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    Sombra Negra[Recrution]

    nice copy-pasted hand book 😉
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    Puolejas - Juan_Sandres unban appeal

    Well in last week i'ave been punished 2 times (one of the punishes is from very old report so i don't add it up to the last week ones). Another one as i commented that situation in my appeal was just an misunderstanding, yes maybe i was to far away from the guy that's my bad and i'll choose distance where to initiate from more carefully next time but about not giving him time, he kept on running that's why i made a decision to shoot him of course the reason that caused why he kept on running might have been that he didn't hear the initiation. That's not true what you said, because i didn't break a single rule after that warning, to do that you would need to be pretty stupid i would try to solve it out that situation by any cost with the person him self if i did break a rule after warning like this one and you can't argue that i did break a rule after that warning because i wasn't able to connect to the server after that warning (i was banned till the day you banned me again), i can easily give you 100% that i wouldn't break any rules after warning like that because i'am ain't that stupid (+ another thing that would make you think that its true is that - as i said in my appeal already after my VDM #2 punishment i didn't break a single rule for more then one month, it shows that i do understand my mistakes and i do start thinking after i broke rule and get punished for it, so i'am pretty sure that this would happen now to) to do that as i said already to. If i would get unbanned ( i would like to get chance at least because in warning there was said "your further rule breaks might end up in permanent ban" but i didn't even had a chance to prove my self because there was an old report and i didn't even had a chance to play after that warning) yes definitely i did learn that i have to choose distances where to initiate from a little bit more carefully, i did learn some other things that i shouldn't be doing at the same time to .
  3. Account name: Puolejas Character name(s): Juan_Sandres Admin who issued punishment: Fluficial Date of punishment: 2018-09-20 Punishment received: OBan Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching #5 Your explanation of what happened: So basically what happened is i'ave been punished 5 times for DM which ended up at me being permanent banned. I wan't to say one thing before everything 3/5 punishments was received in first weeks of my being in server and after my second one i stopped breaking any rules because i came to conclusion that i shouldn't be doing stuff like that, after my VDM #2 i didn't break a single rule till the last week when i was reported 2 times and received 3 punishments (one of them is from 1 month old report) 2/3 of these punishments in my eyes was looked into not fair enough from my side and i would like to explain my self once again and state my POV so admin who'll be dealing with this appeal will understand everything clearly: 1) https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/9484-mask-5980_5321-mask-4008_8555-mask-7019_6032-mask-4226_4335-mask-6775_3845-mask-3837_1554-mask-6267_3751-gang-deathmatching/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-47600 (this one isn't from past week, report was made 1 month ago and situation it self happened even earlier) So basically what happened in that situation, my faction was fighting 3 other factions and there was 30- 40 people involved, you probably already understand that it was a big mess and yes it definitely was... So IN THE MIDDLE OF ON GOING SITUATION we see car approaching us with two people inside of it, and after few seconds we receive information on radio that these guys from that car is shooting at us, because this was huge shootout we didn't had a lot of time to overthink everything few times and make right decision, so what happened - we got information on radio that these guys are shooting at us so we had to deal with them as fast as we were able to. Why in my eyes that punishment wasn't fair towards my side ? Because video which was uploaded is 1 minute lenght when whole situation was on going for 20-30 minutes, another thing is that this video was uploaded from MIDDLE OF SITUATION as you see car at the start of that video was already stopped with engine stalled to why would he stop in the middle of situation while hearing all the shots around him, doesn't make sense for me does it for you ? Probably the guy was shot even before so it caused engine to be damaged and getting stalled, or maybe he was rammed for some actions that he has done in earlier phase of situation. So in my eyes that's not fair enough to make a decision like that only from video like this where you can't even understand what happened and why the guy was killed. I saw other reports where admins asks for longer videos to make everything clear enough but it wasn't this time i bet you if admins did ask for longer video they wouldn't even had to ban me ... 2) https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/10743-mask-7019_6032-kos/?tab=comments#comment-49829 Everything what happened in this situation was just a big misunderstanding. Lets start for the beginning, my faction and the guys that was reporting my faction is fighting 24/7 and in that situation wasn't different once i saw a guy dressed up like our enemies i started chasing him and once i was close enough in my eyes to initiate on him i said ING "Hands up or u'll die" or something familiar with that (with SHOUTING mode on) but for some reasons that guy didn't hear anything (but you can clearly see in his video that my name was getting green, that means i was trying to say something but he didn't hear anything tho)... Right after that situation most of the people would feel safe and they wouldn't be aware of anything because they would be so sure just like i was that i did everything right because in my eyes i did initiate and i know that but in his video it looks differently (admin said there was not enough time for him to surrender but he wasn't even going to do that you can clearly see him running away from me)... After that guy explained everything to me i understood that i might be wrong so we started chatting with each other and cleared everything out, i explained my self to him he did explain him self to me to, at the end i offered that guy compensation of stuff he lost because he was desyncinc for me hard so i thought this might be the reason which caused him to not hear my talking.But he wanted to let admins deal with the report that's fair enough and i have nothing against that. Yes it might be hard to believe in me now because i have no video proof or what so ever of me initiating but i can't do anything about that because i'am not able to record my game play. Why this punishment doesn't look fair for me ? Because in my eyes i explained my self clearly and everyone who's playing in server knows that it does desync a lot and that's nothing new to say and in my eyes that was the reason which caused me getting banned, but that wasn't my fault you can see my name getting green i did initiate and i know it just can't prove because of PC issues. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'ave explained most of the reasons already in this post, but i'll clear them out once again. So first one would be that most of these punishments (3/5) was issued when i was fresh player, just joined server. But after my first 1 week ban (VDM #2) i didn't break a single rule in 1+ months which shows that i do understand what i do wrong and i'am not that kind of person which gonna continue on going once he's said to not do that... Yes maybe it looks different for my from my last week record (one ban is from 1 month old report), yes two reports approved reports looks to much but one of them wasn't even my fault, another one - yes i can't say anything about it i did break rule in that situation and i'am more then welcome to take responsibility for my actions done there... In my eyes 2/3 my last punishments wasn't looked at fair enough, some stuff was missed or what so ever and i would like admin which will be dealing with this unban appeal to look what i'ave said and into reports it self i'ave linked up there ( No i don't accuse admins for working wrong or something like that, don't even think like that ). So with that being said in my eyes i should be unbanned i did learn that i should be more careful while initiating and other things based on these reports. Post any evidence or further details: ---
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    Remove VOIP

