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  1. Does the business have a parking lot? And do you have any financial records available?
  2. /. Originally, Los Santos only had one mechanic shop knows as Los Santos Customs. After sometime of LSC operating as the sole mechanic shop, a second was opened and named Biggs' Premium Motor Works. The new shop was opened in the southern part of the city, near the airport and DMV, and LSC was moved to a new location. Eventually Biggs resigned, and the shop was renamed to Bayview Auto Center by the new management. Bayview continued to operate in the southern end of the city for a few years but has since moved to Paleto Bay where it continues to offer all of its services. Bayview offers four types of services to the general population and government agencies: Repairs: Bayview offers both visual and engine repairs for all sorts of vehicles at our shop. Modifications: We also offer a range of modification options for most cars, motorcycles, and boats. Some examples of modifications we offer are paint jobs, performance upgrades, and body work, which can all be done at our shop. Roadside Repairs: Our roadside vehicles are equipped with a variety of tools and parts, which can be used for minor engine and visual repairs away from the shop. Towing Service: We are equipped with tow trucks and flatbeds, which both have winches installed. These are used for transporting cars and motorcycles to places like gas stations, vehicle flips, and impounds. Flatbed The flatbed is used similarly to tow trucks. It can be used to transport most types of cars and motorcycles. Heavy-Duty Tow Truck The Heavy-Duty Tow Truck provides us with extra power for jobs that need it. It is fitted with a tow hook and a winch to get vehicles out of sticky situations and tow them to safety. Light-Duty Tow Truck The Light-Duty Tow Truck is useful for hard to reach areas, such as small narrow alleys. It has the same capabilities as the larger heavy tow truck however it cannot tow larger vehicles. Utility Pickup Truck This pickup truck is our most commonly used utility truck. It is primarily used to at car meets and events as it can be loaded up with many parts and tools. Granger The Granger is one of Bayview's most versatile vehicles. It is used mainly for roadside repairs, but can also be used to flip cars. It is also especially useful because it can reach off road areas that a regular tow truck can't. Oracle The smallest vehicle in the fleet, this car is used by management primarily for business trips and meetings. Owner The CEO of the company, represents the company in talks with the Government. Also makes sure that the day-to-day workflow runs smoothly. Co-Owner The owner’s right hand and most trusted advisor, helps with whatever the owner needs, ensures company rules and policies are implemented on a daily basis. Manager(s) Relays the messages from the owners down to the supervisors and assistant supervisors. Makes sure mechanics are following the best standards, actively communicates with other management members about the promotions and suggests potential candidates for promotions. Supervisor(s) Reports to the Manager in case the Owner/Co-Owner are not available, is experienced in HR and a person considered to have exemplary conduct and one that is highly respected within the company. Assistant Supervisor(s) The first management rank, the A.S. helps with the HR work, this includes recruitment, contract management, and public relations if needed.. Also helps other employees with their tasks when needed. Senior Mechanic An accomplished mechanic that should serve as an example for up and coming mechanics at Bayview. Often works with new trainees to help them get settled at Bayview. Senior Mechanics are given access to the Granger, which they can use for roadside requests. Mechanic An employee who takes care of their tasks well, knows the rules and can advise other employees. They are also fully capable of handling tasks by themselves and do not need additional training beyond that already given to them. Junior Mechanic An employee who has just passed the training period and has shown good work ethic and ability. Also knows basic rules and procedures and has enthusiasm to keep learning. Trainee Recently hired at Bayview, works on basic tasks while learning the trade. This is a probationary period in which the trainee will need to prove themselves. After the training period ends they will be assessed and management will decide whether or not they will progress to Junior Mechanic. Our recruitment process is separated into three parts: Application Process Bayview is constantly recruiting new members for entry level mechanic positions. Our application form can be found on Bayview's recruitment forums, where you should also read the other important information. The following requirements must be met for your application to be considered: - You must have at least 5000 experience on the character you are applying with. - You need to have a clean admin record of at least 30 days from when you submit your application. Interview Process If you pass the application phase, then you will be invited for an In Character interview. This interview will be used to judge your ability to roleplay and communicate effectively. Training Phase If your interview is accepted, you will be invited to join the faction, and to complete your training. The training can be the most difficult part of the recruitment process for some, as it is very roleplay intensive. It can also be fairly difficult because mechanic RP has a learning curve to it, and can be difficult for some to learn. The initial training will teach you some of the basic mechanic RP, where you will learn how to roleplay basic engine and visual repairs, and how to roleplay some types of modifications. We will also teach you how to use the tow trucks and flatbeds. After your training we will provide you with resources where you can learn more about how to service cars, and will also provide feedback as time goes on.
  3. So on the first column, you didn't make $44815 in that one day? The columns represent profit between each refill? And if that's the case, can you provide specific dates, so we know how recent these numbers are?
  4. Right, but what I'm asking is if these numbers represent the profits for the respective days. Like on the first column, did you make $44815 profit in that single day?
  5. Do these numbers represent daily profits on these specific days? If so could you provide dates?
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 326 Date of interaction reported: 17/03/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1584476982 Your characters name: Zach Jones Other player(s) involved: Luke Raven, ID 17 Specific rule(s) broken: " 14. Deathmatch (DM) Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. " How did the player break the rule(s)? Luke Raven was being robbed so I drove away so I could get out of my truck to help him. After I fired a few shots, ID 326 drives towards me and rams me with his car. Before I could get up from being rammed, ID 326 rammed me again for a second time, which injured my character. I also attempted to tell ID 326 that ramming me twice was not allowed during the situation and after, but he did not respond to my messages. Evidence of rule breach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2Y7eKA-Evo
  7. Is it possible to have this request looked at by another staff member? Chuck has resigned since taking on the report.
  8. The loan has recently been payed off, so this post can be archived as it is no longer needed.
  9. I would also like to see this implemented for loan businesses. Loan businesses don't currently have a "treasury" like other businesses do, so it would be nice to see that added as well so managers of the loan business could also give loans.
  10. Hello, I might be able to help you with a loan if you contact my phone number at #4492901. I also texted you already if you haven't already found someone to give you a loan. Zach Jones
  11. Hello, I might be able to help you with a loan if you contact my phone number at #4492901. I own a loan company just west of LSC. Zach Jones
  12. Name: Zach Jones Phone Number: 4492901 Email: [email protected] ((Seal#0864)) New Bid: 14,600,000
  13. Name: Zach Jones Phone Number: 4492901 Email: [email protected] ((Seal#0864)) New Bid: 14,500,000
  14. Name: Zach Jones Phone Number: 4492901 Email: [email protected] ((Seal#0864)) New Bid: 14,300,000
  15. Name: Zach Jones Phone Number: 4492901 Email: [email protected] ((Seal#0864)) New Bid: 14,100,000
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