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  1. Dot or no dot, I played enough GTA Online to pretty much know where to shoot. I'm pretty much neutral on this whole thing.
  2. The only solution is to add in more properties, not a company that will have complete monopoly over it all. This is a simple supply and demand problem. Houses may be limited in the game, however there are lots of apartment buildings that can hold 5, 10, 20 and more apartments in them. Simple way to do it is to add a marker at the entrance and it'll bring up a list of apartments, with an option to enter/buy them if you can. That alone could solve the housing problem for literally all players on the server.
  3. I think the riot vans should stay, as PD's would have access to such vehicles. For the brickage, I think the RCV (riot control vehicle) would be a better replacement. Not sure what the stats are for the vehicle, but I'm sure it can be beefed up if there's a need to. It does not only look better (due to sirens, lights and the ramming ramp in front), but it feels more fitting for a PD to have. It also comes with a seating capacity of 6, 4 of them being inside the cabin and 2 hanging on the side.
  4. Mind describing how this would be RP'd and how it would work with the server?
  5. This still for sale? I'll offer 300k - #529 53 94 or Marca#1337 on Lifeinvader.
  6. You only get a ticket if you go 80+. Apart from being careful, I'm not sure if there's anything else you can do.
  7. I don't think simply spawning in more money would help the situation. If you spawn in more money, money will lose its value and prices will increase again.
  8. I think people with VIP get enough financial benefit like lower taxes, fines, free cityB and so on. Giving VIP higher salaries, cheaper guns and armour would make the game P2W. While I do feel more perks would be nice, I think they should be more subtle. Like faster refuelling, electric vehicles very slowly recharging when parked, ability to use cityB even if taxi drivers are on... Even though I have VIP now and will so in the future, I'm against any perks that would push the server over the line and make it become P2W.
  9. I agree with this, prison times are too low and as a result, people just keep committing crimes that no criminal would IRL (like shooting cops because they got a reckless driving charge). People that have VIP even get 25% less jail time, which is pretty useful. But spending 8 hours ingame can be a bit tiring. I think 25% of a players jail time could be served while they're offline, but at a 4x slower time. So if someone is jailed for 2 hours, they can go offline and return in 4 hours and serve the remaining 1hour and 30minutes. With VIP, their sentence is basically reduced to 50% without them needing to play the game. I feel like it's a healthy tradeoff and can give people some breathing room in case they manage to get 8 hours.
  10. Victor above is correct about the reckless driving charge. You only get it if you're going above 150km/h past a speed camera. Another thing about speed cameras is that they only issue 2nd and 3rd degree speeding tickets, while ignoring the first. So you'll only get a speeding ticket if you go 10 above the speed limit. About unpaid tickets warrants, as said before, those are not automatic. An officer will issue them by hand if your tickets are 3+ days old. When you get a ticket, you also get a text message saying you have to pay it within 3 days or you may get arrested. Only the driver of the vehicle will get a ticket, no matter who's vehicle they're driving. Speed cameras are a OOC solution that will punish you IC for breaking the server rules. Speeding in a NCZ is breaking the server rules.
  11. I just don't feel like people would RP this well enough. Having everyone just run around, looking into the PD database and kidnapping people to take them to PD, doesn't seem really fun. There are procedures to follow and there's a reason why it's illegal IC, because it would be too dangerous. You don't see civilians IRL track criminals down, rushing to them, point a gun at them, tying them up and dropping them off at PD like a postal letter. If you do want to help the LSPD IC, there are other ways to do it. About bounties being added when someone commits a crime, who would do it? If it's the server, it would be metagaming and if anyone can just say "ye he did it" without IC proof, then it would be a nightmare. There's a reason LSPD doesn't just believe everything people tell them, because people can lie. Lets not forget that server rules prevent you from being a full on vigilante. In conclusion, if you want to be a vigilante, you can do so IC, but it would be illegal. As far as server rules go, if the person you tracked down agrees, then it should be fine.
  12. All of these look like IC problems. If a official gang is scamming people, they'll build up a bad reputation and a different gang will take advantage of the situation. Simply buying guns from stores while you're a convicted felon didn't make much sense RP wise. This is not GTA online where there are no real consequences if you do something bad. There are also other weapons you can use and other RP ways to get a hold of guns. The biggest problem I see is that people aren't willing to put effort into their RP to gain certain advantages. A lot of people got used to getting guns with little to no RP, by simply walking into a store and buying one, no matter what they did before or after. Considering this is a RP server and that 90% of people had a gun on them, it was pretty out of control. Hopefully now crime will also reduce.
  13. Usually when a unit is going to the impound lot, it may receive a higher priority call, like a robbery. We all know that crimes in the game happens 24 hours a day, day or night not having any difference. People will also often engage in a shootout or start running away from cops, even if they would get a small ticket. If that happens, it's again a higher priority. A lot of times, officers are not free for long to do other tasks. There are also a lot of other reasons why we can't have an officer at the impound lot at all times. Unfortunately, that's how the server is right now. For the system to be automatic or allowing mechanics to release vehicles, it wouldn't work out. A lot of people have outstanding tickets, tickets that they have to pay before getting their vehicle back. Mechanics don't have access to the police database and having the system automated kinda removes some sort of a RP element. It's understandable that the system isn't working 100% efficiently, however as more officers are recruited, I believe it'll fix itself. So with time, I'm confident there will be enough officers, at all times of the day, to take care of the impound lot.
  14. A lot of people would agree that there are far too many robberies happening in the game, which is unfortunately true. They provide very little, non-quality RP and are mostly one sided. It's okay to get robbed once in a while, however it happens way too often with little to no consequences for the robber and it can be frustrating for the victim, even on a OOC level. Because of the low quality RP that robberies give, the unrealistic number of them and because it's actually setting a bad image for the server, I would suggest that the following, pretty simple rule should be added. You're not allowed to hold up/rob a player during the day (7-21) in a public, populated place (parks, paved roads, highways, close to roads so your actions would obviously be visible,...). You're still allowed to rob players that are near the drug lab, in the mountains/forest, or any other place where people wouldn't normally go or be able to see you. This rule doesn't apply to vehicle picklocking or store robberies. My reasoning for this is that we already RP that we live in a city that's "alive", for example NCZ's. It's fairly unrealistic that 4 cars go up to 1 person, 10 people step out and rob the guy for a radio or nothing else, especially during the day, when the city would be "alive". The game is based in the US, a place where daytime crime is (depends where you live) at a minimum in public places, however it increases during the night. People that simply want to rob others can still do so, in the mentioned areas above and anywhere else (like now) during the night. This would mean that nights would actually be more dangerous to go out and roam about. I personally feel this would improve the quality of RP. People that want to RP something fun like an event won't have to rely on getting personal security with big guns or asking PD. There could potentially be more "civilian" RP during the day. Not everyone would agree, but I think some change has to be done to solve this issue.
  15. Marca


    There's no real reason for gangs to have wars between each other. Now if you add in turfs that provide a controlling gang with benefits, then they have a reason to fight. Constantly fighting between each other could be just a warzone, so I think staff should be somehow involved into this, to make sure the RP standards are there and that turf wars are sort of a "special event" for the gangs.
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