  5. Puolejas

    Mask 7019_6032 KOS

    @DaleBM Yes i never said i didn't break the rule ... Yes i did and i can't do anything about that anymore because it has been done and i have to take responsibility for my actions done at that situation, all i tried to say was that it wasn't intentional at all even tho our gangs are fighting 24/7 without any breaks but that's not a reason to KOS and as an old player i do understand that and would never fell for stuff like this. If you don't believe in me that KOS u wasn't what i wanted all you need to do is just look at my name (it gets green before i start shooting) i tried to initiate on you but for some reasons you didn't hear it maybe because you were desyncinc for me, maybe because of other reasons i don't know, if KOS u was what i wanted i wouldn't contact you right after i got information that you are going to report me, wouldn't have tried to solve it nicely with you without wasting each of us time and going to forums, but that's what you wanted and i have nothing against your choice. It's already to late to change something what has been done in that situation, but once you explained me everything i understood that i was wrong and i do apologise for my actions done, my offer (compensate your shotgun) will still be remain even after the report because KOS u wasn't what was planned. + i'ave been already punished for DM and would never do that again because i'am not that stupid to repeat my mistakes each time/week or what so ever, as i said before it was just desync or i don't even know what because i did initiate for sure (you can see my green name to) but i can't prove it because i'am not recording (cpu isn't that strong)
  6. Puolejas

    Mask 1113_470 (5.5.1 Non-RP)

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 1113_470 Date of rule breach: 2018-09-14 Time of rule breach: ~18:50 Your characters name: Juan_Sandres Other players involved: Philip_Malfitano, Loen_Blanco Specific rule broken: 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: So everything started at the Paul's farm once we got information that there's people farming that we don't like... So we started chasing him and he complied did put his hands up and listened to our commands, everything was good until the moment we took his truck and went to sell wheat he had in his truck in the middle of the road truck magically disappeared (that happens once truck owner leaves job or takes a new one out) in our eyes the actions done was unrealistic enough to make this report on Mask 1113_470 because in real life it would never happen :)) Evidence of rule breach: 1. Mask 1113_470 being robbed 2. Mask 1113_470 makes truck disappear ( if this video where you see bags on the road is not enough @b3paulius can upload his POV because he was the driver of Mask 1113_470 truck).
  7. Puolejas

    DM+FearRP fail

    Guy ran out of house with gun and started aiming at me, started talking something. What should i have done ? Just kept on bobypining and waiting for him to kill me ? I just stopped lockpicking the car because everyone already knew whats gonna happen, most of the time in the server "hands up or die" that's what people says and i thought that in this case it will happen to, so once i heard him talking started shooting. About Fear-RP when he was close to me i was already not lockpicking car anymore so no fear RP + i had friends all around the house so there was no fear-rp even tho there was 3 of them in front of me.
  8. Puolejas

    Mask 7019_6032 KOS

    Hello i'am Mask 7019_6032. As i said to Dale ING i did initiate but he was desyncing hard so that might be the reason why he didn't hear anything, even tho you can see in his video that my name was green for some time and from his actions he you can understand that he already understood what's gonna be happening. Once after this i said to Dale in game that i'am willing to comp him everything that he lost because it might be because of server desyncs.... I guess that's it what i can say.
  9. Puolejas

    [SOLD] Bati 801 HE MAXED.

    Would buy it for the price i'ave sold it to you for right now
  10. Puolejas

    [SOLD] Bati 801 HE MAXED.

    how much
  11. I'am not part of any kind of faction. And we wasn't shooting at random people i don't know if you saw my other message but i said in there that as you can hear he's talking with the guys we are fighting with on the radio + if he is not involved why is he driving around back and forward ? If you are not involved at all as he said he was, you should just leave the situation while hearing loads of shots all around you, isn't it ? About that @WillJ and his point of view i can't really comment anything because video is just to short and everything happened long time ago, our guys shot them because we got information on the radio that he himself or his passenger shot at us.
  12. @nateX No i'am not recording because of CPU (sometimes objectives doesn't load up even without recording), but dsynq happens often in the server. And about tires it just was to punish guy for driving into us (he said that he didn't and we can clearly see in the video, but in our POV it he just rammed us as i said probably because of desynq).
  13. Hello it's me Juan. In my screen at least it showed that he ran into our line and crashed into us intentionally (most likely it was desynq, that happens sometimes in this server), i do apologise about that how it looked from his side. About DM, is it DM ? Because once we got out we initiated on him so we were allowed to shoot ain't we ?
  14. Just tell me your offers i'll let you know what do i think about it