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  1. SOCIAL MEDIA TAKEOVER Chapter One: Burger Reviews With Life Invader becoming a huge deal throughout Los Santos, Frankie and Shawn decided that they would invest some time and effort into a social media platform to build their business relations and popularity. Frankie came up with the idea of burger reviews, and Shawn agreed that the potential for future sponsorships and advertisements would definitely be worth it's weight in gold. They started right away, making a page on Life Invader, producing art for the page, and recording their first burger review. It was an easy choice on what store's burgers should be reviewed first, as everyone and their mother has visited LosZantos247 at the back of the Los Santos Bank. With the first burger review recorded and edited, it was uploaded to the social media tycoon where it gained an insane amount of support and traction through shares and likes. Chapter Two: Icy With the success of the burger reviews, Frankie and Shawn threw themselves into the social media platform head first. The same night, Shawn noticed that the Fire Department had dropped a track on Life Invader called 'Flame Gang'. He gave it a listen, and felt disrespected as a resident lab connoisseur. Shawn met with Frankie, and discussed his idea for dropping a diss track on the Fire Department, and they quickly got to work. With the diss track recorded and mixed, the two uploaded it across Life Invader for the entire city to listen.
  2. +1, I think if somehow someone has the ability to access a safe and have the time to drill into it, they should be able to. Seems silly that I could just leave my house door unlocked but as long as my safes are locked none of my belongings can be stolen.
  3. +1, currently the extent of prison rp is fist fights and screaming at guards. I like the idea of prison having its own economy especially.
  4. I do think the addition of varying payouts depending on amount of officers on duty will help solve the 'farming' of the heists, we just need more time spent with the system to see how it works out. -1 for now, but if it remains an issue I believe the best bet would be to make unrealistic bank heists nonrp.
  5. SHAWN MORNINGSTAR Chapter One: The Saints When Shawn first came to the city, he had nothing. No family, no assets, and no friends. Everything that he partook in was a completely new experience, and every face he met was a complete stranger. Shawn tried to figure out a way that he could leave his impact on the city, and for a while he struggled with the thought that maybe he just wasn't cut out for life in Los Santos. Countless hours of fishing, transporting money across the city, and delivering packages just wasn't able to feed the hunger that developed deep in his gut. Shawn began to envision what he wanted his life to become, and thoughts such as 'Fast cars, fancy cribs, and lots of bitches' constantly drove his will to succeed. Eventually, he realized that if he really wanted to leave a mark, he would have to develop close relationships. Shortly after, he met a man named CJ who was also relatively new to the city. CJ had very similar goals to Shawn, but had different ways of achieving them, he was deep in the criminal side of life. After their friendship developed, CJ revealed his strategies for making a quick buck to Shawn, and they formed a partnership devoted to money. Eventually, they met a group of individuals who were holding down a selection of properties on Grove Street who had alike ideals and goals. The group later formed what became known as The Los Santos Saints. Due to his help in founding the group, recruitment, and building relationships with other gangs, Shawn developed a leading role in The Saints. He became known as one of the Pillars, the heads of the group. Shawn made connections across the entire city, even with people that had obtained a lot of power, such as the Marcellos. An agreement had been made between the groups, and The Marcellos would secretively supply The Saints with discounted access to heavy weaponry. Eventually, The Saints began to realize things about the state of the criminal side of Los Santos. An organization of gangs known as 'The Council' was able to use their power to control every aspect of criminal life. Shawn started to become frustrated, as did other members of The Saints, and they set out to try and make a change to the way things were operated. This was no easy task, as at the time the council was made up of 3 large organizations, Los Zetas, The Irish Mob, and The Clowns. Thus, Shawn and the Saints decided they needed to develop an alliance with some of the smaller crews in the city to make a change. Sadly, this was not enough. The Council had a seemingly endless supply of both numbers and weaponry, and all hope for a 'revolution' of criminal life was gone, at least until The Irish left the council due to disagreements with The Clowns. This event sent a wave of relief across the alliance, and