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  1. MrSplashy

    Il Syndicato ~SN~

    This thread is absolutely great, couldn't wait to encounter one of yours guys and RP with ya'll. Good luck and hopefully you stay and become a official.
  2. Best of luck brudda. Logan is one of the chillest person I've ever met in the server, hopefully he can make it work!
  3. +1 and also +1 to the Wardrobe.
  4. This is just some banter between Ms. Karen White over here, Officer. What we talking about is the stuff that the body releases once you come into a enlightenment during meditation on the bed with the wife.
  5. Would love to see ya'll roleplay. First time seeing a Yakuza gang here in the server, hope to see ya' roleplay with the Triads and would love to know if your interactions with them are friendly, neutral, or hostile. Good luck!
  6. You're the one who is childish, my love. Now, go to bed and put on your negligee. (If I have time. Soon, I'll have my contacts back soon.)
  7. Then I am correct and thus must reward me what I have always wanted. (No, I do not I am law abiding citizen.)
  8. You can never lie to me Karen! I know you! (No, I was with you during your lovely vacation on Bolingbroke. I think I gave you meth then).
  9. Mom, are you still there?

    1. Commander783
    2. Xypint
    3. MrSplashy


      Nice, nice.


      I am a LSEMS now, though late by half a year.


    1. Boonkgang


      Hey new phone who dis ?

      and nothing happened I’m always here 😄

    2. MrSplashy


      noice men


      its ya' boi James Pendragon


      hit meh up on discord

  11. Karen, Karen. You're still the same as I remember. Do you still ride that Warrener? -James Pendragon your lovely ex-husband/boyfriend/friend/friend with benefits/etc
  12. Most of the friends that I made are gone/quit/vacation/taking a break from Eclipse right now. Though I was able to get the feel here in the LSEMS so it's good, was able to experience a lot of RPs which is great.
  13. +1 to this. Good suggestions, Official Factions should have the option to get their own drug labs instead of the public ones and should be in a Warehouse or something.
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