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  1. ShawnsBeard


    I ended up purchasing another house, please void my offers, thank you.
  2. ShawnsBeard


    Name: Shawn Grove Phone Number: 246-4312 Bid: 380k
  3. ShawnsBeard


    Name: Shawn Grove Phone Number: 246-4312 Bid: 360k
  4. Name: Shawn Grove Phone Number: 246-4312 Bid: 410k
  5. ShawnsBeard


    Name: Shawn Grove Phone Number: 246-4312 Bid: 300k
  6. My suggestion is to increase the amount of pistols/pistol ammo that appears on the import section for official gangs. With the firearm license change, the only thing people can get access to easily is heavies.
  7. Knowing that our enemies had access to heavy weaponry, some of the higher ups in Los Santos Saints decided it was time to get some firepower of our own. We made a connection with someone that received praise from some of our trusted friends, and we scheduled a meet up for the exchange. After a quick and quiet discussion, the group decided to head somewhere a bit more discreet for the exchange. When they found somewhere they deemed suitable, the dealer let the Saints inspect what they were going to be purchasing. After careful inspection, the Saints decided that this is what they needed their hands on and they gave the dealer the cash for the goods. Later on that day, Los Santos Saints decided to give one of the weapons a test run in the hands of one of their leaders.
  8. I am looking to purchase a 1g house preferably in the city. My budget is up to 200k, but depending on location and quality of the house we will discuss offers. Contact me @ my cellphone: #2464312
  9. I didn't say worthless, I said worth less. As in a house in the city will go for more than one out of the city. People can pay what they want, I'm just stating that this house owner is lucky to be getting that much.
  10. I mean those houses are out of the city, meaning they are worth less. And they weren't lucky, the 3g house was on the market at 500k for a while but nobody bought it so the homeowner put the price down another 60k and they bought it.
  11. Sheesh, some insane offers for just a 2g, especially since its in chumash. Friends just bought a 3g over there for 440.
  12. Just went through and added some descriptions to the ranks so they mean more than just names :)
  13. Looking to purchase either a 2 or 3 car garage anywhere in Los Santos, however in the city is preferred. Current budget is up to 450k. Contact #2464312 to discuss properties and offers
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