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  1. Marca

    Weather Cycles

    I do agree with this, I could live without rain... It's not always synced and it's really loud. Sometimes when VOIP works fine, it can be difficult to hear people since we can't adjust voice volume. It's also next to impossible to hear someone, when their volume is really low for whatever reason. So for now, I'd like to see rain removed until VOIP is more functional.
  2. Marca

    New Goverment Faction [DMV]

    I think this is something any gov employee can do in city hall, so no need for this to be its own faction. However I'm conflicted with this. The current tutorial is very well done and it's simple to do. Getting a drivers license is usually a new player thing and is something I feel like should be available 24/7, since it's a necessity. Lets not forget that player count drops very low for quite a few hours, especially during work days, so finding someone to do this with could be a big problem for some players. It can already be pretty difficult to get your car out of PD impound during that time, now imagine if mors insurance would also be player ran. I think this should wait a bit, until city hall is more developed and also once/if average player count rises during morning hours.
  3. Marca

    Snowy day's

    I think the snow map should only be used during winter holidays, xmas and new years, so about 2 weeks.
  4. Currently analyzing someone's wounds is pretty unreliable, either they don't have any (while downed) or have 20 bullets in them when they've been shot (which should kill them). Because of this, players have to make up what injury they have when they're being treated by a medic. Most of us know that people can be very unoriginal with injuries, 90% of them being broken legs. So my suggestion is that the server would generate 1-3 injuries once someone is downed, based on the last 15 seconds. If someone was shot and downed, the server would generate GSW's. If someone was driving and got downed, but not shot, then cuts, bruises and broken bones would be a relevant injury. The list goes on and I think everyone has the general idea when and which injuries would be generated. There's also a list of possible injuries in the MD handbook, so devs can look into that to get more ideas. I think this should improve RP for medics and patients drastically. At least broken legs wouldn't be as common as they are now.
  5. Marca

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Electric vehicles very slowly recharge while parked inside a garage.
  6. Marca

    IC reasons when houses are sold

    You two either didn't see the update log or completely ignored the first few sentences. There's already a system in place that will make you lose your houses if you're not active, but the activity time isn't known. Inactive houses clean up now checks hours played instead of last seen Currently you don't know how many hours you need or how often the checkups are done. Inactive players will still lose their stuff, just that they won't know when. Players that take short breaks or reduce their activity down a bit may also find the current system unfair, since it's literally playing the lottery of "did I play enough?". How much bills would be isn't really up to me to decide. Devs have access to financial data to determine that and make it fair. My suggestion is simply to eliminate OOC reasons and move them IC, in a way they would make sense.
  7. Recently an update was made, so all players have to have some sort of a minimum play time in order to keep their houses. Those requirements are nowhere to be found, which is really not player friendly. I also dislike that the houses are sold for OOC reasons and not IC reasons. This is why I am making this suggestion, so properties will be sold for IC reasons. TL;DR: Houses now have bills, bills arrive every 7 days, houses are sold after 15 days if bills are not paid, people can request a 31 day extension from city hall every 6 months. Detailed version: House info panel would display how much time players have, before their property will be sold. Every 7 days, players would get mail (bills) delivered to their homes. Players would have to go around and collect these bills and pay them at the bank. Bills would not be an item in your inventory. Once the bills are paid, the house sell timer resets to 15. All bills have to be paid for the timer to reset, so paying only the first weeks bills and not the second, would not reset the timer. Once the timer runs out, the player is paid the estimated value and the house is placed on sale for a higher amount. Some quick info: When the bills arrive, players would receive an SMS on their phone from the LSDWP (LS dep. of water & power). Bill amount will depend on how many garages a house has. Each garage would increase the bills by X amount. Playtime will affect the bills. The longer you sit at home (offline), the more expensive your bills will be. The more you play, the less expensive your bills will be. They can either be super expensive or cheap, depending on your playtime. Selling a house with unpaid bills would not be possible. Timer would not reset and the bills amount would not reset for the upcoming bills (will reset and adjust to the new owner after). As said before, players can extend their house timers to 31 days, every 6 months. This is mainly for people who may be busy with work, school or life in general. Bills would still come in, so you may want to stack up some money before you leave for a longer time. This could be a feature in city hall. Is 2 weeks enough? From years of personal experience and observation, 2 weeks to visit your properties is more than enough, for almost every player. Option above should also aid people who really can't. How would this benefit the server exactly? Players would be motivated (somewhat) to show at least some activity on the server. They would eventually have to keep playing and earning money if they wish to keep their properties.
  8. Marca

    Loan company improvements / fixes

    Makes sense, yes. +1
  9. Marca

    Parking vehicles

    I mean you can already do that, but you just have to find a rabbit hole somewhere so it won't get stolen.
  10. Marca

    An Atmospheric Addition- Traffic

    Sounds nice to have an alive city with AI, but lets be honest, the AI in GTA was always very dumb. Usually they will just ram at a blockade on the road, honk endlessly and sit there, even if there's a free lane right next to them. Aiming a gun at them makes them go crazy and just cause more havoc, especially if someone shoots a gun nearby. Traffic would be chaos in highly populated areas because they would never despawn since players are nearby. Lets not forget that AI would also be very more intensive on peoples computers and probably kill the server. Rage also doesn't support this and even if it did, I'd be against it. I'd much rather RP with 200 players in a server with no AI, than RP with a small number of players with AI. AI ultimately plays a very insignificant role in the whole RP experience anyway, only being there for the eye-candy and people easily stealing vehicles. -1
  11. Marca

    Forum Suggestion

    Bigger is not always better. +1
  12. This does make a lot of sense, since it's no different from a PM, but IC. Pretty unrealistic. +1
  13. Marca

    Remove 15 min Coma

    I think 10 minutes would be best. It's not really too long and it's not too short. I am against removing it completely because way too many people don't care enough for their characters life.
  14. Would be nice if each player would have their own bank account ID. When going into the app, it would display our ID, balance and two options as "transfers" or "wire money". Transfers would just display recent transactions on your account and wire money option would ask for the receivers bank ID, amount and an optional text box below. I honestly would find this beneficial, if for example you have some payments to take care of, but it's difficult for both players to be online at the same time. Could be an optional feature that you can buy at a bank/atm, obviously with a small (monthly) fee to it.
  15. Interesting, would like to see this. 2 hours of jail seems borderline reasonable. 3 hours is pushing it a bit and more than that would most probably drive people insane. I guess the only reasonable way to increase jail times would be that the timer goes down while offline, to a certain number. So if someone gets slammed into jail for 8 hours, they can be offline for 6, but have to serve the remaining 2 while online.