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  1. AmooRid3r

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    i was talking about this
  2. AmooRid3r

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    This is bad idea, because some people start DMing prisoners in prison
  3. AmooRid3r

    My concerns about this PD RP situation

    people joined the LSPD for heavy toys and armor
  4. AmooRid3r

    My concerns about this PD RP situation

    when i report that crime that means i can make some decisions about suspect am i right? victim is my brother so he should listen to me and do more investigation about this crime , because i accepted my brother might do something wrong when she is pregnant officers should do some RP like keep her in her house not in prison , she cant be in prison because of her baby in her.... , but there is no such a thing in... , because officers dont like this RP.. just send people to jail
  5. AmooRid3r

    Invictus Organization

    From the Start To the end
  6. i went near them and told them to pull over because they were driving slowly when i got close to they car after that they started to ram me and thats why my bike went front of their car and i didnt want to stop them with my bike
  7. AmooRid3r

    Invictus Organization

    Before the storm
  8. AmooRid3r

    Invictus Organization

    NEW ALLIANCE ,Diego Granados
  9. AmooRid3r

    Invictus Organization

    Invictus training day.