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  1. Please submit your response to our explanation as we saw you were online but did not respond @UnderKass. Thanks, Jack_Chelona and Jake_Oxnard
  2. I have also been reading over the rules again. I also do not believe we broke the Deathmatching rule either. As we have already covered powergaming i will not cover how we did not break the powergaming rule. Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. We did have a reason to attack the vehicle, which was to steal it. We also allowed enough time for you to type as you can see from the footage we waited a long amount of time for you to just drop a bat. We can see from the footage that you could hear our commands via VOIP so saying that you couldn't hear us is not an option. We also did not use vehicles to attack you which rules that out. We killed you after engagement in roleplay so we can rule that out. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. We were able to kill you as you did not follow our commands in the footage following that of which you have not provided. This is because we saw you holding the gun, not while frisking you and we repeatedly asked you to drop it which you refused. You therefore were not compliant with out demands and gave us a roleplay reason to kill you as you would not follow our orders. The rule states: Roleplay is required before forceful server commands which may be used without consent from the other party if they are unresponsive and not typing for 30 seconds or more. That is the only rule i have found yet that says that roleplay is required before the situation. However we did not use forceful server commands so this is out of the question. We did however use roleplay before you died. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. This then gave us two valid reasons to kill you afterwards as you broke both of these and failed to follow the fearrp rules. Also looking at further rules we also did not break the: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Players cannot force their victims to withdraw money from an ATM, sell property, or sell vehicles. Players cannot force their victims to hand over assets that are not present in the area. We did none of these either. I have also read even the very start of the rulebook which says and i quote "Eclipse Roleplay is a heavy voice roleplay server which to us means our staff enforces being in-character at all times" If you believe you followed this then why did you stay in the taxi after being commanded to get out and why you failed fearrp by not dropping the gun after we saw you holding it (in footage you failed to provide). Overall I have been reading over the rules and i can see that we did not break the rule you specified or the deathmatching rule as shown by the official rulebook and the evidence i have provided. The one rule i can be seen broken in this footage is fearrp, "10-8 shooting" which is clearly breaking the fearrp rule even if it was meant to be silent, it was not and this actually gave us even more of a valid reason to attack your player as shown by the deathmatching rule. Hopefully you can also see that we did not break the rules with the evidence that i have provided along with the word for word statements from the official rulebook and that you have seen that you have broken two accounts of fearrp, meaning to or not, as you reached for your radio and not giving us your gun (the gun is not in the footage that was provided, but afterwards). Many thanks @UnderKass, Jack_Chelona and Jake_Onxard (We wrote this response together, it wasn't just me)
  3. I understand and i have said previously i am sincerely sorry for any damage i have caused in the situation that was meant to be a harmless roleplay event. I see that you are confused with the pistol you had. I will make it clear and in as few sentences as possible: We saw the pistol later on in footage that you have not included. We asked for you to hand over the pistol which you didn't showing a lack of fearrp. This all happened in the events after the one you have included, it was after this footage that the pistol was seen. I can see that you meant to use the silent radio and we can agree that you will make sure to notify the others that you have done this silently in future. I also apologise greatly if i did cause damage to your character in the process, this was not the intended purpose of my shots which was to just stall the vehicle. My point was is that galapagos says he said out the taxi but may not have pressed "N" or something may have happened at his end, I didn't mean specifically that you just didn't hear him. I have also been thinking and i have been reading back over the rules: Without hearing "out the taxi", there still isn't powergaming. For example: we didn't force you to stay there, you could have ran (not driven). You could have also fought back by shooting? We did not control your actions back to us or your retaliations. We only tried to stall your vehicle with intent of stealing it. Furthermore, we weren't extremely close to your vehicle, just near it showing that you could have ran? or you could have called down the radio when you heard gun shots the first time? We allowed you to play out your own retaliation to us for this action we placed on you. However you decided it would be a better idea to stay in the car for a while and just type in /OOC without playing out the roleplay. Looking at the footage i see that we did let you carry out your own response of driving away yet when