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  1. [Cam_Boofman [ID 109]] @Cam_Boofman Why did you decide to finish ID 444, who you assumed was an enemy, instead of letting them go to prison? Why did you prioritize that action over attempting to escape from SD while you had the time? The reason i decided to finish ID 444 was because i thought ID 35 was going to take his stuff anyway so i thought if SD detained him he would be free and thats why i turned around to finish ID 444 who i thought was irish at the time and doesnt make sense for me not to full kill an opp. Secondly, there was only 1 SD cruiser who pulled in at first and doesnt m
  2. Hi, Cam Boofman here (ID 109) First of all i do not have POV of this situation considering i was never told to save it. From my point of view of what happened was that me, another 67 member and goblins got into a shootout just outside of braddocks lab against irish. Before i was about to leave in the massacro i turned around the finish id 444. I didnt know that id 444 was a goblin at the time considering his body was more than half way through the ground for me and knowing that irish have been impersonating goblins and kudo kai by wearing their clothes and masks to cause conflict. ID
  3. If you rewatch Bobs POV around 0:27 you can hear him saying something like backing up, back off and he didn’t know I was going to drive towards you, no he did not reverse to let me past as I’m on a bf400 and I was only on one side of the track so you had enough space to reverse all the way out but you decided not to. Overall, even when he got out at 0:40 in bobs pov, the tampa is to the side of the train track allowing access for you to leave until you decided to hop out and try shoot. Have a great day
  4. Hi, Cam Boofman here, I reached out to the driver of the tampa which is Bob_Karlsson, i have my pov and his pov both below My POV- https://streamable.com/jd7szd Bob's POV- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPg6vInHzRA With regards to the 'blocking the train track with the tampa' it is quite obvious in both pov's that when the bifta tried to reverse back, Bob (driver of the tampa) reversed back also to allow them to come back however they decided to drive forward to a dead end.
  5. best of luck bro!
  6. Hi, Cam Boofman here, Firstly, i would like to thank Doan for handling this report. Can you explain why you thought it was appropriate to disconnect during an active RP-scenario? Provide any footage you may have? First of all i would like the state that i did not disconnect during an active RP-scenario from my point of view and im going to explain my full story in as much detail possible. The picture above is what i put in the crash report channel at 7:25pm UTC, this was around 2 hours before i allegedly 'combat logged'. I have been struggling to get onto the game ever si
  7. Hello, I’m id 85 in this situation, I would like to start of by saying most of the explanation is said in the other comments by Sam and Remy. However, I will go over my part of the scenario after answering some questions. -Why did you think that it is okay to bring your illegal activity to an NCZ? First of all, i would like to state that i was not involved in any illegal activity as i was on the pier while the stores where being robbed by some of my gang. -When was the last time you or your gang collected packed money that was in the bag from the bank/store?
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