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  1. I think it may also be dependent upon who is reviewing your application, in my opinion. Different people have different standards, so one person reviewing your application might think that it's great, while another person may think your entire app needs revising. I think a big percentage of denied apps are done so because of 1 reason, sometimes 2. So getting denied one or more times probably doesn't mean that you are a trash writer. Most of the time, it might just be the staff pushing you to add in just a little more flavor in order to make your character unique. Also, popular server = m
  2. +1 brother. And if there were any cost issues associated with letting players collect water from the tap in their homes, then I'd recommend adding something like a "water bill" where the cost of the bill depends on your homes water usage. Although, I know that would definitely require much more work as far as scripting goes.
  3. As an active player, I am still learning new things every day. This isn't a bad thing, as it makes the server more fun to play, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment and all. I do think that players should have to discover things for themselves IC, so I just wanted to clarify that I don't mean that the /help menu should be more robust with what it displays. I'd just like to see all of the non-working/outdated commands and info taken down, and a COMPLETE list of current and working commands added and maintained. Hell, I don't even write code, and this would be something even I would be will
  4. I lay down my life for the cause. Let's do big things, ladies and gents.
  5. I'm not sure if you resolved this issue or not, but I also read that putting RageM into Windows 8 Compatibility mode helps with crashing. Could be placebo, but I've had less crashes since doing it. Right click RageM > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Choose Windows 8 for Compatibility > Also check box for "Run as admin" > Press ok
  6. +1000 This would make fishing so much more interesting. From what I've seen, it is the most popular job, so I hope this is getting done.
  7. +1 Haven't met enough people yet for this to be beneficial to myself, but I still think it's a very good idea that should absolutely be added as soon as possible.
  8. +1 The toolkit idea is great. I feel like it should also allow you to repair like 100 HP or something on a vehicle. Would allow a lot more fun for anyone out there looking for scraps. So many times I find a jackpot boost, but after aquiring keys for it, my hopes are dashed by the damn HP being 0.
  9. Newer player here, and I'm already addicted. I propose a proper update to the /help menu. It did help me tons in the beginning, but I guess there are still a lot of older commands. A good percent of them do not work.
  10. +1 I JUST realized your ID isn't static. If I don't get an alias for some one I run into, ill never find them again because of their ID changing. This would be very helpful to recognize some one, and although its a pop up menu, it would feel more "real" to read some one's /ido and suddenly recognize them as a person you like and wanted to meet again. Or it could be some one who wronged you.
  11. Gotcha. Appreciate the response!
  12. Had a quick question, as I must be overlooking the rules/documentation of proper/legal firearm storage. I'm trying to acquire a firearm license and I was denied for not "providing a legal permissible explanation of where I would be storing my firearm." My answer to that question was: "I do not currently have a physical address, but I do own a secure vehicle that I can safely store my firearm in when I am able to purchase one." So, is it not legal for you to store your firearm in your vehicle? Or is it just the wording I used? The only other thing I can think is my wording, because the ver
  13. I got denied twice, and on those first two try's, it only took them like 6-8 hours to reply. On my third try, I think I didn't hear from them for like 2 or 3 days, give or take. Just keep your mind occupied on something else for another day or so, They will get to you.
  14. Ready to get approved and in game! 😄

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