your vehicle was stalled you could have gotten out and ran as we weren't extremely close to you or you could have placed your hands up in the air. Instead you decided it was a better idea to sit in the taxi use the radio at gunpoint and refuse rp. Straight from the rulebook: 7. IC and OOC Interactions Players are required to remain in-character (IC) at all times. I believe that by you not following orders and just sitting in the taxi you broke this rule. We chose this destination as it was a dead end knowing we would have the upper hand if you tried to get away. I don't think that this action of stealing the taxi was unrealistic or forceful as you would have been in the same position and this event happens in real life anyway so it is not unrealistic either. Overall i do not believe we broke the powergaming rule due to the reasons i have stated. Again we greatly and sincerely apologise for what has happened and believe we have both made mistakes that have broke the rules. As you used fearrp when you didnt mean to and we may have been interpreted to be using powergaming to a degree when we didn't mean to. Thanks, Jake_Oxnard and Jack Chelona
  4. UnderKass, we saw the gun and asked you to drop it, you were holding it in your hand. We did not find it when frisking you, therefore there was no need to say "/me sees a pistol" as it was obvious we could see it due to you holding it. Neither of us were recording but he did have his gun pointed at you but you were facing another way. You also did not pay attention to when i was using "desync" this was not to describe the actions of galapagos. I was saying that there was a loss of communication somehow which was not desync. We also did have a reason, we wanted to steal the taxi. We repeatedly said get out of the taxi as we wanted to take it which we eventually did. Galapagos said get out the taxi before shooting which explains the pause of me walking but there was a loss of communication which wasn't heard. Quoting directly from the rulebook "Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense." Even if this was not intented to change events, you still had a minor offence. You say that you did do it but without benefit showing that it was a minor offence but still against the rules. You also didnt answer this question: 4. Why didn't you just ask us straight away how to drop the bat and why did you use an external source of communication to ask? This would have been much clearer on our part as we thought you weren't complying and this paused the roleplay on our part as it did not continue for a while whilst you did not comply with our orders. A simple "/ooc I don't know how" would have worked well in that situation immediately instead of waiting for a minute. You have also not explained why you reached for your radio and said "10-8 shooting" when we had a gun to you and said don't touch the radio, this is a breach of fearrp! Explain why I hope that a fair conclusion will be met, Jake_Oxnard
  5. My friend said he completely agrees because he didn't want to type it out again but wants to confirm that he agrees. You say you were in shock, so you paused roleplay? Not a good enough excuse, you still need an admin to pause roleplay. I also did not read an address to the clear and obvious metagaming that happened and the complete lack of fear rp as you refused to do exactly as we said. E.g. talk on the radio when my friend says "dont touch the radio or you will get shot", clear breakage of fear rp there. Also the fact that later on(which you still didnt include) we said drop the gun and you said you ddin't have one, we could see you had a gun and asked to drop it yet you denied the roleplay and said you didnt have it? this is not complying with our demands with a gun at your head. You also literally just said it yourself, you metagamed, do you hear yourself "proceed to questioning my friend". I said desync because in OOC i stated i did not shoot your character, this is due to the intention was to stall the vehicle, not kill you, otherwise we would have killed you, I would like you to answer the following questions and number the answers as i number the questions: 1. Why do you think it was ok to talk on the radio whilst having a gun to you and my friend clearly saying don't touch the radio or you will get shot? This breached fearrp. 2. Why do you think it is ok to tell someone OOC that someone is shooting you ("These guys started shooting at me, i dont know")? This is a serious offence and against the rules severely. Please explain. 3. Why do you think it is ok to say that you dont have a gun when we ask you to drop it and we have seen the gun and you continue to say you dont have one which breaches the fear rp rule as you are refusing to comply? 4. Why didn't you just ask us straight away how to drop the bat and why did you use an external source of communication to ask? This would have been much clearer on our part as we thought you weren't complying and this paused the roleplay on our part as it did not continue for a while whilst you did not comply with our orders. A simple "/ooc I don't know how" would have worked well in that situation immediately instead of waiting for a minute. @UnderKass