plans were made to bring The Irish, Los Calaveras and a new upcoming crew called The Wanted into the group. A meeting was conducted, and it was agreed that the alliance would continue to fight the Council. The efforts of the alliance were definitely being noticed, and for once we were winning. Sadly, it didn't last long. The Triads joined the side of the council. The Wanted pulled out of the alliance, for reasons that Shawn is still unaware of. The Marcellos numbers started to dwindle. The Irish started to fall apart from the inside out. And The Saints funds advisor/treasurer left the city for good with over 2 million in Saints assets. Thus, the alliance fell apart and so did the Saints. Everything that Shawn had worked towards had fallen apart, and all that he was left with was his own personal assets. In just a week, Shawn's entire life had changed. He was frustrated beyond belief, and left the city to travel the world in search for himself. Chapter Two: The Rooks Eventually, Shawn had enough of traveling the world. He had visited every corner of the globe, but he still felt unsatisfied. He constantly thought about how he was unable to really do anything in Los Santos, even with all of the work that he had put in. He decided enough was enough, and traveled back to Los Santos. Shawn realized how little had changed in the city. The main differences were that The Triads joined the council, while The Clowns, The Marcellos, Los Calaveres and The Wanted had disbanded. Shawn was confused as to what he should do next. Does he start a crew from the bottom up again? Does he set in search for new friends and relationships? In an attempt to hear gossip and random radio chatter, Shawn spent a lot of time at the bank chilling. A lot of old faces started to show themselves, and he realized that he still had connections. Shawn had heard tale of a crew called 'The Rooks', and he became enticed about what he was told on how they operate. In order to become a Rook, however, Shawn would have to put his past transgressions against The Council aside as The Rooks were on good terms with The Council. It was a hard task, as he had felt the presence of their choke hold for his entire criminal history, but he was able to shelf his hatred. He got into contact with who he could from The Rooks organization, and was eventually brought in as a fresh recruit. Shawn started to grow his relations within the gang, eventually becoming a full fledged member that was recognized as a soldier of The Rooks. He was especially keen on robbing general stores, making a quick buck that would go a long way towards weaponry. Everything seemed to be going great, and then seemingly out of nowhere The Council had dissolved their tax system. They had decided that instead of a gang's money, they demanded their respect. Seemingly instantly, members of The Rooks started getting robbed by Los Zetas. Confused as to what was happening, The Rooks were told that we had to earn the respect of The Council for neutrality. Even though The Rooks had spent their time in the city developing relations with The Council, they felt betrayed by the new outtake. Eventually, what felt like the entire city was against The Rooks, and Shawn knew what was coming. He knew that The Rooks didn't have the numbers to stand a chance in a war against 4 different gangs, and so did other members of the organization. A meeting was made, and Dmitri explained to the crew that our only choice to survive as a family would be to have a change in leadership. The Council wanted us to enact Gauge Michaels, a past Rook traitor, as our new leader. There was heavy discussion, and Dmitri then suggested that Jerzy be made the new leader. A vote between the options resulted in a tie, and then multiple people made the suggestion that they co-lead. Gauge to handle outer relations and Jerzy to handle inner relations. For now, that was the result of the meeting. However, in what felt like a coup, Gauge left the city shortly after, the Roger brothers left, and The Council then continued the war and what was left of The Rooks was quickly put to rest. Shawn felt like he had a rainy cloud constantly following him, waiting to strike at his happiest moments. Once again he felt lost. Once again he was alone. To be continued...
  6. Sometimes one needs a bit of a break after a long day of Workers Union business.
  7. +1, thought of this instantly when checking tables post ui update and think it would make much more sense to include those commands on the ui,
  8. +1, I think 3g interiors especially are in a weird spot that makes it feel not worth to upgrade from a 2g to a 3g due to space restrictions.
  9. ShawnsBeard


    I'll buyout 250k right now.
  10. ShawnsBeard


    how much space for a garage is there on this property?
  11. still available? current bid?
  12. I also went to view the property yesterday, and it is indeed a 1g.
  13. Do you happen to have pictures of the interior?
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