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  1. Account name: scotchfishy Character name(s): Ding Wong, Sun Tzu, Mark Scott, Harvey Bernstein Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature. Date of punishment: 16/8/19 Punishment received: Permanent Ban. Reason given for punishment: Credit farming / mass accepting quizzes without reading them properly. Your explanation of what happened: I exploited my position of responsibility as a member of the quiz team, by accepting multiple quizzes without given them the proper attention. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly, I’d like to state that there is no excuse for my actions, the morality of what I had done was not only selfish but also inconsiderate. This situation is something that extended beyond myself, as my actions impacted the entire community for which I am deeply sorry for. In this punishment appeal I am not requesting that the Eclipse Roleplay Community turn a blind eye to my previous transgression, but to give me a chance of redemption and allowing me the opportunity to prove myself as a valuable member of the community who in turn can provide positive experiences to other players if given the opportunity to return back. I would like to outline a couple of points to explain my situation and the following actions even further, and genuinely hope that these are taken into consideration upon review of my appeal. Circumstances & Lack Of Judgement Let me preface this section by saying I am not trying to make any cliché excuses but merely stating my side of the story. At the time of my offences I was under the mounting pressure of starting a new business, university study and the general struggles of life. I understand this is no reason to act irrationally and now that my head is cleared after my break, I can clearly see the impact and irresponsibility of my actions. Clouded by a false sense of invincibility, I did not make the correct decision in regards to resigning from the quiz team. I should never have turned the server into an outlet for my own personal strife and this issue has been pressing on my mind for some time now. I have been trying to give back in as many ways as possible to the community as an homage for my wrongdoings.   Time & Realisation Over the past 6 months I have regretted not only my actions that resulted in my ban, but also my immaturity on the forums after my previous rejection. During this time, I have kept in communication with all of my Eclipse RP friends, this area in particular has put me into a state of contrition. I would like the opportunity to not only prove myself to the community but to apologise to my close friends who I abandoned. I have realised that I have made a mistake that has cost me not only 6 months of exclusion from any RP with my friends, but also my reputation as a high-quality role-player. I have invested many hours into producing high quality RP, forum posts and a pivotale backbone of the DCC. I would love to be granted the opportunity to rebuild my reputation. Conclusion I would like to thank the staff for the countless hours of hard work which often goes unnoticed and rewarded. I want to offer my most sincere apologies to you all, I have no doubt caused you all more work due to my failures. Lastly, I would like to mention that if an appeal would be considered I would happily comply to a reduced punishment and a probationary period. If I were to commit another rule break or act out of line within the community, I would once again be banned. Thank you for reading my punishment appeal, I hope that all of my points will be considered, if any member of staff would like to ask me questions or speak to me in voice, I am more than willing to sit down and apologise.
  2. Hello, Mark Scott here, I have been known to dabble with my hands. Thanks, Mark Scott
  3. Hi, You shot me earlier, I will be taking you to small claims court. This car can be used as an out of court settlement. Thanks, Mark Scott
  4. scotchfishy


    Blatant racism, I don't agree with the name whatsoever.
  5. India (formerly the British Raj) is part of the commonwealth and is the second largest English speaking country in the world.
  6. Hello fellow adventurers of the cyber landscape, I would like to add that I have seen this man commit this offence on multiple occasions separate to the one mentioned above. I also know of others who have seen this happen, I have contacted them to provide their side of the story. I have no footage of it happening but if anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to answer them! Thanks, Scotchfishy
  7. Hello fellow role-player of the Eclipse Role-playing community, I don't have a longer video I am afraid! As shown from the report's title above I am in fact reporting you for DM. Additionally, I can not check the logs as I do not have those permissions! I will await your official response as I see the above post as raged backed rant. Thanks again for your time, Scotchfishy
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