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  1. If your eyes hurt, adjust your graphic and monitor settings. You can also use sunglasses or get special ones to prevent headaches and eye strain. I like snow.
  2. Paleto bay has a bank. If anything, it's only missing a garage, furniture store and a parking meter at the bank. Though I do wish each side would have something unique about them, so people are encouraged to travel a bit.
  3. Marca


    I'd prefer it to be the way it is now. It gives cadets and other officers something to do and opens up more RP opportunities. I'm not a fan of automation on RP servers.
  4. Sounds like you dug your own grave in all of those situations. I suggest you look at the penal code, before you do stupid things and complain about them later on the forum. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=123845845
  5. I must agree with CrowCargo on this one. I think that script support should overpower whatever RP you do. If the weapon can be seen and I choose to RP seeing it, I shouldn't be forced to stop RP or drop the situation if they have OOC proof, since it's against the rules for anyone but an admin to pause RP. Just because they RP'd hiding it, it sounds like PG. There's also no requirement to have people RP taking it out, which is also unfair since the weapon is instantly available for them in any situation. If anything, the other party should have the option to either choose to accept or deny such RP to be valid. People should also play by the rules and not use a poor excuse of "I RP'd it, so script limitations or restrictions don't apply to me".
  6. I agree with this. People just PG way too often by paying tickets and don't even RP it.
  7. PD has a lot of OOC restrictions and the way law works here in the server, it's very lenient. There are lots of advantages the server gives to criminals, but all of those seem to be taken for granted... Easy way to get weapons for official criminal factions Jail times are always at base, they never stack up for repeat offenders Vehicle licenses are taken away for a few days at best Vehicles are never impounded permanently No matter your criminal history, you can still own legal businesses Homes are safe havens Those are just a few things that don't make a lot of sense when it comes to RP. If the server would have more serious, permanent consequences when it comes to crime, I would agree with some of the suggestions here. Having your character die should have more consequences to begin with, like being locked inside the hospital for 10 minutes, where you can RP being a patient.
  8. I wish weather was predetermined for about 2 ingame days, so we can have a weather app also telling us what sort of weather to expect at different times.
  9. Marca


    Did anyone here feel offended by any games Rockstar has made so far? Because honestly, they're one of the few companies that have the balls to stereotype people, use racism, hate speech and I don't know what else in their games. What about movies that feature those things also? I find it funny and amusing, yet I never felt offended. Look at Lamar for example when he calls Franklin "nigga" in about every single sentence he makes. Why? Because that's his character. Same in movies and other games, so why would it be any different here? RP is basically acting, yet actors IRL don't feel offended if racist remarks are made towards them. About people saying "but twitch doesn't allow that word", then why are you allowed to stream GTA? I guess Lamar managed to get a lot of people banned from twitch then if that's the case. Also if you're streaming, you can ask people to hold back a bit with certain topics or remove yourself from the RP situation if possible. As said before, if insults are OOC driven, you can report those people already. But I wonder why would someone buy a game like GTA to begin with, if they'll take such things personal.
  10. I don't think we should treat sports bikes like sports cars. They have their disadvantages on a IC and OOC level. I think this problem should be approached differently, maybe something like a vehicle maintenance bar, to encourage people to drive cheaper vehicles that cost less to maintain.
  11. Marca


    Simplest way to go about this problem is to accept it and not let it affect you on a OOC level. By this logic, other types of racism would have to be prohibited from the server, not just the N word. Next we would have to disallow sexism or other type of sensitive subjects. This is RP and a lot of people will get insulted by others in many ways. While I personally do not insult people in any way, it's something that happens IRL and I see no reason why it shouldn't be allowed IC. If you feel the insults are OOC driven, then that's a different issue.
  12. Don't think lawyers would need any script support at all. Admins just have to give the green light to give anyone the ability to be a lawyer and them having to register the business with the government before actually attempting to defend a client. If they don't, they're impersonating, which is against the law and can be arrested. Businesses are also publicly listed, so confirming or denying someone's identity and legitimacy of a business is possible. All of this can be done completely IC, no script support or anything else required.
  13. Good idea, but it would be chaos if put in place. It's not practical and doesn't really benefit anyone in the end. I think the community is too big to have such a system in place, simply because player reports would be more difficult to do. In some cases, it may even be impossible to report someone. Lets be honest, there are some people out there that would try and abuse this to no end.
  14. I wouldn't really say video tutorials are needed when it comes to rules, since rules are pretty clear. There's always the help channel on discord where people can ask and look over player reports to see great examples of what you can and cannot do in plenty of situations. But if someone feels like doing it, then why not.
  15. I think icons are more than enough and the way weazel ads are displayed is pretty OOC. If I want to see ads, I'll go to the forums.
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