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  1. great read good post
  2. Looking forward to seeing what kind of RP you will bring to the server
  3. Hey Michael here unfortunately I was never asked for my POV to be saved in this situation so I do not have my POV. The reason that we pulled up to their HQ was simply to gain information as we were chopping at a chop that both gangs have been heavily contesting. I do agree that we could have entered the situation better by going to the bridge and not going straight into HQ but it really seemed as if there was only 2 or 3 of them there. I was never trying to "bait a fight", I was simply just scouting around the area that they were most likely to be as we were chopping cars at our chop and didnt
  4. +1 lost 10 LSD to this today and was sadge
  5. have had nothing but good interactions with you guys so far. keep up the good work and look forward to more RP with you guys
  6. Hey sorry for reply but just want to say I accidently hit my discord deafen bind on my keyboard and wasnt even a call...
  7. Michael_Doyle [ID 27] | In the footage provided, you can be seen attacking the reporting party (ID 117) with seemingly no demands or intent to communicate before engaging. Can you please provide your side of the story and upload any pertinent footage to back up your claims. As Jerry said in the above post the guy was climbing the ladder to the roof to get a better angle on us during this shootout. He was also calling on radio seen in his clip and here https://gyazo.com/c5197d3203cf12cd3c06c9b9ba894e69 Also like Jerry said he was on the ground when we initially pulled up so I believe he sh
  8. MichaelJ

    Dark Army

    Fire Thread. Good luck Kon and Lauren
  9. Hey Michael Jay here, Would firstly like to thank the staff for taking the time to respond to this report. The reason I pulled out a gun and robbed them here as through out the past week I have been robbed several times while hunting. I believed that I was in danger from these two men driving right up to me so I pulled out my gun and gave demands. Everytime someone has pulled up on me while hunting like that they have robbed me so I believe my life was in danger. Unfortunately they never told me to save my POV so I do not have footage of the event. P.S nice discord call
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