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  1. +1 I've been paint balling once and it is pretty fun. 10/10 would recommend.
  2. yessss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. tylxrrr

    Police Supers

    For the super thing, it doesn't really make sense RPly. I think LAPD has a Lamborghini Gallardo but I don't think it is actually used. From what I know, they are used to stop fast cars. I don't think it is really a big deal to be honest because super cars can't pit you. All they are going to do is chase you and give call outs. After some time, it will probably only be you and the super while the cruisers lag behind. You could probably then try to kill the super car driver or make them mess up, then you should have a gap. It is hard but not impossible. It makes sense in ECRP's world since a lot of stuff that happens you won't expect to happen in real life. For the lock picking thing, I mean both are acceptable. Some cops might just RP taking your keys to lock/unlock. Some may just pick lock.
  4. Welcome! I heard SWAT is recruiting!
  5. A masterpiece. Amazing story. Would read infinite many times.
  6. There is no longer a conversion like that. It is 1:1. "Dear Eclipse Community, This is just a short announcement to clear up any confusion regarding time conversions. This may sound confusing to most of you, but it's relevant for some. There are currently 4-day cycles in-game in 24 real-life hours. The intention with these cycles is to allow everyone, regardless of their timezone and play hours, to experience day and night whilst playing. In our most recent admin meeting, we recognized that this has confused a lot of players in regards to how they should refer to time. Some players follow a 1:1 conversion (1 in-game hour = 1 real-life hour), whilst some follow a 4:1 (4 in-game hours = 1 real-life hour), and this conversion simply confuses too many people. We decided that we'd make this announcement to inform the community to not use the 4:1 conversion, and instead, follow the 1:1 and refer to time as actual server time (/time). The cycles will remain for the reasons mentioned above. This means that you shouldn't for example, say that you're renting out an apartment for 4 weeks when you actually mean 1. Please educate your friends and other acquaintances. This does not apply to prison and jail sentences as the script already tells you how to treat a minute In Character. - Osborn." Also, you can still drive by the way. It's not like there is a script that won't let you drive a car. You obviously want to be careful when driving on a suspended license. Just use a different car that is not impounded.
  7. +1 There should also be a feature where you can't whisper to someone who is in a car with their window up. Not exactly sure if it is possible to do though.
  8. tylxrrr

    Crim 2K21?

    I agree. I think the second report would have ended up similar to the third if the deputies complied. First time watching it, I thought the deputies broke fear RP. It could probably be argued that they did break fear RP considering the time it took to get going. The Police Novak might have been a problem though. Nonetheless, I think it was a fast situation and I am assuming that the Novak couldn't chase after the Komoda due the preservation of the officers' lives.
  9. tylxrrr

    Crim 2K21?

    I guess the answer to this is that it is dependent on the criminal. Some try to hide their weapons and some don't. It is that simple. There is really no right way to roleplay a criminal. Some methods may be smarter than others and some not so much. Either way, I do not really think this is a problem. Personally, I always tried to hide my guns. I would even have a .50 in a briefcase to be safe. On the other hand, I remember going to my apartment a few months ago and someone casually ran out with a micro SMG in their hand. There is nothing really wrong with this. Other than the chances of getting caught are higher.
  10. Yes! It is a cooldown after a chop. Once your vehicle is chopped, you have to wait four hours till it is available again. You don't have to be online for this time to continue, so you could logout and watch some Netflix.
  11. Have fun and good luck!
  12. tylxrrr

    Crim 2K21?

