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  1. 50% off First order @ Bernstein & Frank Real Estate if I win Alberto Wong
  2. w00dy


    Glad this has been cleared up as I certainly would not expect anything associated with racism on this well set up server. Best of luck lads, hope to see you around!
  3. w00dy


    A bit sceptical with the name ( could be interpreted as racism ) but best of luck!
  4. Friggin epic guys! 😎 Glad to be part of this awsome roleplay! πŸ‘Œ
  5. Only high standards for Triads post's πŸ‘Œ
  6. Loving the Po Wong story!
  7. Loving the story guys! Nice battle between Government and Triads.
  8. Looks great guys! πŸ˜„ Keep it going! πŸ‘
  9. Your not desyncing at all you are behind me tapping W over and over to push me out and then say in Discord that im out of NCZ. Ill wait for an admin.
  10. POV from ID 134 Link has since been taken down. I downloaded the video earlier and since uploaded it here:
  11. Player(s) being reported: Stefan Vinziatti, ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 27/01/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 117 | 1548555492 Your characters name: Alberto Wong Other player(s) involved: Ding Wong, Lu Wong, ID 117 Specific rule(s) broken: 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 6.8 No crime zones 6.8.1 A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime. 6.8.4 The purpose of the NCZ rule is to simulate heavily guarded and secure areas, where it is unrealistic to commit crimes. 6.8.5 A list of NCZ areas: ● The area around and the interior of all active banks. 6.3 Metagaming 6.3.1 Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord. 6.3.3 Relaying IC information through OOC methods, which benefit the player, is a major MG offense and will result in a ban. For example, a player is at gunpoint, the player uses an OOC method to call for help, as a result, the attacker is unable to detect this action and has no chance to counter it (it is unfair for the attacker). How did the player break the rule(s)? Initially I was standing in the NCZ, the pushed me out of the NCZ without performing any RP as seen in the video. I believe this to breach both 6.8 No Crime Zone as it was literally on the edge of the NCZ and 6.6 Non-roleplay as they shoved me without performing any RP actions resulting in poor roleplay. I also believe that they were Metagaming by using OOC Voice apps to describe where my character is IC and that I’m in the NCZ to gain an IC advantage. You can see in the second video they are not talking over radio’s when describing this situation. If they were not using Third party apps to talk they breached Non-RP yet again as NCZ is an OOC term. Evidence of rule breach: My POV: Reupload of ID 134's POV:
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