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  1. Simplest way to introduce more RP with drugs is to take away the automated drop off locations for everyone and let only official gangs have access to it. This way drug deals would be way more common and it would open up a lot of RP opportunities. As far as using the drugs, I'm against them giving you super powers or imaginary body armor. Apart from RP, there isn't much reason to take drugs IRL either from my point of view.
  2. I agree with all, except with the foundry part for disposing bodies. There is a cemetery in Vinewood, which I think would be a more suitable location.
  3. I feel like the server is already too automated as is. Adding in more automation just cuts out on potential RP, which doesn't make sense on a RP server. If anything, we should look for ways to reduce automation and promote more interaction between players.
  4. All things considered, fishing is decent as far as payment goes. Apart from the risk of getting robbed, you don't really have to do anything else. You can relax, maybe do some netflix and fish and profit.
  5. Instead of all criminal factions being equal to each other, each should have its own unique ability. To keep it short, one faction is in charge of importing heavy and normal weapons, other buys drugs off of players and sell them at dropoffs, another imports gun mods,… This should greatly increase and promote more RP between players and make criminal factions unique in their own ways. It also paves a road so future criminal factions can import different things, like drug lab kits or vehicle modifications/rare illegal vehicles. No longer would the server be mostly automated, but would require a lot more player interaction.
  6. Marca


    Thing with /analyzewounds is that it's not accurate, so it's not reliable. I also saw people try to deathRP even when they were completely fine, not downed or low on health or anything. Cops may allow you to deathRP if your RP is good, but it's still their call. DeathRP is a privilege, not a right.
  7. PD has to be first notified about the drug lab locations, through IC means. There already is a OOC rule that prevents them from going to drug labs for no reason or without any lead, in other words they "forget" about the location once they leave.
  8. I think it's fine if a few more weapons are added like assault rifles or shotguns, but not snipers or explosives. Snipers would just make it super easy to pick people off from a distance and it's pretty unrealistic to see 3/4 gang members with a sniper. Same goes for explosives. People are already loose cannons with heavy weapons, but explosives and bombs would just be chaotic.
  9. You can always use your phone with /record. I think that's good enough to record IC.
  10. Marca

    New rule

    I'd say that if you're in a life or death situation, personal items should be the least of your worries. If you get downed, you're RP'ly (and scriptly) too weak to resist or to defend yourself. As much as it may be poor RP to not do any /me, best you can do is rate their RP. The server will also display a couple of /ame's to compensate.
  11. I'd prefer to see all ATM's be functional and then remove them from the map.
  12. Sounds like an IC thing. If you want a certain group that does certain things, it's up to you and others to make it happen. There's absolutely no need that a gang has to be official or not in order to function in the game. There are some great groups that don't have official status and they're doing fine. Remember that gangs and other groups get official status when they keep playing, trying and have good RP. Show that you can do that and you may get that official faction status. It's something you should earn, not get from the start.
  13. No thanks. As said above, it's not realistic and people would just keep doing it for the lols, with little to no IC reason. Heck I'd even argue that robbing a cop is failRP.
  14. Can confirm. PDHQ range seems to be limited to the locker room only.
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