    I don't want to take your comment out of context, so I will just select this portion. I agree with this. I doubt any criminals would want to murder a LEO as that would probably cause gang suppression checks and LEOs will probably try even harder to arrest the murderer. Also, if the murderer is caught, they would probably get charges stacked and the time/fines won't be pretty. This is completely fine. However, if everything goes to plan, and the criminals get the cop under fear RP to lock them in their trunk or whatever, would that be appropriate? I feel like a good example of this is in the third report. It was relatively quick and they got away. The situation in the second report was executed faster but it did result in killing due to the SD officers not complying, but they didn't linger around and got away. The first report is what I am iffy on though, it was messier than the second and third. I think that if it is like one cruiser, then you should be able to hold them up to get away. However, if it is a few cruisers, then that just becomes messy and turns into an ambush. Although ambushes are not against the rules, ambushes on cops seem odd to me. I think at that point. You should either just attempt to flee or just comply for a smaller sentence. Hopping out and spraying would not be wise nor would ambushing. It just becomes really messy if those things happen. However, I really believe that if it is one cruiser or so, you should be able to hold them up. That being said, it shouldn't become a regular occurrence that this happens. If you get pulled over with an unlicensed pistol .50 and you hold up a cop, then that should just be NRP. Just my opinion though.
  13. This is a good point to be honest. It should have actually been blocked off. It is weird though because we don't necessarily drive like we are avoiding NPC traffic, but we pick and choose where to take into account NPCs/where people would be RPly. For example, the player theft rule, we take into account that West Highway would RPly have a lot of NPCs driving down it, so we can't rob someone on it. Yet, we go 240 down West Highway as if traffic doesn't exist So yeah. I don't know though. It is weird.
  14. facts. you right though. There would be someone who try to get close.
  15. tylxrrr

    Crim 2K21?

    I would like to express my opinion as well. For the first report, I think it is pretty hard to go one way or another. It could be argued both ways. One way is that Colt_Daniels pulled out a SMG and began to aim it which is definitely a hostile action, so it would grant DM rights. Furthermore, attempting to comply after a hostile action shouldn't void DM rights. Another way is that he recognized that there were too many people to fight, so he tried to comply by typing /up, but he was shot because of time. Maybe if he had like 5 more seconds, the outcome would be different. Honestly, if the keyboard shortcut was used, then that probably would have changed the outcome. I guess I can explain what my actions would be if I were both characters, but then again, being in the moment may cloud judgement. If I were the sheriff, I would either try to fight it out as I already pointed my SMG which granted the person DM rights or I would just use the keyboard shortcut because it is way faster than typing. If I were the Irish, I would try to give more time as he stopped pointing his SMG to be safe or spray because he pointed his SMG. Either way, it is hard to put myself in their exact shoes. I am undecided on this one. Those are my thoughts on the first one. For the second report, the individuals have heavy weapons so obviously they would be charged with felonies. Although the sheriff may not know this immediately, they will once they get to the window as they would be visible. I think it is perfectly fair for the individuals to get a head start on trying to hold up the deputies before the deputies know they have heavy weapons. This is because the situation will become extremely difficult once SD calls back up for multiple gang members with heavy weapons. They gave SD demands and SD didn't follow them, so they got shot. They hopped back in their car and left. I think that they executed it really well and were fast. Their objective was clearly to get away and not be arrested which they did. They didn't linger around, so I think they should have been fine personally. Similar to the first report, I will say what I would do if I were them. Before I knew this was punishable, I would do the exact same actions as the individuals. Knowing that it is punishable now, I guess I would just flee or wait till the deputies know we have heavy weapons which makes the situation difficult. If I were SD, I would honestly just comply with the demands. I wouldn't have tried to drive off especially with three heavily armed men pointing weapons. I am siding with the Irish's actions on this one. Those are my thoughts on the second one. For the third report, it is very similar to the second report and my same points stand. The individuals had heavy weapons, so they would be charged with felonies. They initiated first to have the upper hand. If they waited for the officer to know they have heavy weapons, then it would be a lot more difficult to get away, so it makes sense why they initiated first. The location was not ideal but I think the importance of not going to prison outweighs this. They were relatively quick and did not linger around. Their objective was clearly to get away and not be arrested which they did. Similar to the first and second reports, I will say what I would do if I were them. Before I knew this was punishable, I would do the exact same actions as the individuals. Knowing that it is punishable now, I guess I would just flee or wait till the officers know we have heavy weapons which makes the situation difficult. If I were the officer, I wouldn't change my actions. He complied just as I would, so nothing to say here. I will side with 67's actions on this one. Those are my thoughts on the third one. Overall, I think that escalating situations like these are fine even if law enforcement does not know exact details as long as no lingering occurs. It really makes no sense to wait for a LEO to get to your window to see your heavy weapons, and then try to do something about it. I think that the element of surprise is something to be used in these situations. In terms of realism, I think that it is realistic for a criminal to try and do anything they can to not go to jail which was what was displayed in this situation. After all, roleplay is not 1:1 in real life. Honestly, there was a sad situation like this that happened IRL recently, so it isn't far-fetched to happen in-game.
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