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  1. MrSplashy

    LSES - Job Fair December 16th ((17:00 utc))

    Will the schedule change due to some unforeseeable circumstances?((If by chance RageMP is still down))
  2. MrSplashy

    The Last Riders MC

    Finally a thread. <3. Good job on the thread btw, hopefully we can show more RP.
  3. MrSplashy

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    Finally, looking forward to seeing you guys in both Prison and doing Prisoner Transports with the LSPD!
  4. MrSplashy

    Hello. Ancient SAMP player here

    Welcome my fellow SAMP player. Damn, those were indeed the golden RP days. True, though I came from the same country as them. I wasn't able to get into the gang sadly :'(.
  5. MrSplashy

    Some guy from NGRP

    Fucking miss the NGRP and Horizon days. I do see you around LS cruising around back then but didn't manage to make acquaintance.
  6. MrSplashy

    Change the 6.2.1/6.2.2 Metagaming Rule

    A massive +1 for me as others have stated what I have wanted to say.
  7. MrSplashy

    LS Grand Prix!

    Is there a way to contact one of the organizers or at least a way to notify the joining contestants?
  8. MrSplashy

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    A massive +1 for me as the server needs a bit more gun variety. I have second thought for the legal side but overall it's still good. Was thinking of suggesting adding maybe a less powerful Shotgun?
  9. MrSplashy

    Attributes for the forum || GFX

    Now this is very very epic.
  10. MrSplashy

    LS Grand Prix!

    Anything else we should know about this? I am very excited for this Grand Prix and will be deciding to whether to participate or just watch it on a spectator seat. Good luck to the Staffs of the event and hope it goes successful. Well I am obviously new to the city...
  11. MrSplashy

    My concerns about this PD RP situation

    Very true, that's why you see most of the criminals in real life either run, got involved into a car chase, and/or just surrender entirely. Hopefully in the near future we can see civilian roleplay.
  12. MrSplashy

    James Sardinsky

    A one hell of a beast man. Gunned down a group of people, still survived.
  13. MrSplashy

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    A very excellent idea and a very well written proposals, the only problem is the 24hours jail time but other than that this is a huge +1 for me.
  14. MrSplashy

    Robbable fleeca banks and jewlery store

    This is a massive +1 for me, as what others said it benefits both the PD and the Criminal as they could both have more things to do and more RP.
  15. MrSplashy

    LSES - Job Fair December 16th ((17:00 utc))

    I am definitely coming to this event. Might help me out in the long run!