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  1. Looking for a business property or warehouse. Have money to spend. Text Mike 5474909
  2. Looking for a business property or warehouse. Have money to spend. Text Mike 5474909
  3. Nice going lads, keep up the good work
  4. Looking to buy a warehouse. Contact me 5474909 Mike Provide pictures here if you can.
  5. Looking for a business property. Nightclub or something like that. Budget is 5m Txt me on 5474909 Mike
  6. Nice work guys, keep it up!
  7. Thank you all guys for all the welcoming comments. Were working hard around the clock to make it work just have to tie off few more lose ends and you will see it all on WEAZEL NEWS soon.
  8. Lucky Lottery Staff Room We are happy to announce that our Lucky Lottery Building also have Staff Room Staff Room is for our employees to enjoy and take their break in a peacefull and friendly environment, they can relax on the couch If the wish the may watch TV on our massive 85" FULL HD 8K SMART TV If they are hungry the can visit our fully equipped kitchen that has everything a Master Chef would want And for anyone that like amazing views we have a top floor panoramic view of Los Santos City from our windows We want to make sure that our staff is treated well and they are happy. Because if the staff is healthy the business is healthy
  9. Lucky Lottery Office We are happy to announce that our company finally have an Office located at 4 Integrity Way, Appartment 91 Our office has a waiting area for potential new employees of the company We also have interview room where we will discuss contract details and resposibilities of our potential future employees. We will be taking application soon....
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