are rich or who have invested in expensive houses.
  2. Vetro

    [old] MAXED 9F

    Obey 9F - 330k Note: This is being sold for my friend Stan Marshall, if you wish to purchase the car please contact him at ((Darren#9809 on discord)) - Maxed out engine, turbo(1/2), transmission, brakes aswell as suspension. - Visual mods include; Custom red alloy rims, carbon hood, xenon lights, carbon spoiler with more. - V8 rear mounted engine, six speed manual gearbox and leather interior with sports seats (can be seen in the pictures below)
  3. Alright well i didn't know cops used their personal vehicles to chase criminals down, i think thats kinda bs lmao
  4. -1 from here as a civilian who dislikes both cops and criminals ic Cops should have some sort of advantage over criminals, and realistically no faction should be able to overpower cops. I think there's enough bs from the criminal factions alredy with their drag bikes and contenders, that cops don't have. Cops don't have a hyperspeed bike or some crazy offroad car with the speed of a sportscar.
  5. Vetro


    Doubt this will ever change sadly, people apparently prefer to be some outrageous hypebeast gangster driving a supercar with a huge spoiler and neon instead of actually roleplaying lul
  6. Vetro


    I don't think anyone really agrees with this i just think people would like to see more realistic and more effort being put into how the big gangs roleplay. They should be a good example of how to roleplay playing as a criminal for all the new people. When Zetas, Irish etc. go around and rob players without any proper RP for no real reason in the city at 12am that shows the new players that its okay just to do that. That its okay just to pull up to somebody and say hands up then proceed to /me attempts to pat down /do success? After all this is a roleplay server so i don't understand why people play it as if it was GTA online. This is not something the individual gang leaders can really manage as they have a life and can't track everyone during their RP but they should enforce the level of RP as they are an official faction. This will also help those who are members of factions complaining about new players that can't roleplay. There is nothing wrong with robbing someone but rob people at drug labs or in the forest or something, not in the middle of the day in the city.
  7. Nobody here is selling any houses, literally only people buying houses. Thats the problem. The market is completely ruined currently and the prices have gone up crazy amounts because of the high demand and low supply. It doesn't work out. My character drives a 400k sportscar but can't get a basic house.
  8. Looks great, and i respect you for actually choosing realistic looking vehicles and not outrageous supercars with neons. Keep it up!
  9. Yeah its pretty impossible to find a house unless you have millies in the bank these days, back in 2017-2018 when i started playing it was quite easy to acquire a house but still took a lot of hard work. The prices around two months or so were quite high but reasonable and stable but with all the new players it is impossible to buy a house. It's quite demotivating to have a character with a lot of money that is homeless because there isn't any houses for sale on the server. It also seems stupid to make and work to acquire money when you can't spend it on anything except cars. I've alredy suggested that adding more houses is a good idea, and have gotten lots of lots of +1's so i hope it will get passed soon. I know the admins will auction off a few houses this saturday but im sure someone will bid super high on them and they won't change the market at all and just go to the rich people on the server again. The few people that are actually selling their house are selling them for extremely unfair markups just because of the high supply and micro demand. Doesn't really work out in a fun or fair way. Hopefully there will be some sort of fix to this soon.
  10. For real, i'm trying to start up some sort of racing faction and its not the same when the newest vehicles and liveries haven't been added onto the server.
  11. Its good to see that admins are auctoning off a Hermes and an Arena Issi but everyone still wants the GTA Online cars that hasn't been added yet. Especially the Jester Classic, Savestra, Pariah and Schlagen GT. Most other RAGE servers have them and its sad we don't have them in here because this is the best server. I wan't to create an RP faction for cars and these new cars would make everything better and make it so we would have more diverse cars. Especially tuner cars we need more of. Also we need to have added the new tuning parts and liveries for the penumbra,futo, ruiner and prairie that were recently added in GTA online. Would make for some great midnight tuner races.
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