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  1. +1 to this idea, make it a script support. We already have poker in Tequilala so we can use that for the Casino and stuffs.
  2. A Massive +1 on this suggestion, I believe it would add a lot of dynamic RP with it.
  3. man i miss you man. when you coming back?

  4. +1, as long as its small firearms like pistols.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Huh, hello again. It has been a long ass while now.

    1. Commander783


      Hey yah, indeed.

  7. Damn, much love man. Doubt you ever remember me since the only interaction we've had would be me buying shit loads of guns from you, sad to see the Zetas going but it was a fun ride.
  8. This thread is absolutely great, couldn't wait to encounter one of yours guys and RP with ya'll. Good luck and hopefully you stay and become a official.
  9. Best of luck brudda. Logan is one of the chillest person I've ever met in the server, hopefully he can make it work!
  10. +1 and also +1 to the Wardrobe.
  11. Would love to see ya'll roleplay. First time seeing a Yakuza gang here in the server, hope to see ya' roleplay with the Triads and would love to know if your interactions with them are friendly, neutral, or hostile. Good luck!
  12. Mom, are you still there?

    1. Commander783
    2. Xypint
    3. MrSplashy


      Nice, nice.


      I am a LSEMS now, though late by half a year.


    1. Boonkgang


      Hey new phone who dis ?

      and nothing happened I’m always here 😄

    2. MrSplashy


      noice men


      its ya' boi James Pendragon


      hit meh up on discord

  14. Most of the friends that I made are gone/quit/vacation/taking a break from Eclipse right now. Though I was able to get the feel here in the LSEMS so it's good, was able to experience a lot of RPs which is great.
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