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  1. Make it so it's grey and pretty transparent, also only appears if you're close enough to the player and looking at them.
  2. I do think /stabilize should come first, then RP. The time the animation takes for /stabilize is usually enough to RP treatment. It makes no sense that /cpr is instant, so either /cpr also gets a timer/animation or /stabilize becomes instant after RP.
  3. I don't like modded vehicles in GTA too much, very often they feel so out of place. The police SUV is made by Vapid and it still blends in with other vehicles. Its purpose is so it can go offroad since there are no vanilla SUV police cruisers. Same goes for high speed, before it was just a civilian vehicle with no lights or sirens.
  4. I would go as far and say that if anyone has 50k on their account and/or is in the medium bracket, they shouldn't receive welfare. But welrafe is only part of a bigger problem. The bigger issue is that there are simply not enough money drains. Properties for example should have weekly upkeep costs depending on their garage size. If a player misses 4 payments, the property would be siezed by the government for 2 more weeks (making it unusable). If all bills aren't paid till then, it goes for sale for its original estimated value. This would also solve the housing issue if players are inactive for too long. GTAO has a similar feature to prevent players from owning the most expensive stuff without doing much work to maintain it. Costs there can reach 250k every game day (about 45 minutes).
  5. Only if C4 is an inventory item and can only be used on the bank door or an atm to blow them up. As an item in the weapon wheel, C4 in gta has tons of issues and special "features" that would not fit into RP at all.
  6. If you have to have a very racist character to provide good RP, you're not providing good RP. There's a fine line between light racism/jokes and the kind of racism that will even get people banned off of twitch.
  7. I don't mind so many chop shops, I mind the very unrealistic car thefts that go on. You can't really go anywhere and leave your car there for longer than 2 mintues and it'll be gone. I'd rather see some security upgrades for mechanics to install lvl 0 = bobby pin lvl 1 = bobby pin and pliers lvl 2 = bobby pin, pliers and computer lvl 3 = bobby pin, pliers, computer and special decoder that official crim factions could get
  8. I guess it'd make more sense that you can't use your radio/phone (maybe even not seeing anything) for 30-60 seconds when you get downed, as part of a "knocked out" stage.
  9. Getting an admin punishment for speeding through a NCZ would be dumb. Cameras will punish you in a more financial way and they have proven themselves to be effective. Scrapyard vehicles will not trigger the cameras regardless of your speed.
  10. First person sucks pretty hard in GTA, the game just wasn't designed to be a FPS. Try it out yourself and compare it to a game like warzone or battlefield. I'd say it's unplayable. There was a vote some time ago if the game should be first person and a huge majority voted no.
  11. I guess I should point out that I am currently not active on the server, so my view simply comes from common sense and how I usually play games. My way of playing was always to be careful and I never really did rush into anything. I could count my deaths with my fingers and would still have some left over, from what I remember at least. My last death was when I misjudged a situation and was told incorrect information regarding it, which was quite some time ago and it's been a while since my death before that one. So no, my way of playing was to spare my characters life rather than yoloing into situations if I had any doubt about my survival. Never said 6 hours was fun in prison, however that is a different issue and topic on how to make the prison more enjoyable. About officers throwing every single book at you, if they didn't add any false charges on you, they cannot be blamed because they refused to go easy on you. But I'd argue that's an IC issue, along with it being someone else's fault, like your friends. A similar example can be given about criminals, when they choose to steal everything from their victim, including the phone battery. They don't really have to take literally everything, but they have the option to. This also would be an IC issue.
  12. Do you want me to sit in jail for 6 hours because that's how it usually is or because of your poor decisions that got you those 6 hours of prison? I guess here's the difference in how people play, because I'd personally consider if my action would be worth it even if I failed. You'd be surprised how often people push their luck and just make things worse for themselves, then blame it on everyone and everything else but themselves. I doubt you got those 6 hours because of someone else's fault or because the officer felt like it, honestly, you got it because you made those decisions. It's like saying that it's the casinos fault for making you spend all your money on the slot machines, while it was entirely your decision to do it. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.
  13. I find it a bit weird when people try to argue how real life gangs work. Real life gangs show their colors, yes they even paint their cars to match the color. However they interact way differently with law enforcement than gangs do on ECRP. Gangs IRL avoid cops as much as possible. They put a lot of effort in tracking police, marked or unmarked, when they enter their territory and alert their sellers to move if cops are getting close. They don't alert just their sellers, but everyone that's currently out and about doing anything illegal. Sometimes they'll get busted and what will their fellow gang members do? Nothing because they know better and go away. A mule or a normal rank member is not worth protecting from cops, because if they would shoot at the cops, they would get a massive police response. The consequences would be random stop and frisks, more police patrols, home raids and other things that would disrupt their operations. Even if the cops would arrest a lieutenant in the gang, it would likely go smoothly for the police. Again, they know the consequences would not be worth it. If something does happen, gang members will lay low as much as possible to avoid cops. They'll drop the colors in public and operate in the shadows only. Once a gang is suppressed by law enforcement, rival gangs tend to move into their territory and that's when trouble starts. Shootouts don't last as long and if cops are on their way, they'll run because risking jail would not be worth it. Often you see people in ECRP hold their ground while they can easily escape, which is foolish. As a final note, people should stop competing with law enforcement or try to make it an even playing field. There has to be some force on the server that will react severely enough so people think twice before going against them, else there's just chaos all around. Remember, this is a RP server and I'm surprised how lenient people are when it comes to things like murder charges. You wouldn't do that IRL because you'd get locked up for life in prison if you had 10+ murders on your hands. Maybe one day our characters deaths will count towards something and making the game a bit more hardcore. Currently I don't feel like the game punishes you that much if you die. It's more of a boring inconvenience rather than a punishment.
  14. All reactions should be replaced with pepe emotes Pepega
  15. No. People just drove in and downed a bunch of people with a car, with very little risk. It was just boring since vehicles were better weapons than guns.
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