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  1. Prices updated, all vehicles listed available
  2. Prices and vehicles updated, all vehicles listed still available
  3. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you're a worthless, spineless, and filthy stain on this city. People work hard for their money in this city, and how do you think the shit you do makes people feel? Think about someone other than yourself for once and you may find people actually enjoy your presence and not your filthy money.
  4. You look real desperate coming to others posts because you got called out by not just me, but by Romano as well at your post here: Do yourself a favour and stop making yourself look silly.
  5. Rich, coming from scumbag trash like you. Salty that I called out your ways on your post? You're not slick, and as I told you in person, you'll regret ever pulling a fast one on me.
  6. ShawnsBeard


    1. No external garage on this house. It's just a 2g. 2. Owner is a scammer. Attempted to purchase this house with a maxed cheetah classic and his 'neighbor' coincidentally showed up named Archer Burgenstrider and offered to middle man. Once the vehicle was in Archer's name, he drove off. Miko, the owner of this house and post, pretended like he didn't know what was happening. Later, I found my cheetah classic with the plates at bank, and inquired where the man purchased it from. He stated that he bought it from a man named guess who, Miko, at high end. I later approached Miko about the situation, and he continued to play dumb.
  7. Vehicle list updated, all vehicles still available.
  8. for the hellfire? is it maxed?
  9. no trades unless they are heavily favorable for myself
  10. Hello! I am searching for someone willing to sell a maxed Feltzer. 2/2T is preferred but not necesarry. Contact me here or at 246-4312.
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