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  1. Marca

    Hitman RP

    So basically adding an exception to the current rule, while adding more in? I'm not exactly a fan of that, however I do think players could just ask each other if they approve hit RP and let it play out that way.
  2. If someone manages to evade your gank and run off somewhere safe, then it means you should work on your strategy. If you want to rob someone, bait them to a more secluded area. Having exceptions like "they're a known criminal" or "we have beef" doesn't make much sense because it doesn't change the fact you're risking a lot. I think there are still too many people that don't want to plan things out well and want to do things there and then.
  3. There's already too much automation as is, so no thanks.
  4. The cactus speaks the truth. Also strong accusations against a faction with no proof. I mean if you were witness to such actions like MG, why not make a player report about it instead and get it resolved like everyone else?
  5. I saw this feature in other games. It's fun when you're the one blindfolding people, being blindfolded is fine too, but not so much after some time. You're essentially looking at a black screen with text, which is pretty shit gameplay wise. So knowing how bad it really is to have something like this and how happily people use this on others, I'll say no. RP'ly covering peoples eyes is good enough imo and it doesn't make people fall asleep.
  6. Marca

    COD Warzone Clips

    idk about you but i prefer to troll random people https://streamable.com/vpu97e
  7. I'd say that if anything, the current furniture store should be removed and let players buy and operate their own businesses, one of which could be furniture specialized. More RP and jobs ranging from gov employees to truck drivers.
  8. Wonder why this rule shouldn't apply to everyone, can you explain, OP? Still, law enforcement factions already have rules regarding this. I wouldn't say that carrying 2 heavy weapons is unrealistic. A loaded remington and M4 would weigh about 7kg together. With extra slugs/mags, it would be about 9-10kg. I personally don't find 10kg heavy to carry, especially if the majority of the weight is on my back/vest and about 3kg in my hands.
  9. NBDY said he will add this in the future, with the food cooking update.
  10. Just add in bills so if players don't pay them for a extended period of time, the house will go on sale. Let the server maintain itself.
  11. That makes complete sense and it's how it is. Gangs protect their colors in their territory, not city or state wide. While cars are usually painted to their color, all their clothes usually aren't. Usually a shirt of their color is enough, sometimes they have a bandana wrapped around their wrist or something more subtle. I'd still argue this is a IC issue, but I'd argue that it's poor RP gangs would give a crap about colors outside their territory, as if the entire state of SA is their own.
  12. I'm fine with the limit. R* has a weird and retarded way to gain speed on specific vehicles due to their "vehicle flags". They also likely test these with AI enabled and even if they don't, it doesn't matter much in GTA online, since it's always a clusterfuck anyway. Considering there are lots of ways to abuse vehicle flags and do other things to get an advantage over others, the limit makes sense. People reached speeds of 300+, accelerated like a fighter jet and it depended a lot on what kind of a PC you had. I do see some heavy talk about realism. Sure vehicles like that are fast as hell, but they're also very expensive to maintain. It also doesn't matter how powerful a car is, it'll move at the same speed as the traffic does or at least slow you down a lot. Driving it offroad is a good idea if your plan is to destroy it. And finally, if you crash at that speed, you'll die and the car will be crushed into a small cube. I do agree that the crown vic performance should be swapped with the interceptor. Maybe even add in high performance vehicles using mods, so they're not just the plain civilian models.
  13. Longer jail times won't solve this issue, it's something that should be enforced by server rules. To put it simply, a lot of people choose to go for a life of crime because of a lot of reasons. Since so many people choose to do crime, you're bound to be hit numerous times, everyone is. I'd argue this is a IC issue. There shouldn't be classes that limit you to certain RP. This also isn't TDM, so balance doesn't really count for that much.
  14. Afaik this is already possible by getting permission from the admins. From what I know, there are no rewards from these, just RP. I sort of agree with that. However if RP is good and they actually get away with it, I wouldn't mind giving away 100k as part of their bounty. I am sure other players participating would be willing to "invest in bitcoins" to reward the players. It also wouldn't spawn in more money, which is something that is really not needed at this time.
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