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  1. I know, thats why I have it at high end lot for slightly more. I personally wouldn't do a hand to hand deal unless someone gave me the money first.
  2. Fully Maxed Carbonizzare sports car with 2/2 Turbo for sale. Asking 320k for it at high end, 300k if willing to do hand to hand deal. Contact me at #246-4312 or email me at ShawnsBeard#7294.
  3. Funny how this has 0 relevance. Only one person from the picture was in the discord call LOL. Please don't comment nonsense saltiness on this thread :)
  4. 5th Saint Vasily Fodorov took a few of the recruits out on the town for a bit of a hunting party... They ran into a well known member of the Los Zetas, and showed him how The Saints roll.
  5. +1, I also think wholesale price of the grocery items needs to be reduced. As it is now, they are importing the goods at what we used to pay when the stores were government owned. Also, the rate at which hunger and thirst depletes needs to be addressed, as well as making 1 food item and 1 drink item fully replenish your hunger/thirst bars.
  6. 2nd Saint Shawn Morningstar recently adopted a stray dog at the Los Santos Bank, who he named Nutty. He took his new best friend out for a night on the town with a few of The Saint's new recruits and 6th Saint Joey Morningstar as his entourage. They all had a great night filled with fun and action that they would never forget.
  7. 6th Saint Joey Morningstar and Bishop Kenny Stevens decided to take a few of the recruits out on the town...
  8. With the recent gang war in the city, The Saints realized that it was becoming harder and harder to produce tender to help supply the gangs purposes. What they would come to find out, is that they had strong connections at the SADOC. The Los Santos Saints were able to get many of their members jobs as correctional officers to help support the gang financially with legally earned money. This endeavor also helped the members of The Saints learn the faces of a multitude of gang members from the city, which would help in identifying any possible rats during the war. The Saints also decided to invest into delegating some members and relationships into mechanic shops, so that gang members and close friends could get discounted prices on labor and a bit of leniency from tow trucks. With all the money coming in, The Saints started to plan on a spot to set up their gang turf and HQ...
  9. @Fa1N I would like to close this report, as a mutual decision on the outcome of the situation has been worked out and both parties have agreed upon an understanding of the accidents that occurred and we are willing to work it out between ourselves.
  10. Also @TheCanadian the driver lost a .50 cal pistol and the passenger lost a pump shotgun. If that is compensated I would be perfectly okay with closing the report
  11. @Fa1N I personally didn't lose anything of value no, but my friends did lose a pump shotgun and a pistol
  12. Just having a nice old fashioned picnic with the group :)
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