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  1. +1 Although I am basically a legal at this point... As Mr. Jake has said, people usually sell their drugs once they are at high demand, so they can make a nice profit. Receiving only the monetary value instead of the drugs does not allow for the chance of RP when driving/selling the drugs as well. Also if the person is in an official faction, those possible influence points are important!
  2. I agree. I don't want this to be taken lightly or be for petty stuff. It should be for more serious stuff.
  3. This^^^ As Mr. Jake has said, there seems to be some confusion on how the system works and even I am confused on how it works. Like...is this a true statement?
  4. Usually before someone cooks, they gather all their materials including the water they need. Let's say Criminal A was going to cook some LSD. Their list for the cook may be: Gather Ingredient 1 Gather Ingredient 2 Gather Ingredient 3 Gather Ingredient 4 Refill Water Bottles Criminal A then goes out with a large vehicle and some crates to check off their list. If the suggestion is implemented, refilling water bottles would be off the list. However, they still have to get the other ingredients, so they still have to leave anyways. It really doesn't c
  5. +1 With the drug thing, I disagree as well. You still have to always go out and get materials anyways. When I was cooked, I rarely went out to only get water. I would usually get water while I get materials. So if this suggestion was implemented, not much would really change. You still have to go get materials. This is a nice little suggestion for civilians. If you are having friends over, you can easily get them some water from your sink. It is the little things that count.
  6. This is a really good point. It is like a double-edged sword to be honest. Someone could be like, "It is only a 5 minute wait. I'll just wait." or "What?! A hour long wait?! I'll just take the L".
  7. Current situation: When you make a /report in-game, it just says that your report has been submitted. What am I suggesting? When you make a /report in-game, it should tell you how many people are ahead of you and an estimated wait time. How? I am assuming for the most part, reports are taken in a first-in, first-out(FIFO) fashion, so the following plan should work out nicely. There is a category for questions, bugs, rule breakers, and urgent rule breakers. Let me lay out a situation on how this can work: Question Reports: 6 reports -> 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  8. The time varies. It could be up to 48 hours. Also, this isn't the section you should post this. Use the Discord for questions. You get faster responses.
  9. There is a lack of reports as people usually do follow the rule. You cannot report someone for following the rules. However, the problem is with the rule itself. If player A is being racist to player B and player B asks to stop OOCly. The damage is already done whereas if player A asked beforehand, then no damage is done. I would not say the rule is becoming stricter but the way how the rule is executed is changed. Current Rule: Offensive Language -> Person cares about the language -> Asks in OOC to stop Offensive Language -> Person does not care about the language ->
  10. I probably should've been more specific about this, but I don't mean that you would need OOC consent for like saying the N word without the hard R. That would be quite bad. However, If you want to use slurs in a manner to make someone feel bad or to cause shock then you would need consent. It is more of the way how the words are used which could causes issues. Some words are not even racist or homophobic unless you use it a certain way. Being clearly racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc is where I think consent should be needed. There shouldn't be petty reports involving this, but more outright
  11. Yeah, it is restricting the organic RP, but it is a sacrifice that should be made. Wouldn't you agree that having a more welcoming community is more important than an organic feeling? The only word that bothers me personally is the hard R which has already been added to gross RP, so whether or not this rule gets implemented, it won't affect me, but I am looking out for the rest of the community here. I agree that if you are sensitive that you should not be playing GTA as nothing is really enforced, but you have to realize that I am talking about this specific RP community. In this co
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