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  1. I was sad that I wasn't able to participate on this but glad that the Family is moving up!
  2. +1, as it could give the Prisoners a lot of prison activities and incentives. -1, for the reduced time as there should be more harsh punishment for the criminals that do crimes.
  3. I want to see a live performance at the Stadium my man or at the Prison.
  4. Hello I was part of the situation and I was the "Friend", as I said before during the admin sit. I met them at the impound where we hit off great and from that moment on I consider them as an"acquaintance not necessarily close friend but close to being friends. As I saw one of them driving towards to the location that I was in, I shouted to them for help and told them to kill the guy as I recognize their clothing and the masks that they were wearing, I believe that @Pacho should be given a second chance for it as I believe that he has a reason to ram and kill the guy when they saw me downed on the streets but as I said before I shall leave the judgement and decision to the reporting parties and to the admins that was handling the report which is @nateX . If you feel like that the punishment should stay, I completely and fully understand that thus I leave it up to you, Sir. EDIT: I completely leave all the decisions and judgement to NateX. I am only here to clear up the situation. I will not be replying on this thread unless asked by the ECRP staff.
  5. Good shit, I was the dude at the Watch Tower.
  6. Good video, wasn't able to react properly as I was doing my project OwO.
  8. Good pics man, good pics.
  9. I am selling a 1G Apartment up on Paleto Bay. Send me offer #4646157
  10. +1 and as what others have said a command where we can break free. It's a necessary tool for RP.
  11. Currently selling a 1G Apartment near Del Perro Pier, High End, and Vespucci. Send offers to this number 4158972 Map:
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