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  1. Maxed except suspension and 1/2 turbo.
  2. Selling maxed Contender. Custom plate: FEAR Currently up at HE for 170k Contact me #5334171
  3. ID 26 here. I swam to the island taking short brakes at other small islands in between. I believe that for a criminal, who is doing all kinds of physical activities daily swimming for this long should not be a hard task.
  4. Looking to buy maxed Kamacho. Price is negotiable. Contact me 5334171
  5. Banshee - Fully maxed - Custom plate- 260k.
  6. Selling Banshee and 9F Cabrio Banshee - SOLD 9F Cabrio: Maxed 1/5 suspension 280k (at HE) Contact me 5334171
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