  6. Please can you explain why you decided to not comply with our orders at gunpoint which breaches fearrp( This was reaching for your radio after we specifically told you not to use the radio and your engine was stalled and we were close range, also you decided to wait to comply with our orders instead of asking how to drop the bat straight away, you tried to forcibly pause the rp?) Why you decided to try and pause the roleplay without an admin and why you were using an external source of communication which is metagaming. The evidence i have for the metagaming is that we took your radio and then you proceeded to say "These guys started shooting at me, i dont know". The fact that we took your radio shows that you told in game information out of character which is a serious offence. It seems this footage actually incriminates yourself. I have downloaded the footage so do not try to take it down to prevent the footage being seen as I will re-upload it. @UnderKass
  7. We would like to comment in this extra footage. As you can see this man decided to pause roleplay even though he did not have the authority to do so. Only an admin has the authority to do so in this situation, he refused to drop the bat and only asked how to drop it after a few times of asking showing that he did not comply with fear rp. Even when the character believes there is a problem they should still continue in rp, directly from the rules it says "Only administrators are allowed force pause RP". He also is heard to be using an external source of communication and explaining what is going on which i believe could be a sign of metagaming? I can hear him talking and others talking but throughout the whole video i see no use of the radio and no GUI of the others talking through the radio. This shows that there was communication about events outside of the game. Also even if he did use the radio, we specifically asked him not to at gunpoint showing another breach of the rules. Later, we also saw him hold his gun and asked him to drop his gun but he also refused to drop that even after asking multiple times. This shows a breach in the fact that you can't force pause rp without an admin and that there was a sign of powergaming. Galapagos says that he said out of the taxi and then fired, which is why there was a long wait, whilst also holding up a gun. It was just that the taxi driver was facing the wrong way so that he couldnt see galapagos holding the gun and couldn't see that maybe there was a lost communication. As you can also see from the footage i did not actually shoot the man on my game but i did on his showing maybe some desync? im not sure. But as you can see from the OOC chat i said i did not shoot the man on my game. Thanks, Jake_Oxnard and Jack_Chelona
  8. It has now been over 48 hours and me and Galapagos are wondering if you have gathered the footage yet. Thanks, Jake_Oxnard
  9. Thank you, we would like to reinforce the fact that we are sincerely sorry if the way we carried this out wasn't communicated properly. We would appreciate it greatly if you do not edit the rest of the footage so that it could differ from the events that actually happened. Thanks, Jake_Oxnard
  10. Sorry if this may have been late but I was never notified to respond and Galapagos informed me today that he was only notified about 50 minutes ago.
  11. To my understanding if you believe a rule has been breached you should still act as if you are in character which this person did not. They refused to comply with any fear rp after this situation and the person has cleverly edited the next section out of us stealing the taxi as he had broken the fear rp rule of not complying with not giving us his gun. If the person thinks that he did comply with fear rp then i would like to see this footage that went on when we were robbing the person and stealing the taxi becuase i believe hes saying that we broke the rules when he broke the fact that you have to comply with fear rp even when you believe a rule is broken as you have to stay in character and only an admin can forcibly pause rp.
  12. Me and Galapagos had planned the procedure before that we were going to steal a taxi as we had no vehicle. I don't see how shooting the taxi is powergaming. We stole a taxi and had planned this before his arrival in VOIP. I only started shooting the taxi after it tried to drive away. I have spoken to Galapagos on discord about this as im writing this and he said that he had held his gun up and said out of the taxi. You aren't able to see him pull out the gun and point it at the taxi driver as this is out of view but that is why there was such a long wait before he actually shot the taxi driver as he thought he had said out of the taxi and he thought that the taxi driver heard but just wasn't complying. This is why he shot the taxi to stall it, even if he did shoot the taxi driver, he didn't mean to and neither did I. This was a misunderstanding on Galapagos's part as he thought that the taxi driver wasn't complying to a gun held at him. I then started shooting after i said out the taxi as i thought he was driving away and we wanted to stall the vehicle. We sincerely apologise for the actions that took place and Galapagos is sorry for not realising that we didnt hear him say out the taxi as he may have been too far away or something might have happened that prevented the taxi driver hearing it. We then activated fear rp in the driver to which we attemped to search him and he said success but then refused to give us his gun? this is a breach of fear rp and i can see why he has edited that bit out the video, I would like the section of video after this to also be uploaded please as he refused to comply with fear rp and refused to do what we said even with 2 guns pointed at him. which means he broke one of the server rules.
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